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TUESDAY, Feb. 13/18





-EESS hosts: Girls VBall v CECI; Playoffs


-Wed -Aylmer Spitfires host: Lambeth, 8:15 pm/ Playoff

-Wed -EESS hosts: Boys Hockey v PCI; Playoff #2

-Thu -Bayham 7pm, Malahide 7:30 pm Councils

-Thu-Sat – A.C.T. Presents: The Dining Room (see ad)

-Fri -Eastlink ch 10: London Knights host: Kitchener; 7:30 pm





(From the Ministry of Natural Resources) – A Kitchener man has been fined $1,500 and had his fishing licence suspended for three years for angling with too many lines. The Ontario Court of Justice in St.Thomas meeting Thursday heard that in June  conservation officers were patrolling along Big Otter Creek in Port Burwell when they contacted two males angling from shore, one of whom was angling with two lines. When the accused observed the conservation officers, he attempted to dispose of one of the lines by burning it with his cigarette. The conservation officers were able to secure both lines before the accused burned through it. Further investigation revealed that the man had six previous convictions under the Ontario Fishery Regulations and Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act.










-Friday- 2:30 am -Responded to a structure fire on Kyle Ct., possible cause careless smoking, 18 firefighters responded and returned around 10 am

-Sunday -9:30 am- Responded to reported structure fire on John St. N., possible cause faulty electrical wiring. 19 firefighters responded, returned at 11:30 am





(The Aylmer/Area Chamber of Commerce sponsored their annual Yearend Mayor’s Breakfast Wednesday. Here are some excerpts from the speech by Malahide Mayor Dave Mennill:) – “Malahide has been busy in 2017. We have issued 246 building permits, 43 of those being new homes. This amounts to a total construction value of 30 million dollars. This was a record year for Malahide and 2018 has been a strong start as well… Our industrial park across from the Police College is moving forward. We hope to develop the land to fill a need for more rural businesses within the township… We have retained the services of Riggs Engineering to undertake a complete review of the Port Bruce pier. We will be undertaking work this summer to improve the pier and the break wall. We are negotiating an agreement with the Ministry of Natural Resources on Port Bruce park. There is a demand to extend the service from May well in to October…The new township fire hall is underway. We had a firm do geological soil testing and they indicated to us that we needed to have 8 feet of compacted material under our structure. We had it retested and then found out that we only need 1 foot of compacted material. This will be a considerable savings on the project… Malahide has been successful in obtaining $43,000 under the ‘Main Street Beautification’ program. We will use this to enhance Springfield and Port Bruce with such things as planter boxes and benches that will make our main streets more attractive… We have almost completed our 2018 budget and we are looking at a 2.6% increase on the average house…The Terrace Lodge project has had a few problems over the last two years, delaying the start of construction. There was an issue of sufficient water and sewage for the old and the new buildings. We have several parties interested in purchasing or leasing the old Terrace Lodge.”





(The Aylmer/Area Chamber of Commerce sponsored their annual Yearend Mayor’s Breakfast Wednesday. Here are some excerpts from the speech by Bayham Mayor Paul Enns:) – “Bayham is making application to have the Port Burwell Beach designated as a Blue Flag Beach to improve name recognition and promote tourism. Blue Flag is a world-renowned eco-certification for beaches and marinas…The Municipality is making efforts to improve walkability and recreation in Bayham. Significant improvements were conducted at the Port Burwell Ball Diamond, Straffordville Community Park and Port Burwell Beach area…Update on the Ojibwa Sub, this is a becoming a long drawn out affair. The HMCS Ojibwa is owned by and is the responsibility of the Elgin Military Museum. Bayham has paid the RBC the 6 Million dollars that the Museum defaulted on. Bayham annually pays $330,685 to service this debt during the 10 year term. On May 17, 2016  Bayham received judgement against the Museum for the full 6 million dollars plus interest. It may not be possible to recover the sum owed because it is likely that the liabilities of the Museum will exceed the value of the assets of the Museum. On October 17th, 2014 Bayham was served with a Statement of Claim by Mammoet Canada Eastern Ltd. and Heddle Marine Service Inc. in which the Plaintiffs claim that they are owed a large sum of money by the Museum and the Municipality. The action is in its “discovery” phase and the Municipality is defending this action on its own behalf. ..Tax rates were set in Bayham with a 5% Levy increase made up of 2% Operating and 3% Capital increase. With that being said, Bayham has seen significant building and development growth which are some factors which increases our assessment base. So that boils down to properties with unchanged assessment from last year.”




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