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Attempt Fraud

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On the 9th of July 2021, Aylmer Police received a report of attempted KIJIJI fraud originating from Philippines. A 53-year-old female from Aylmer posted an ad on Kijiji selling an item for $2000.00 She was contacted by a male from Philippines and following an exchange of e-mails, the male sent her a cheque for $3960.00 with instructions to keep $2000 and send him the
remainder to a bank in Philippines. Complainant suspected this to be a fraud and reported the incident to police. No loss of funds or merchandise occurred. Police are reminding residents to
be aware of this type of tactic used by culprits. They will often send a fraudulent cheque in excess of the purchase amount with hopes that the victim will comply and send cash as an over payment. The sent cheques are always fraudulent resulting in a loss.