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Elgin County OPP have charged a 28 yr old driver from London, ON this morning at 6:51 am going 146 km/hr in a posted 80 km/hr zone. Police observed the vehicle travelling southbound on Belmont Rd near Truman Line, Central Elgin. The drivers vehicle has been impounded for 7 days and their driver’s licence seized/suspended.

Stunt Driving Facts;

  1. If you get stopped and charged with stunt driving, your licence is automatically suspended (seized at the scene).

Your driver’s licence is suspended for 7 days, and then you’ll have to go to the Ministry of Transportation and pay a reinstatement fee to get it back.

  1. Your car gets impounded for seven days – even if it’s NOT your vehicle.

You will have to arrange for a ride from the spot where you were stopped and the vehicle will be impounded no matter who it belongs to. That includes rental cars, company cars, friend or your parent’s car. Whoever the car belongs to will be on the hook to pay the fee for towing, along with the fees for keeping the vehicle at the impound lot for seven days.The owner may bring legal action against the driver to recover the associated costs. If it’s a rental car, the agency will bill you for all of the costs incurred including any additional days beyond your rental period.

  1. Stunt driving involves more than just speeding – it also deals with actual stunts and road rage.

Popping wheelies, stoppies, racing, doing burn-outs, donuts or drifting all count as stunt driving. If you’re purposefully not letting someone pass, driving too close, or trying to make someone rear-end you (brake checking), could also be considered stunt driving. If you quickly turn left at an intersection when the light turns green cutting the traffic off going the opposite direction, that counts as stunt driving too.

  1. The fine for stunt driving starts at $2000.

If convicted, the minimum first-time fine for stunt driving is $2,000. That fine can go all the way up to $10,000. You could also end up with six months in jail and a 2 year licence suspension.

  1. If convicted you could receive 6 demerit points on your drivers licence.

Accumulation of demerit points could result in further suspension of your drivers licence or other consequences related to you licence depending on the class of licence you have.

  1. Your in insurance company will not be very happy with you.

You could see a significant increase in your insurance rates.

Stunt driving comes with some very serious consequences and is simply dangerous putting you and other road users at risk of death or injury. The risk of a fatality or serious injury is almost five times greater for vehicles crashing at 50 km/h or more above the posted limit on a highway with a posted limit of 100 km/h. The increase in risk is even greater on roads with lower posted limits. For example, on roads with a posted limit of 60 km/h or less, the risk of a fatality or serious injury is almost eight times greater for vehicles colliding at 50 km/h or more above the posted limit.

Please slow down and drive safely.