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Resident defrauded of $10,000

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On 7th of March 2020, at approximately 11:47 pm. Aylmer police received a fraud complaint from a 63-year-old female resident. On 6th of March 2020, a female caller purported to be victim’s daughter stated that she was in a motor vehicle collision in Toronto and needed $5000.00 for bail. A male then came on the phone and stated he was a lawyer representing her daughter and gave her instructions how to send the money to his account. Complainant complied and sent the money as per the caller’s request. Short time later, same female called her back advising she needed another $5000.00 due to bail complications and further aggravating circumstances. Once again, the victim complied and sent an additional $5000.00. Victim then decided to call her daughter. After speaking to her, she realized that her daughter was not in a collision and that the call was a scam resulting in a $10,000.00 loss. Police investigation is on-going.