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Kijiji Attempt Fraud

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On 11th of March 2022, at 1:22 pm., Aylmer Police received a compliant of fraud involving KIJIJI scam. Police investigation revealed that a 58 year old female from Aylmer was selling furniture on KIJIJI for $1000. Potential buyer sent her a cheque for $2770.00 which was to be used to cover the value of the item and delivery charges. Complainant took the cheque to the bank and was informed that the document was fraudulent. Typically with this type of fraud the scammers coerce sellers to get the cash from their own accounts prior to depositing the cheque. Then a person shows up purporting to be there to pick up the furniture ask for payment in cash for the balance of the cheque. Fortunately in this case, complainant attempted to cash the cheque at which point she was informed that the cheque was fraudulent. Complainant is not out any money.