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Internet Fraud

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On 18th of Sept. 2019 at 11:15 am. Aylmer Police Service investigated a KIJIJI internet fraud incident. 65-year-old male from Belmont reported that he posted an add on KIJIJI advertising pups for sale. He was contacted by a male who was interested in purchasing one of the pups for $600.00. The two corresponded via e-mail and suspect sent him a company cheque for the amount of $2945.00. The cheque was falsified from a legitimate company located in Toronto. Complainant attended his bank and was advised by employee that likely the cheque was fraudulent and to notify police. This type of fraud is common where culprits send in a cheque for a greater sum then the price of the item marked for sale and then ask for a refund while the cheque is in transition resulting in loss of money.