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KIJIJI fraud

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On Thursday, June 11th, 2020 at 6:44 pm., Aylmer Police received a Fraud complaint involving a KIJIJI transaction. A 24 year old Aylmer resident posted a 2019 CANA 1G (side-by-side UTV) for sale. A male from Toronto answered the ad and indicated that he wanted to purchase the trailer for the advertised price of $18,000. Police investigation revealed that a third-party male suspect came to pick up the trailer on 9th of June 2020 and the complainant was given what appeared to be a legitimate bank draft as a form of payment. The bank draft was processed though a financial institution returning as being fraudulent. Police investigation is ongoing and anyone with information is asked to call Aylmer Police at 519-773-3146 or Crime stoppers at 1800-222-8477.

Tips to avoid KIJIJI scam:

  • When selling items it’s always best to deal with persons who are local and do not make alternate arrangements via third party to pick up items.
  • Do not accept cheques as forms of payment.
  • It is best to receive payments via bank e-transfers or cash. Bank drafts can be forged and made look like legitimate. Services like Amazon Payments, Google Wallet, Android Pay, Canada Post, Western Union or MoneyGram should be avoided. Typically, scammers will use these services and will even falsify documents from a legitimate company. It is best to avoid them entirely and keep things local!
  • Most cheques, money orders and bank drafts issued by Canadian banks have security features that you should always look for when accepting payment. With cheques, details of these security features are usually printed on the back of the cheque and can include things such as watermarks and intricate designs that will disappear if the cheque is scanned or photocopied. The same is usually true with money orders issued by Canadian banks.
  • Do not accept cheques showing any signs of alteration.