Daily News About Aylmer, Ontario and East Elgin

FRIDAY, April 26/13





-All Week –Aylmer Yard Waste Pickup (Day Before Garb. Day – Bagged)

-Arbour Day Tree Planting; 2pm at Balmoral Park


-Sat. – APAC, Quartetto Gelato, OTH Theatre, 7:30pm (see ad)


-Mon. -EESS Boys, Girls Soccer Host WESS


-Next Thu-Fri-Sun. -Open Bible Baptist Church: Evangelist Lin Croxton -7pm.






(Information from Middlesex OPP) – HARRIETSVILLE – “An unsual  collision on Elgin Road (#73 Highway) just north of this village around 2:30 yesterday afternoon resulted in a fatality. Police noted that a van travelling north was struck by a metal object that flew off a southbound vehicle  seriously injuring the driver. The male, yet unidentified, was transported to a London hospital and has since died.






(Information on yesterday’s Library Committee meeting by Bill Murch) – “Highlights of the New Library Facility Schematic Design (preliminaries) presented by Archon Architects include: book collection, public access computer area, study, reference, teen, and children’s programming areas are identified; entrance coming in off the corner of John St. and Sydenham St.; an outdoor reading area between the new library and the Old Town Hall; the ground floor would be 6,500 square feet; two options for the second floor – one being 4,500 square feet and the other 6,100 square feet (both would put the building over the 10,000 square feet specified in the Town’s RFP); the visuals show lots of windows on the north, south and east sides etc.


A preliminary construction cost review was presented: “Based on data collected on recently completed library projects and buildings of similar scope and size it is assumed that the construction cost for the new Aylmer Library will be approximately 10,700 square feet X $195 (min.)= $2,086,500 + taxes to 10,700 square feet X $225 (max.) = $2,407,500 + taxes. (Items such as interior furniture, fitment and equipment (to be provided by Elgin County Library) would be extra.)”


An interim meeting for the Library Committee is planned for Wednesday at noon at the Town Hall. A Special Council Meeting for Public Input (on Final Design) is still scheduled for June 3rd.






-Pilkey, Glenn; of Tillsonburg, on Thursday, in his 88th year. He was born in Port Burwell. Survivors include: wife Adena (Hampel) Pilkey etc.. Visitation Sunday, 7:00-9:00 p.m. at Verhoeve’s Funeral Home, Tillsonburg with the funeral to be held Monday, at 11:00 a.m. at Verhoeves.






Former McGregor Principal Wendy Crocker was a reader at the Aylmer library Wednesday night during activities that were part of Turn Off the Screens week for local children.






Q-Aylmer recycling Is a year old:


1.I’m recycling more  69.09%  (38 votes)


2.I’m recycling about the same  25.45%  (14 votes)


3. I could do much better  3.64%  (2 votes)


4. Too tough, I’m doing less  1.82%  (1 votes)


Total Votes: 55





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THURSDAY, April 25/13





– All Week – Aylmer Yard Waste Pickup (Day Before Garb. Day – Bagged)


– Screens Off: Dodge Ball, Immanuel School; Gr.1–3 -6pm, Gr. 4–8 -6:45

– Screens Off: Bowling 5–8 pm at Cy’s Lanes.


-Fri. -2pm – Arbour Day Tree Planting at Balmoral Park


-Sat. – APAC, Quartetto Gelato, OTH Theatre, 7:30pm






(Various media outlets carried a story yesterday, as part of Organ Donor Awareness Week, about an Aylmer area woman who passed away unexpectedly recently but who became an organ donor. Her son-in-law  Rick Leclair of Aylmer provides the following information:)


“Neither my wife nor I are native to Aylmer but we live on Hacienda Road with our 3 year old son. I met my wife about 4 years ago via online dating. She is Filipino. Her mother Mildred had come to Canada as our guest in January and was to stay with us for at least the next ten years. I have lived in the area about ten years and am a construction worker.


On March 15, all our dreams were shattered. Mildred was in a coma resulting from a brain aneurism. After nearly a month in hospital she passed away. Thanks to University Hospital in London she became an organ donor and the lives of three London recipients and one from Toronto were saved by vital organs – one with new lungs, two with kidneys, one with a new liver. Also, two previously blind people were given the gift of sight and two future recipients will get heart valves and be cured of diabetes from pancreatic tissue.


However there are many medical bills, including the possible cost of returning Mildred’s remains to the Phillipines. We have an extensive group of friends consisting mostly of couples with Filipino wives in the area that get together on a regular basis.  One of these couples  have rallied their church to host a fund raising pot luck supper this coming Sunday as a celebration of Mildred’s life at 5:30 p.m. at Mount Salem Evangelical Mennonite Church. All are welcome. For futher information go to:  Facebook at facebook.com/rick.leclair.mobilemax.ca.”






Q-Terrorism in Canada?


3-Security adequate; Don’t overdo  39.06%  (25 votes)

1-More security, many terrorists here  26.56%  (17 votes)

2-More security, although few threats  21.88%  (14 votes)

4-Too many restrictions already  12.5%  (8 votes)


Total Votes: 64








This was a hamlet just east of the junction of Lakeshore Road east of Copenhagen and the Springfield Road. The origin of its name is unknown although the area is popular for fruit trees.  It had a Post Office from 1852-1914.

It gained some local fame for a variety of reasons around 1900: a few shipwrecks with some buried in the now removed local cemetery; the birthplace of a famous historian George Wrong, and it was the setting for the Piggott murder in 1884. A store, school and church once stood here. (Source: Sims – History of Elgin).






(Contributed) – At a special meeting last night, Bayham Council passed a resolution to proceed with the work to remove the sand bar as recommended and that all costs be invoiced to the Elgin Military museum. The sandbar off the East Beach was created by excavation for the movement of the Ojibwa submarine into the harbour here this past fall. The sandbar had not washed away over the winter and it created a pond of some four foot depth adjacent to the beach. Cost of the work is estimated to a maximum of $15,000 and is to be completed before the May 24th holiday weekend.





“Historic Buildings of Aylmer”  (On sale for $15 at:

Campbells, Pinecroft, and Mary Jane’s.)





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WEDNESDAY, April 24/13





-All Week – Aylmer Yard Waste Pickup (Day Before Garb. Day – Bagged)

-Screens Off –Aylmer Library 6:30-8  (Books, Music, Make Believe)


-Thu. -Screens Off: Dodge Ball, Immanuel School; Gr.1–3-6pm, Gr. 4–8,6:45

-Thu. -Screens Off: Bowling 5:00 – 8:00 pm at Cy’s Lanes.

-Sat. – APAC, Quartetto Gelato, OTH Theatre, 7:30pm






PT BURWELL – Bayham Township Council will hold a special meeting at 7 pm today to further discuss what to do with the sandbar created by excavation for the movement of the Ojibwa submarine  into the harbour here this past fall.


According to a staff report on the agenda for tonight’s meeting, sandbar work is urgently needed in order to prepare for the beach season which starts on the May long weekend:  “The sand bar  has fanned in a parallel fashion along the south side of the east beach. A public safety concern has been raised about the depth of the water of the massive pond that has accumulated and is trapped between the beach and the sandbar. The trapped water is four feet deep in certain areas and will stagnate with bacteria rendering the water unsafe and unhealthy for swimming.”


The report continues: “There is an extremely small window of opportunity to do the sand bar removal. The intention is to excavate the sand bar and cast the sand into the pond area to further assist the natural wave action thereby eliminating the pond. Regulations state that from May 1, to July 1,  no work can be performed in the water with machinery due to the fish spawning season.The estimate to have the work completed by a contractor using a long arm excavator is a maximum of $15,000.00. The work is expected to be completed within one week.”






(Information from Coach Christine Lyon) – “Mainly a new team. Very large squad of 30. Very cohesive, displaying good sportsmanship. First game is Monday against Clarke Road at St Georges rugby club. First home game is Thursday, 3.30 against Woodstock CI. Key returning players are: Marina Cathryse, Spencer Rae, Kaitlyn Baronas, Baileigh Carmichael, and Amy Wall. C0-Coach is Aime Sawyers.”






Aylmer Police have now charged a second local person with possession of crystal meth. Along with the Bayham man’s crime last week, these are the first two cases involving that substance in town. In the second incident, an Aylmer woman, 34 was charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking in crystal meth.

Last Friday at 1pm a parent at a residence in north Aylmer phoned the Ambulance/Police for help as her daughter was passed out. Police found a container with four grams of crystal meth on her as she was being taken by ambulance to hospital.  She went to Police when discharged later that afternoon and was charged.






-Police stopped a car with seven persons inside on John St. south last Thursday at 11:30 pm  after complaints that the occupants were tossing eggs at cars. Parked cars had been egged on Alexander Drive and Centennial Avenue earlier that evening. Police found no eggs. However, two underage girls, one 17 year old from Aylmer, were charged with illegal possssion of alcohol.


-An Aylmer woman was charged with following too closely after her car ran into the back of a car driven by another Aylmer woman going west on Talbot near King a week ago Monday at 2 pm.






(Information from Coach Doug Lusk) – “Key losses from last year are Trevor Stewart, Andrew Difazio, Darren Kinsey, Stefan Cornelissen, and Cody Benner. There are 14 returning players. We have two new keepers in Mike Loewen and Jevon Bisschop. We are looking forward to a competitive season, especially working with the ten new grade 9’s.”






About 30 youngsters turned out for games of ball hockey at Assumption School last night as part of the Turn off the Screens activities this week for Aylmer children. (kb) (CLICK)






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TUESDAY, April 23/13





-All Week – Aylmer Yard Waste Pickup (Day Before Garb. Day – Bagged)

-Screens Off –Road Hockey, 6:30; Assumption School


-Wed. -Screens Off – Aylmer Library 6:30-8 (Books, Music, Make Believe)

-Sat. – APAC, Quartetto Gelato, OTH Theatre, 7:30pm





(Information from Barb Warnock of A.C.T.) – “The next play of the Aylmer Community Theatre is the comedy “Honeymoon For Three” which begins with Preview Night on Thursday, May 9 (see Ad). A synopsis of the play:  “The night before the wedding was meant to be a romantic evening.  That is, until Madeline’s father arrives.  Then her mother.  Then her ex-husband. Fiance Donald is determined that nothing is going to ruin the night and makes every effort to keep the entire group entertained and happy. Madeline simply wants to survive the evening.
The show is directed by Harry Edison who, when actor Greg Mate broke his arm three weeks prior to opening, has also taken on the role of Milner, the ex-husband. Judy Jacoletti is the long-suffering bride, Madeline.  Gary Bodkin and Barbara Warnock play her divorced parents and Carl Whelan, is the dependable fiance. The show runs the weekends of May 9-12 and May 16-18; Cost is $15 for adults and tickets can be obtained at Campbells II, Prime Ingredient and Aylmer Video, or at the door or by phoning 765-3039.”



(Information from President Mike Holmes) – “We are still looking for a few players to fill out this years programs: BlastBall -2009/2010 Birth Years – 4 spots left;T-Ball – 2006/2007/2008 Birth Years – 5 spots left; Rookie Ball – 2004/2005/2006 Birth Years – 7 spots left.

Also, Aylmer Minor Ball is hosting a FREE MLB Pitch, Hit, Run Competition on May 11 at Steen Park. Registration (by May 4) is at Goodwills Used Cars or download from our website. It is for boys and girls ages 5-14. Winners in the 7-14 age groups have a chance to advance to a Regional Competition at the Rogers Center.Visit aylmerminorball.com for more information or Email aylmerminorball@hotmail.com.


EESS will begin their long awaited sports season next week with home games in soccer and rugby. The boys’ and girls’ soccer teams will host West Elgin on Monday and the boys and girls rugby teams will host Woodstock CI on Thursday.


(Information from Pastor Albert Lowen of Mt. Salem Evangelical Mennonite Church) – “On May 3-4 we are hosting (at the EMC Church) our first Youth Leadership Training Conference. The conference is aimed at providing quality training for youth workers and parents in Aylmer and the surrounding area. The training is primarily focused on youth workers and parents but the Friday night session will also be open to all youth.

Features of the weekend include: Friday – The College Transition Seminar addresses challenges students face transitioning from high school to college. Saturday  morning– Identity Matters – Teenagers and young adults face many challenges to finding their identity in Christ.  Saturday afternoon – Teaching Youth Biblical Sexuality – The speaker specializes in men’s issues including helping men break free from pornography and other sexual addictions; sexual abuse; etc. The cost – $10 for one session or $20 for all three. (see ad for more information)


According to Sims’ History of Elgin, Jaffa (south of Springwater at the intersection with John Wise Road) either was named after a village in Israel in biblical times or a small town in New York state (not existing today?). In earlier times a school (which was later rebuilt to the east and became the Outdoor Education Centre) and two churches were situated here. It had a post office beginning in 1876.

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MONDAY, April 22/13





-Earth Day, Aylmer Tree Planting, Optimist Park, 10:30 am

-All Week – Aylmer Yard Waste Pickup (Day Before Garb. Day – Bagged)

-Screens Off -Horseshoes, 6pm; Rear of  EEC Complex


-Tue. -Screens Off – Road Hockey, 6:30; Assumption School

-Sat. – APAC, Quartetto Gelato, OTH Theatre, 7:30pm






(Information from Chris Huctwith)  – “The Belmont Kids Park Campaign had an awesome start Friday at our Community Kickoff. Many thanks go to our speakers, including MPP Elgin-Middlesex-London Jeff Yurek, Municipality of Central Elgin Mayor Bill Walters, and Ontario Trillium Foundation Representative Brian George. The Municipality has donated $70,000 and the Ontario Trillium Foundation has helped out with $111,900.


Additional thanks go to speakers Rob McFarlan (Ward 5 Councillor, Central Elgin), Doug Crockett (Westminister Mutual – $20,000), Carrie Lewis (Belmont HUB – $10,000), Laura Morris (Next to Mom Daycare – $10,000), and Janet Elliot (of Open Space Solutions).  The Belmont Lions also also have a donation of $10,000.


Sandra Price described her involvement in the Skate Park on behalf of her late son, Matt Price. The golf tournament held in Matt’s honour has raised $11,000 for the park to date with future tournaments planned. Dani Bartlett also spoke of the skate park, on behalf of Ben Rowlands, the Skate Park Representative. Co-Chairs, Dione Hildenbrand and Sue Beattie finished by unveiling the Fund Raising Chart showing  the campaign has attained $270,000 of the $300,000 needed.”






Earth Day today in Aylmer was celebrated by the planting of a Native Sycamore tree in Optimist Park this morning. Participating were, from left, Bill Murch, Environmental Committee, Mayor Jack Couckuyt, Councillor and Earth Committee Chair Arthur Oslach, and John Montgomery, Environmental Committe. (kb) (CLICK)






-Judd, Beatrice May; of Aylmer, passed away on Thursday, in her 99th year. Predeceased by her husband George Judd. She owned and operated the Rainbow Coffee Shop on Talbot Street West and was a member of the Aylmer Missionary Church. A Funeral service will be held at the H. A. Kebbel Funeral Home, Tuesday, at 1:30 pm. with visitation one hour prior.






Aylmer library will host ‘Story time for Babies’ on Friday mornings beginning May 3 and going until May 31 from 11:00 to 11:30 am. It will include stories, songs and games for babies 0 -24 months.






April 15, 2013, Station #2, Caverly Road, Medical Assist 

– April 15, 2013, Station #1, Pede Road, CO Monitor failure

– April 17, 2013, Station 3 assisted by Station #2, College Line, MVC

(*By the Police College, no damage, no injuries)

 – April 19, 2013, Station #2,  Springfield Road, Medical Assist

 – April 19, 2013, Station #3,  Springfield Road, Medical Assist






Last spring we posted a photo of the west side of the new Aylmer, Malahide sign in the East Municipal Parking Lot. This is a view of the east side which highlights attractions in Aylmer. (Photo by Don Durkee) (CLICK)








(Two former local school Principals – Avril Currie and Wendy Crocker –  recently toured various communities in Mexico for 10 days as part of their ongoing education programs and provided the following information to TANews.)


1. Why pursue this area of studies/Why go to Mexico? We wanted to go beyond a general understanding of a cultural group in East Elgin’s public schools that present beliefs, routines and other ways of living to our western view. Our trip to Chihuahua offered a progression into the lives of the LGM students in our schools – from tours of churches, schools, and industry to the intimacy of family kitchens and dining tables etc.

2. Some impressions of  Mennonite life there?

Not surprising: Focus on faith-based living and family values People were dressed similarly to the way in which we see them in Aylmer; Resiliency of the Low German speaking Mennonite people in adapting to their new environment having come from the prairies eg. all farming equipment needed to be retooled to address the soil in Chihuahua etc. Surprising: An emphasis on education and the development of schools – especially in the Old Colony over the last five years with a change in the Bishopric;  Multilanguages : We interacted with many Mennonites (young and old) who were fluent in speaking Spanish, Low German, High German and English.”





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FRIDAY, April 19/13





-Aylmer Brush Collection (Set out before Garbage Day)

-Schools PD Day (Public Skating: 10am-12)

-Belmont Kids Park Ceremony; Noon; Belmont Arena

CANCELLED: Fri/Sat.- Relay For Life BBQs (ReSked For May 3-4)


-Next week: Aylmer Yard Waste pickup (In Paper Bags, Day Before Garbage Day)






(Information from Thom Polland, Parks and Facilities Manager) – On Monday, Earth day, the Town of Aylmer will be planting a Sycamore tree in Optimist Park north of the Pavilion at 10:30 a.m.






-Kirby, Steven Edwin; of Straffordville, passed away Thursday, aged 57. Survivors include: siblings Charles (Marianne) Kirby of Aylmer, Russell Kirby and Christopher (Sherry) Kirby, both of Straffordville etc.. Arrangements through Shawn Jackson Funeral Home, St.Thomas. Friends are invited to the Aylmer Legion,Tuesday, from 1:00 to 4:00pm.


-Jackson, Grace Mildred; of Dutton and formerly of Harrietsville, passed away Thursday, in her 94th year. Wife of the late Robert Jackson (1972). Survivors include:  son Jim Jackson (Judy) of Harrietsville etc.. She was a member of the United Church and Charity Rebekah Lodge, both in Harrietsville. Visitation at Kebbel’s  Funeral Home, Sunday 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. The funeral service will be held there Monday at 11 am.






East Elgin defeated Ingersoll 2-0 in the final of the EESS preseason boys’ soccer tourney yesterday at Columbus Park. Aylmer was victorious by 3-1 over Parkside, 4-0 over London Central and  2-0 over Medway in preliminary games.






(Recently Elgin County library representatives including Director of Community/Cultural Services Brian Masschaele sat down with the Archon Architects designing the proposed new library building at John and Sydenham and the five member Library Committee to look at potential designs. Mr. Masschaele provides some views on that meeting: (A public meeting on this project will be held June 3.))


1. Reaction to the architect’s presentation?

“I was impressed with the amount of research the firm had completed prior to the meeting.  I did not expect them to ask for the level of detail on how interior spaces would be used but fortunately, we have been preparing for this process for several months so we were able to provide immediate answers. They are certainly not wasting anytime which is good.”


2. Pros, cons of a two-storey building?

“We do operate branches on two floors already, Straffordville for example, but usage of the basement floor there is for program purposes only. This is the first time we have been involved in a project that involves a second floor that will be completely accessible to the public.  Benefits of a second floor include the ability to create zones for “quieter” functions such as local history, reference and study areas.  Challenges of a second floor pertain largely to staffing and security:  At times, we will not be able to staff the second floor so we will need to install security cameras or have it designed so that there are still clear sitelines from the first floor.”


3. Importance of local history/reference area, language labs, private adult space in the new library?

“Private study areas will be very important and we have put a priority on that in the conceptual design process.  We are also centralizing our regional local history resources into Aylmer as we no longer have the capacity to have a large collection in each branch, especially given that we need equipment like a microfilm reader / printer which are getting harder to obtain.  It’s important that space for this be incorporated in the new building.  Interpretive space for the community is also very important.  We’ve had great success with artist exhibitions and a mural wall in Springfield and we can’t wait to bring this to a larger level in Aylmer.”






(Contributed) – Edison Fest, scheduled for Saturday, June 1 at Vienna Memorial Park, from 9:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m., is seeking craft vendors (forms at www.bayham.on.ca), students (mandatory volunteer school hours), donations and sponsors.  Contact Lynda at 519-866-5521 or lmillard@bayham.on.ca .






(Contributed) – “The Aylmer-Malahide Museum & Archives is preparing a new Vision Statement at the request of the Ontario Ministry of Culture.  A vision statement is about tomorrow, where the museum & archives wants to be in the future. A small group of interested community members have put together two possible Vision Statements.

1-“The Aylmer-Malahide Museum & Archives vision is to engage cultures within the community by inspiring their imagination and stimulating their interest and appreciation of history.”

2-“The Aylmer-Malahide Museum & Archives vision is to stimulate an interest/appreciation of history that inspires the imagination, stimulates thought and engages the cultures within the community.”

The Museum would like feedback on which you prefer. Please e-mail your comments or suggestions to Bill Murch at MurchCommunications@gmail.com by April 24, 2013.






“Historic Buildings of Aylmer”  (On sale for $15 at:

Campbells, Pinecroft, and Mary Jane’s.)





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THURSDAY, April 21/13





-All Week -Aylmer Brush Collection (Set out before Garbage Day)

-Bayham 7, Malahide 7:30 Councils


-Fri -Schools PD Day (Public Skating: 10am-12)

-Fri- Belmont Kids Park Ceremony; Noon; Belmont Arena

-Fri/Sat.- Relay For Life BBQs; 10-1pm; (Fri- outside Slice of Life)


-Next week: Aylmer Yard Waste pickup






(Information from Coach Christy Halasz) – “We had an excellent day yesterday in our home (exhibition) tournament winning the whole thing. We beat Glencoe, Oakridge, and Glendale in pool play, then we beat Strathroy in the finals.


We have some really good prospects with our grade nines, and are happy to have some of our key players back, like Becca Jefferson, Katherine Barrie, Elizabeth Rollo and Kira Cornelissen. But we have lost a lot of key players like Averi Nooren, Holly Scherer, Selina Braund, and Maddy Derrough. Other coaches are EA Deb Dempsey and Kaylie Buck, a former player.”






(Aylmer children are again being encouraged to participate next week in Pause To Play/Turn Off The Screens week sponsored by the Elgin St.Thomas Health Unit. Noted the Health Unit: “The rates of screen use in children and youth are alarmingly high.” Aylmer Co-ordinator Penny Hilliker, a McGregor teacher, provides the following information:)


“The events are a bit scaled back compared to last year as some schools were unable to host events this year and we’ve decided not to produce tickets to keep the process simple. Students just need to bring their log sheet to events for free admission, with the exception of “Dodgeball Mania” – tickets for this are available at schools, the Complex and Library. There is free admission at events for children that have log sheets.”


Events: Sunday – Skating : 100 – 2:30 pm at East Elgin Community Complex; Monday – Horseshoes  with EECC Youth Horseshoes Club (weather permitting) 6:00 pm to dusk at rear of East Elgin Community Complex; Tuesday – Road Hockey. Bring a stick. (weather permitting) 6:30 – 8:00 pm  at Assumption School; Wednesday – Open a Book, Fun with music and Make Believe, 6:30 – 8:00 pm at Aylmer Library; Thursday – Dodgeball Mania -Gr. 1 – 3 from 6:00 – 6:45 and Gr. 4 – 8 from 6:45 – 7:45 at Immanuel Christian School. Also – Thursday -Bowling (2 free games & shoes) First-come, first-served. 5:00 – 8:00 pm at Cy’s Lanes.






The Aylmer Police are seeking to identify a male and female last seen at the Mac’s Convenience Store on April 6th 2013 between 4:45-500pm. They are persons of interest in a theft. The public is asked to phone the Police or Crimestoppers if you have information.









(Contributed) – “Vogeljoy, a children’s entertainment group consisting of Terry and Kim Neudorf and family  formerly of Aylmer (and currently in Santiago, Chile) is in the Great Kids CBC Viewer Voted Song Search (http://www.cbc.ca/parents/songsearch). They are one of the 40 nominated bands and musicians and they are singing and performing their original song “A Friend Like You”. You can vote for them at this site – once daily until May 8. Winners get to shoot a music video for their song.


As well in a separate contest, anyone can enter for a chance to win a trip to Toronto and be VIP guests at Kids’ CBC Days July 16–18.  As well Terry and VogelJoy are nominated in the Scene Magazine London Music Awards http://scenemagazine.com/portals/0/phpQ/fillsurvey.php?sid=15  Terry’s category is under #6 and vogelJoy is under category #10.”






(Contributed – The next Aylmer Performing Arts event is next Saturday, April 27 at the Old Town Hall Theatre (see ad).) – “Virtuosic showpieces, romantic tenor arias, pyrotechnical solos, blazing gypsy show pieces, multi-instrument mastery and a World Accordion Champion – this is Quartetto Gelato.  Their performance repertoire  includes classical masterworks, operatic arias, the sizzling energy of tangos, gypsy and folk songs etc.


Most recently, QG won the honor of Best Classical Ensemble at Canada’s 2010 INDIE awards. QG is regularly heard on the CBC. Their Concert in Wine Country DVD is seen regularly on PBS. Their eight CDs have sold over 150,000 units to date and they have been featured on the Hollywood soundtrack “Only You.”






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