Daily News About Aylmer, Ontario and East Elgin

WEDNESDAY, June 11/14





-Thu. -TriCounty Fastball: Pt. Burwell hosts Oxford Ctr, 8pm

-Thu. -TriCounty Fastball: Straffordville hosts Norwich, 8pm

-Thu. -Ontario Election

-Sat. -Springfield Fun Day

-Sat. -Bandshell Music for Corner Cupboard, 11 am (see Wed. story)

-Sun. -Malahide, S.Dor. Hydro Interruption, 5:30 am-6:30 am





(Contributed) – ‘Moore Ave. Underground’ will sponsor a special music day at Bandshell Park this Saturday beginning at 11 am featuring local musicians – the Gaudette Boys, Scott Brunelle, Derek Rhodes, Neukamm sisters etc. Donations to Aylmer Corner Cupboard.





Springwater heron (Photo by Mark Alward)

Springwater heron.  (Photo by Mark Alward)





-Southwest Soccer – Tue. – MIB 2 Aylmer FC 1 (3-1); No home games this week.

-TriCounty Fastball – Straffordville (0-7) lost to Innerkip 8-6 and Harwood 12-5; Host Norwich Thurs.

-TriCounty Fastball – Pt Burwell (4-3) lost to Oxford 6-1 and Hickson 7-4; Host Oxford Thu.

-St.Thomas Fastball – Tue.: Springfield (2-3) v. Shedden; Last week: Forfeit to Alvinston; No home games this week.





Organizer Mary Jane Lampman said she still has hopes a Farmers’ Market will begin soon at Bandshell Park this summer; she is still waiting to hear back from potential vendors. Last year the Market ran on Friday afternoons.





The 17th annual Mennonite Networking Conference will be held this Monday beginning at 8:15 am. The site has been switched to Althouse College from the EEC Complex. Keynote speaker is Kathryn Edmunds, an Associate Professor in Nursing at the University of Windsor, on ‘We are tired of thinkng and working with Poverty.’ Among workshop presenters are Abe Harms of Aylmer MCS, Julie Berry of the Aylmer Library, and Catarina Vindasius of the EESS ASPIRE program.





The Argentina Mens’ Softball team, fourth in world tourney competition, will play in Springfield on Wednesday, June 25 in a doubleheader. While on a regional tour, Argentina will play Springfield Mens’ Fastball team at 7 pm and an all star team from the St.Thomas Mens’ Fastball League at 9 pm. Admission is free.




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TUESDAY, June 10/14





-Southwest Soccer: Aylmer FC hosts MIB, at EESS, 7 pm

-St.Thomas Fastball: Springfield hosts Shedden, 8:30 pm


-Thu. -TriCounty Fastball: Pt. Burwell hosts Oxford Ctr, 8pm

-Thu. -TriCounty Fastball: Straffordville hosts Norwich, 8pm

-Thu. -Ontario Election

-Sat. -Springfield Fun Day






(From St.Thomas Court of Justice) – Henry Cooper, 36 of Trinidad, a migrant worker in Bayham, was sentenced to seven years in jail yesterday in the Court of Justice in St.Thomas after pleading guilty to the use of a weapon and the sexual assault of a Vienna woman at her home in October. His arrest was the result of a controversial search by police, who rounded up voluntary DNA samples from many of the area’s 100 migrant workers living on farms near the woman’s home.






(Information from Kelly Pearson) – Springfield’s annual Family Fun Day will be held this Saturday at Malahide Community Place. Activities include: a breakfast from 8 to 11 am by South Dorchester Optimists, Teddy Bear Party, Bike Decorating Contest, Science Booth, Steve Wilson Magician, ball games all day, Dotsy the Clown, music, childrens’ games and a Watermelon eating contest.






JUNEAU ALASKA – Emily Miller, reporter for the Juneau Empire, yesterday reported there were no new developments in the disappearance of Sharon Buis, formerly of Aylmer, from near Juneau over two weeks ago.






(Information on the London Ladies Roller Derby teams is from President Stephanie Pedro:) –  “We have just moved to a new practice space in Belmont and thought we would reach out to the areas around us to let them know what we are about and that we are always looking for new recruits. We do have an upcoming game this Saturday at the Medway Arena. Neil Jeffery, formerly of Aylmer, and his partner Sonja are both involved – Sonja still skates and bench coaches and Neil bench coaches.


We are a London league that has 3 teams. One is a travel team, the Timber Rollers, and the other two teams are home teams, the Thames Fatales and the Luscious Lunch Ladies. The league has been around for 7 years. Our website is www.forestcityderbygirls.com . We practice 2-3 nights a week and usually play our home games at the Western Fair during the fall/winter. We have currently a couple home games this summer at the Medway Arena. We also travel to play games as well. You don’t have to have any previous experience, but you will need to be at least 18 years of age, put on quad skates, and be committed to the sport. We are recruiting – if you are interested in joining FCDG as a player, official, or volunteer, please contact us at info@forestcityderbygirls.com. ”






(Information on the St.Thomas Early Learning Centre, which recently announced an expansion to Aylmer, is from Patricia Riddell-Laemers, Executive Director:) – “Where? The St. Thomas ELC, a not-for-profit childcare, will be situated at the Full Gospel Church on Talbot St. east.  Why locate here? Aylmer needs childcare as they have been without a licensed program for almost 20 years (An Ontario Early Years Centre exists uptown by the Community Living Centre). How many children can be accommodated? Our Childcare program will have licensed spaces for 6 infants ( birth to 18 months), 10 toddlers (18 months to 2.5 years), and 24 preschool children (2.5 years to 6 years). We will also be offering before and after school for children 5 to 12 years. We hope to be up and running in the fall.”






-Galloway, Donald Archibald of St. Thomas passed away on Monday in his 83rd year. Survivors include: daughter Bev (Don) Herries of Aylmer etc.. The funeral service will be held at Williams Funeral Home, St. Thomas on Thursday at 1:30 p.m.





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MONDAY, June 9/14





-Elementary Schools PA Day


-Tue. -Southwest Soccer: Aylmer FC hosts MIB, at EESS, 7pm

-Tue. -St.Thomas Fastball: Springfield hosts Shedden, 8:30 pm

-Thu. -TriCounty Fastball: Pt. Burwell hosts Oxford Ctr, 8pm

-Thu. -TriCounty Fastball: Straffordville hosts Norwich, 8pm

-Thu. -Ontario Election

-Sat. -Springfield Fun Day





ORWELL – Elgin OPP  executed a Controlled Drug and Substances Act search warrant on Thursday at a residence on Springwater Road in Central Elgin and charged seven persons with various counts of possession of illegal drugs. The approximate value of the drugs seized is $12,775. Police have charged: a 23 year old Central Elgin man, a 50 year old Central Elgin woman, a 50 year old Central Elgin man, a 30 year old Norfolk man, a 25 year old Malahide man, a 28 year old Aylmer man and a 38 year old St. Thomas man.





(Riverbend Farms Nursery at Mt. Salem will stay in the family according to Stephen Hotchkiss, son of owner John Hotchkiss, who provides the following information:) – “My wife Kate and I moved to Aylmer in early April. Before I had been living in Los Angeles since 2005. We opened a small herbal apothecary last year called The New New Age in Los Angeles. We were selling organic herbal teas and super foods to local markets, wellness centers, et. al. and online.

We had plans to open a store front in our neighborhood but after visiting Riverbend in November and learning that my father was slowing things down in terms of nursery production and possibly considering selling the farm, it became clear to us that our future was on our family farm which my grandfather Harley purchased in 1980 as a way to reconnect with his Southern Ontario roots.

We are in the process of transitioning the farm from a conventional tree nursery to a diverse, perrenial-based permaculture enterprise that will strive to improve soil and water quality, reduce irrigation needs, reduce soil erosion, eliminate non-organic inputs, create biodiversity, protect pollinator insects, and produce an abundance of healthy organic food and medicine for our local communities. We agree that every individual’s choice about food, where it comes from, how it is grown, how it is processed etc. has an enormous impact on the planet. Every time we make a choice about food it is a vote in favor or against a sustainable future.

We very much believe that we are what we eat and we hope to provide our community with options for nourishment that respect and acknowledge the terrestrial origins of the plants we will provide as food sources. We have been busy doing research and business planning. We are in the process of obtaining organic certification for a variety of heirloom vegetables grown in the existing greenhouses here and have begun planting various gardens, fruit, berry and nut orchards as well as designing and installing this summer a system of swales and key line features (essentially water harvesting implementations).





Faith Zacharias of Summers Corners earned several honours at the Ontario Diving championships in Windsor in early May. Faith, 14 and a Grade 8 student at Summers Corners Public School, won three gold medals in the one metre, three metre and tower diving events and was named the Girls B Outstanding Diver. She has been involved in events in the past year in Manitoba and Quebec as well as Ontario. Her next major competition is at the Nationals which will be held in Victoria, BC in August.





-Godby, Glenn George of Langton passed away Sunday, June 1st at the age of 38. Survivors include: step-sister Virginia (Richard Brooks), Aylmer etc.. The funeral was held Saturday. Arrangements through Verhoeve’s Funeral Home, Tillsonburg.





– June 3, 2014, Station #4,  Dorchester Road, Burn Complaint

– June 7, 2014, Station #3,  Springfield Road, Medical Assist

– June 8, 2014, Station #1,  Calton Line, Medical Assist

– June 8, 2014, Station #1, Fire (*At Half Moon Rd, Imperial Rd, at 6pm, small cabin, cause undetermined, damage $5000, on scene 1.5 hours)




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THURSDAY, June 5/14



*THEAYLMERNEWS will not publish Friday




-TriCounty Fastball – Pt Burwell hosts Hickson, 8pm

-Thu.-Sat. – ACT Presents: ‘Mrs Parliament’; OTH Theatre (see ad)

-Thu. -Bayham 7, Malahide 7:30 Councils


-Fri.-Sat. -Shriners Weekend; Fri. Fish Fry, Sat. Parade (see ad)

-Weekend: Aylmer Sidewalk Sales


-Mon. -Elementary Schools PA Day






(Information on the progress of spring planting in East Elgin is from Peter Johnson, Provincial Cereal Specialist:) – “Crops planted in sand in East Elgin are mostly done but crops being planted on clay are struggling, the ground is still too wet and our recent low temperatures have meant for reduced drying conditions. For corn planting this past weekend was finally good, we made great headway finally. But the rain on Monday halted planting for the rest of the week. Only about 75 to 90 ercent of the corn has been planted. We are about three weeks behind normal planting times. It’s among the latest planting seasons we have had recently but not as bad as 2011.

Soybeans are also well behind. Also, the severe winter was harsh on winter wheat that was planted, about ten percent needs to be replanted and about seventy five percent of what was planted has been damaged.”






(Contributed) – Trees Ontario in partnership with the County of Elgin is undertaking a reforestation project on 2.5 acres of land behind Terrace Lodge in Aylmer. Mayors Jack Couckuyt of Aylmer and David Mennill of Malahide will take part in a ceremonial tree planting for this project at Terrace Lodge next Wednesday at 1 pm.








Four persons, including three teens and an older female, from Ottawa have been arrested and charged with various offences after the Talbot Variety Store in Mt. Salem was robbed yesterday afternoon. Elgin OPP received the call around  4:30. The store clerk reported that two people had entered the  store and demanded money. One of the suspects indicated they had a firearm, however no weapons were observed. An undisclosed amount of cash was turned over to the suspects who then fled the scene in a white Ford Econoline van.

Police located the suspect vehicle travelling north on Imperial Road south of Aylmer and attempted to stop the vehicle but the driver refused to stop. The four suspects then exited the vehicle in a corn field off Elk St. and fled on foot. With the assistance of the Aylmer Police, an 18 year old male, two 19 year old males and a 28 year old female were quickly taken into custody without incident. Aylmer Police reported that one of the males actually made it back to Talbot St. east before being tracked down.






2011 – Jeff Yurek PC 47%, Lori Baldwin-Sands Lib 26%, Kathy Cornish NDP 22% Eric Loewen, Green 4%, Paul McKeever , Freedom 1%

2007 – Steve Peters Liberal 49%; Bill Fehr Con., 30%;  Brad James NDP 11%; Devin Kelly Green 8 %; Ray Monteith Freedom.

2003 – Steve Peters Liberal 57%; Bruce Smith Con. 30%; Bryan Bakker NDP 9%; John Fisher Green 2%; Ray Monteith Freedom.

1999 – Steve Peters Liberal 46%; Bruce Smith Con. 44%;  Dave LaPointe NDP 8%; John Fisher Green; Ray Monteith Freedom, Cory Janzen Ind.

(Previous Elgin Winners: 1995 – Peter North, Ind.; 1990 – Peter North, NDP; 1987 – Marietta Roberts, Lib.; 1985 – Ron McNeil, PC)






©ChrisButton ACT Mrs Parliament-00195

“Mrs Parliament’s Night Out” by A.C.T. still has three

performances left at the OTH Theatre (see ad)





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WEDNESDAY, June 4/14





-Music Jam; Bandshell Park, 7pm


-Thu. -TriCounty Fastball – Pt Burwell hosts Hickson, 8pm

-Thu.-Sat. – ACT Presents: ‘Mrs Parliament’; OTH Theatre (see ad)

-Thu. -Bayham 7, Malahide 7:30 Councils

-Fri.-Sat. -Shriners Weekend; Fri. Fish Fry, Sat. Parade (see ad)

-Weekend: Aylmer Sidewalk Sales

-Mon. -Elementary Schools PA Day





-Southwest Soccer – Last week: Aylmer FC 4 Mt Brydges 1; Mon. – Aylmer 4 (3-0) Glencoe 2; No home games this week.

-TriCounty Fastball – Innerkip 10 Straffordville 1;Sweaburg 8 Straffordville 1 (0-5); No home games this week.

-TriCounty Fastball – Pt Burwell 6 Burgessville 5; Woodstock 6 Pt Burwell 4 (4-1); Next home game – Thurs. v Hickson

-St.Thomas Fastball – Last night: StThomas 4 Springfield (2-2) 0; No home games this week.





-Gross, Abram passed away Monday at Terrace Lodge, Aylmer. Survivors: wife Eva (Heide) Gross etc.. Visitation at the Kebbel Funeral Home on Wednesday 2-4 and 7-9 pm. Funeral Service at the Old Colony Mennonite Church Aylmer on Thursday at 2 p.m.





(Information from Hydro One Media Notice) – On Tuesday, approximately 1400 customers in Vienna, Yarmouth, Malahide, Pt. Burwell and Bayham were affected by a power blackout from 10 am until 2 pm due to a tree fallen on a line.





(Information from Joe Richards, Director at Pearce Williams Camp near Fingal:) -“After over 130 years the two farm barns at Pearce Williams were torn down recently to make way for a new hall and maintenance shop. About 100 volunteers, including Volunteer Builders of Ontario and several volunteers from Aylmer, came on site last week and our barn project got a huge jumpstart. The construction of the new shop and a new hall, with funding for the latter from Giles Hume of Springfield, are the two major projects at the camp this year.”


About forty volunteers, including several from Aylmer, were at P-W Church Camp to begin the construction of a new barn this past weekend (Contributed) (CLICK)

About 100 volunteers, including several from Aylmer, were at P-W Church Camp to begin the construction of a new barn/shop this past weekend (Contributed) (CLICK)




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TUESDAY, June 3/14





-St.Thomas Fastball – Springfield hosts St.Thomas, 8:30


-Wed. -Music Jam; Bandshell Park

-Thu. -TriCounty Fastball – Pt Burwell hosts Hickson, 8pm

-Thu.-Sat. – ACT Presents: ‘Mrs Parliament’; OTH Theatre (see ad)

-Fri.-Sat. -Shriners Weekend; Fri. Fish Fry, Sat. Parade (see ad)

-Weekend: Aylmer Sidewalk Sales






Elgin OPP reported this morning that the Malahide man who was run over by a farm packer while mowing grass on a farm near Eden Friday morning (see story Monday) is in stable condition in hospital.






-Mayo, Robert William of Aylmer passed away Saturday in his 79th year. Husband of the late Annabelle Josephine Mayo(2009). Survivors: six children including Virginia (Cornelius) Peters of Straffordville etc.. He was born in Malahide and had worked at V.M.E. (Clarke Equipment) and Amtelecom. The graveside service will be held at the Aylmer Cemetery on Friday at 11 am. Arrangements through Kebbel’s Funeral Home.



-Clayton, Robert James “Jim” of Aylmer passed away Sunday in his 82nd year. Survivors: wife Barbara (Allen) Clayton; four children including – Thomas (Denise) Clayton and Kimberly (Ken) Millard, both of Aylmer etc..  He was born in Quebec. The funeral service will be held at Trinity Anglican Church Aylmer on Saturday at 11 am with visitation one hour prior. Arrangements through Kebbel’s Funeral Home.



-Marr, Ida of Aylmer passed away Sunday in her 92nd year. Predeceased by her husband James (1999). Survivors: three daughters including Donna May (Joe)Watters  of Lyons and Carol Anne (Frank) Swaenepoel of Aylmer etc.. A family graveside service will be arranged through Kebbel’s Funeral Home.






Elgin OPP inform they have charged the 21 year old male driver of the car that was in Sunday night’s accident at the corner of Imperial Road and Ron McNeil Line north of Aylmer  with Impaired Driving Causing Bodily Harm. The man, from Niagara Falls with two other occupants in his vehicle, failed to stop while westbound for a stop sign at the intersection and hit a pickup truck heading south. The three occupants of the truck escaped with minor injuries. A backseat passenger in the car was taken to hospital and was listed in stable condition this morning.






(Information from Clerk Nancie Irving:) –  Aylmer Council made these decisions yesterday:


-Council adopts the “American Sycamore Tree” (Platanus occidentalis) as the Town of Aylmer’s Official Tree and the “Silk Plant” (Asclepias tuberosa) as the Town of Aylmer’s Official Flower.

-Council gave two readings to a bylaw to add a new parking fee for the municipal lots – you can now pay $225 for six months (present fees are $450 for a year, $75 for a week, and $5 daily).






– May 27, 2014, Aid Belmont Station, Dorchester Road, Medical Assist

– May 28, 2014, Station #2, 475 Talbot Street East, Alarm System Malfunction

– May 29, 2014, Station #4, Imperial Road, Medical Assist

–May 29, 2014, Station #1, Jamestown Line, Medical Assist

– June 1, 2014, Station #3, Station #2, Hacienda Road, MVC

– June 1, 2014, Station #3 ,Station #4, Ron McNeil Line, MVC






At the OFSAA Regional track and field meet in Windsor last week, the best results by EESS athletes were: Karli Milmine, sixth in senior girls shot put and Justin Attfield, tenth, in Junior 3000 metres.





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MONDAY, June 2/14





-Aylmer Council, 7pm

-Belmont Candidates Meeting, 7:30, Belmont Comm. Centre


-Tue. -StThomas Fastball – Springfield hosts St.Thomas, 8:30

-Wed. -Music Jam; Bandshell Park

-Thu. -TriCounty Fastball – Pt Burwell hosts Hickson, 8pm

-Thu.-Sat. – ACT Presents: ‘Mrs Parliament’; OTH Theatre (see ad)

-Fri.-Sat. -Shriners Weekend; Fri. Fish Fry, Sat. Parade (see ad)

-Weekend: Aylmer Sidewalk Sales





Aylmer – (From Elgin OPP) – A serious two vehicle collision occurred just north of Aylmer around 9:30 last night at the intersection of Imperial Road and Ron McNeil Line. A pick-up truck was traveling south on Imperial Road when a car, travelling west on Ron McNeil Line, failed to stop and was struck broad side. Occupants of the car had to be extricated by Malahide Fire Services. The driver of the car, a 20 year old Niagara on the Lake man, and a male seated in the front passenger seat were not injured. A 21 year old Listowel  man, who was seated in the backseat behind the driver, suffered life threatening injuries and was airlifted to hospital. The driver of the pick-up, a 72 year old Tillsonburg man, as well as an adult female passenger and a female youth passenger were transported to hospital with minor injuries.





(Information from Rod Tapp, Director of Operations for Aylmer:) – Just east of the Splashpad in Balmoral Park…”a 12’ x 20’ Gazebo is being constructed as approved by Council under the 2014 Budget and the Horticultural Society is donating monies towards the project.”





EDEN – (From Elgin OPP) – A 57 year old Malahide man was airlifted to hospital after being run over by a farm packer being pulled by a tractor around 11:30 Friday morning. The accident occurred on a rural property on Eden Line between Plank Road and Sandytown Rd. in Bayham.  The man was cutting the lawn around a cabin on the property and was in the process of walking backwards with the push mower as a farm tractor passed behind him.  Apparently the victim had observed the farm tractor but did not realize that it was towing a cultivator and behind that the packer. Thinking it was clear the victim stepped backwards into the path of the packer and was run over. The victim was subsequently airlifted to hospital in critical condition.





Dianne Allen, Head Secretary at EESS since 1986, is retiring after this school year. Dianne was a 1974 graduate  of EESS and left a job at the Marketing Board in Tillsonburg in 1978 to become a secretary at the school. She replaced Norene Pilkington as Head Secretary. Biggest changes over the years: “Computers and the TVDSB amalgamation.” Retirement plans?  “Time to enjoy my family, but making no other plans for a little while.”





The search in Juneau, Alaska for missing hiker Sharon Buis, formerly of Aylmer, was ended Thursday afternoon by Alaska state troopers. Juneau Empire reporter Emily Miller told TANews today that nothing new had surfaced on the weekend. Sharon has been missing over a week after she failed to meet a friend for a hiking trip and her car was found in a trail parking lot last Saturday. Local authorities and friends, aided by helicopter and tracking dogs,  searched the Mt. Roberts area all week without success.





Last week, Tom Southwick in Bayham and Rick Cerna in Malahide announced their intentions to contest the fall municipal elections.

(Information from Bayham Co. Tom Southwick on why he is choosing to run for Deputy Mayor in the election) –  “From new trails being developed, Ojibwa, new businesses, new plantings on the beach, Polestars – Canadian flags flying on hydro poles, Watermelon Fest, Tub Daze, Eden breakfast, etc, these are proof of our residents abilities. The abundant enthusiasm of Bayham residents should be fostered not flogged! With a new, hopefully positive and encouraging Council going to be elected in October, Bayham’s, “can’t and won’t” shall become “Can and Will!”  I will gladly continue to serve Bayham.”

(Information from Rick Cerna, who owns a farm in Malahide but lives in Langton, on why he is running for Ward 3 in Malahide in the upcoming election:) – “There’s a vacancy in Ward 3 as Mike Wolfe is running for Deputy Mayor. I am a former Director of the Tobacco Marketing Board. I think fiscal responsibility is key. If you are concerned about what is happening in Malahide you should be doing something about it. I was raised in Malahide and lived there fifty years. I think the Complex financing and provincial funding cutbacks are key issues.”





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FRIDAY, May 29/14



(PC Jeff Yurek responds to a question)


(From Elgin OPP) – A 57 year old Township of Malahide man was airlifted to hospital after being run over by a farm packer being pulled by a tractor.  The accident occurred at approximately 11:43am on May 30, 2014 on a  rural property on Eden Line between Plank Road and Sandytown Rd, Township of Bayham. At the time of the accident the 57 year old male was cutting the lawn around a cabin situated on the property.  He was in the process of walking backwards with the push mower as a farm tractor passed behind him.  Police investigation revealed that the victim had observed the farm tractor but did not realize that it was towing a cultivator and behind that the packer.  Thinking it was clear the victim stepped backwards into the path of the packer and was run over.The victim was subsequently airlifted to hospital in critical condition.



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THURSDAY, May 29/14



(*THEAYLMERNEWS will not publish Friday)





-Thu-Sun -A.C.T. presents: ”Mrs Parliament”; OTH Theatre (see ad)

-WOSSAA Soccer (*EESS eliminated after Tue. boys/girls results)

-TriCounty Fastball –Pt Burwell hosts Burgessville, 8pm


-Fri. -CH. 5 – Aylmer Candidates Debate; 8pm

-Sat. – Club 7 Paper Drive (see ad)

-Sun. -TriCounty Fastball –Straffordville hosts Innerkip, 8pm


-Mon. -Aylmer Council, 7pm






(Emily Miller, reporter for the Juneau Empire, provided the following details to TheAylmerNews at 1:30 pm today (9:30 am Juneau, Alaska time) on the search for Sharon Buis, formerly of Aylmer, who was reported missing near Juneau Saturday (see stories earlier this week)  – “We’re just awaiting a police briefing as they begin today’s search. They did another sweep using a helicopter yesterday. The state troopers have indicated they will be scaling back now, there will be less intensive searching. The weather has been good for searching all week, sunny around fifty five degrees. The trail at Mt. Roberts is very popular, well walked, but also very steep, it is dangerous in places. According to the troopers there is no evidence of foul play, the crime rate in Juneau is actually quite low.”






Bayham reported yesterday it has lifted their state of emergency concerning the gas well leak north of Pt. Burwell. Orchard Line is now reopened to traffic. Restrictions on access to the area were imposed on February 13 after the discovery of a leakage of sulphur water containing hydrogen sulphine from an abandoned historic gas well.  A contractor was finally able to locate the original well bore and seal the flow of sulphur water.








Aylmer Council will hold a public meeting Monday at 7 pm in the Old Town Hall theatre to present information on the new library proposals. Representatives from Archon Architects Incorporated will provide the concept plan for a new library. Here are some design facts finalized during the presentation by Archon at the Library Committee meeting yesterday: a new building is being proposed for just south of the present Town Hall library; it will be two stories for the most part but will not include a basement; about 10,700 square feet is being proposed; the parking lot to the west will not be affected; on the north, it will be twenty feet at its closest wall from the present library;it will have a first floor  outdoor reading area and second floor terrace and an elevator; the cost will be between $2 and $2.4 million.







 – Paul Enns has indicated he will run for re-election as Bayham Mayor; Co. Tom Southwick has indicated he will challenge for Deputy Mayor;

Previously declared candidates are: John Faulkner and Wayne Casier for Council



The only new candidate this month is Rick Cerna nominated for Ward 3 Councillor.

Previously declared candidates: Incumbent Dave Mennill is running for Mayor; Dep-Mayor Jim Jenkins is recontesting his positions, Co. Mike Wolfe is also challenging for Dep-Mayor; Co. Max Moore is running again as Ward 2 Councillor; In Ward 3 Jake Quiring has declared his candidacy; In Ward 4 Co. Mark Wales is nominated again; in Ward 5 Melissa Schneider is a candidate.



No new candidates. Those previously declared: Incumbent Jack Couckuyt and Calvin Brydges for Mayor; Bill Murch and Diana Brydges for Councillor.






Among agenda items to be considered at Aylmer Council’s meeting this Monday are: a staff recommendation that Council endorses the Report by the Aylmer Environmental Committee to adopt the “American Sycamore Tree”(Platanus occidentalis) as the Town of Aylmer’s “Official Tree” and the “Silk Plant”(Asciepias tuberosa) as the Town of Aylmer’s “Official Flower”.






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WEDNESDAY, May 28/14





-Thu-Sun -A.C.T. presents: ”Mrs Parliament”; OTH Theatre (see ad)

-Thu. -WOSSAA Soccer (*EESS eliminated after Tue. boys/girls results)

-Thu. -TriCounty Fastball – Pt Burwell hosts Burgessville, 8pm

-Sat. – Club 7 Paper Drive (see ad)

-Sun. -TriCounty Fastball – Straffordville hosts Innerkip, 8pm





(From the Juneau Empire) – Searchers continued looking yesterday for hiker Sharon Buis, formerly of Aylmer, believed to be missing in the Mount Juneau area since Friday (see yesterday’s story). Two helicopters carrying search teams lifted off from Juneau International Airport Tuesday morning looking for the 48 year old Juneau resident whose car was found in a trail parking lot Saturday.

More than 50 searchers — a mix of Juneau Mountain Rescue members, Southeast Alaska Dogs Organized for Ground Search, the Alpine Club, and friends and family — have been involved in the search. Most of those are volunteers and had to go back to work after the Memorial Day holiday on Monday. After the initial search Sunday, searchers widened their perimeter Monday to cover the entire Mount Juneau trail system.

Family members in Aylmer told the Juneau Empire that some will be travelling today to Juneau. Sharon is the youngest of a family of seven children of Nellie and the late Richard Buis. Family members said she once biked from Alaska to Aylmer. She moved to Juneau ten years ago from California.





(From Western Region OPP) – Several Ontario residents, including eight from Norfolk and Elgin, face charges following an investigation into three illegal drug trafficking rings in southwestern Ontario. The OPP found cocaine and methamphetamine were being imported directly from Mexico then transferred to local traffickers in several Ontario communities, including Oxford, Norfolk, Middlesex, Waterloo Region and the Toronto area. Search warrants were executed during the week of May 12-16 and OPP seized: 12 kilograms of cocaine (worth an estimated value of $1.2-million); 3.5 kilograms of methamphetamine (worth an estimated value of $280-thousand); $89,955.00 in Canadian currency; and $38,000.00 in United States currency.

Among those charged were: Abraham Klassen, 34 of Bayham, charged with trafficking a controlled substance and possession of property obtained by crime and Maria Klassen, 33 of Bayham, charged with possession of property obtained by crime.





-Culp, William Murray, formerly of Tillsonburg, passed away at Terrace Lodge, Aylmer on Sunday at the age of 80 years. Survivors: niece Sandra Richardson (Rob) of Straffordville and nephew Robert Baldwin (Sheila) of Eden etc.. Visitation at Ostrander’s Funeral Home,  Tillsonburg Wednesday from 2-4 & 7-9 p.m. where the Funeral Service will be held on Thursday at 11 am.





(Information from Davenport School Principal Ron Duffy:) – The Aylmer Fire Department, with assistance from Malahide Fire Services, was called to Davenport School on Friday morning. A fan motor on the roof malfunctioned which created a burning smell in the library. The fire alarm was pulled and the students were evacuated. Everything has since been repaired.





-Southwest Soccer – Aylmer FC (1-0) 5 Glencoe 0, This week: May 29 in Mt. Brydges; next home game June 17.

-TriCounty Fastball – Woodstock 12 Straffordville (0-3) 0; This week: May 29 in Sweaburg; Next game game – Sunday v. Innerkip.

-TriCounty Fastball – Pt Burwell (3-0) 9 Hickson 2; next home game Thurs. v. Burgessville.

-St.Thomas Fastball – Last night: Alvinston 2 Springfield (2-1) 0; Games v. Shedden, Morpeth postponed; No games this week.






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