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MONDAY, Feb. 12/18





-Aylmer Council, 7 pm

-OV Naturalists; 7 pm; Straffordville CC; Dave Jolly on ‘Orchids’


-Tue -EESS hosts: Girls VBall v CECI; Playoffs

-Wed -Aylmer Spitfires host: Lambeth, 8:15 pm/ Playoff

-Wed -EESS hosts: Boys Hockey v PCI; Playoff

-Thu -Bayham 7pm, Malahide 7:30 pm Councils

-Thu-Sat – A.C.T. Presents: The Dining Room (see ad)

-Fri -Eastlink ch 10: London Knights host: Kitchener; 7:30 pm





(Louis Bosma, Pastor at the Christian Reformed Church in Aylmer and a member of the Aylmer Ministerial Association, believes a good credo for a community is “be an intentional neighbour”. He commented after the Association held a discussion recently on a query by the East Elgin Community Assistance group about who reminds the community to keep an eye on the elderly in their homes. This was in reaction to the recent report on an elderly couple in Huron County who were found deceased outside their home after a cold snap. Added Mr. Bosma:

“Unfortunately, we live In a society that focuses on/promotes individualism and self sufficiency. We can help ourselves. We don’t need each other. We also live in a society that treats others that we don’t know with suspicion and lack of trust. The result is that we often keep to ourselves and our own circle of acquaintances and sometimes don’t make the effort to get to know our neighbours around us. One of the by products, when that happens, is a break down in the whole idea of community within our own immediate neighbourhoods. Sadly then, those in our neighbourhoods/communities who have special needs (a single mom with little children, the elderly who deal with health concerns on a daily basis or face the frailties of old age and can’t shovel their driveways, are lonely or face other concerns in their lives) feel even more isolated because they may not have someone they feel they can turn to in time of need. An idea: perhaps initiating a neighbourhood BBQ where the neighbourhood is invited over, the intention being ‘to get to know your neighbours.’ I might add that as a Christian, the motivator for me is always Christ. A passage of Scripture that I hold in the forefront is Matthew 25: 34-40 – It ends, “whatever you did for the least of these my brothers (and sisters) you did it for me.”  My response in gratitude is to seek to reach out to  the needs of others. That would include those who live right around me in my neighbourhood. If we all did that, I believe it would go a long way to restoring the sense of community that I believe has been lost over years.”





-Dyck, Aganetha of Eden passed away Thursday in her 72nd year. Survivors: husband Rev. Peter W. Dyck; nine children including Peter(Tina), Nancy Penner(Henry), Johan(Susana), David(Leena), all of the Aylmer area; 42 grandchildren etc.. She was born in Mexico. The funeral service will be held at the Old Colony Church Aylmer today at 2 pm





LAMBETH –  The Aylmer Spitfires are down 3-0 to Lambeth in their best of seven opening round Provincial Junior C hockey playoffs after dropping two games on the weekend. Saturday in Aylmer the Spits scored the opening goal but that was all as they fell 5-1. Sunday in Lambeth they were only behind 3-2 late in the second period but ending up losing 6-2.  Andrew Snowden earned Aylmer’s only tally on Saturday; Ryan VanRoestel and Jake Morin were marksmen for the Spitfires on Sunday. The fourth game in the series is Wednesday in Aylmer.





-Feb 5, station 1 Port Burwell, medical assist on Plank Rd. near Vienna.

-Feb 5, station 2 Straffordville, medical assist on Plank Rd. in Straffordville.

-Feb 6, station 2 Straffordville, medical assist on Richmond Rd.

-Feb 6, station 2 Straffordville, same address on a medical assist.

-Feb 9, both stations for a structure fire on Heritage Line in Richmond.











(Contributed by Ministry of Natural Resources) – Two Aylmer area men have been fined a total of $2,500 for catching and attempting to kill a snapping turtle without a licence. In August one man pleaded guilty and was fined $500 for hunting a game reptile without a licence. Recently at a court in Woodstock a second man was found guilty and fined $2,000 at a trial in absentia for the same offence. Court heard that in July conservation officers were working along the Thames River in Oxford when they came across the pair angling there. A short distance away, the officers located a severely injured snapping turtle hidden under a pail. Further investigation revealed that  one had caught the snapping turtle while fishing and the other tried to kill it in an attempt to keep it for consumption.





– February 4, 2018, Levi Street, Station #1, Medical Assist

– February 5, 2018, Hacienda Road, Station #3, Medical Assist

– February 6, 2018, John Wise Line, Station #1, Medical Assist

– February 6, 2018, Levi Street, Station #1, Medical Assist

– February 7, 2018, Belmont Road, Station #4, Medical Assist

– February 8, 2018, Imperial Road, Station #3, Medical Assist

– February 9, 2018, Glencolin Line, Station #2, Medical Assist

– February 9, 2018, Glencolin Line, Station #2, Medical Assist




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