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TUESDAY, Oct. 31/17





*OCT 23-NOV 17 Aylmer Fall Leaf Collection

-EESS hosts: Girls Bball v Parkside


-Wed -EEC Complex Board; 7 pm

-Thu -Bayham 7 pm, Malahide 7:30 pm Councils

-Sat -Aylmer Spitfires host: Lambeth, 7:15 pm

-Sat -APAC Presents: Myles Goodwin; OTH Theatre; 7:30 pm






About 75 persons attended Aylmer Council’s Library Location session last night at the EEC Complex. Council wanted public input on the two choices they have proposed for library expansion – an addition south of the present library or building a stand alone structure on Myrtle St. A clear majority of the fifteen speakers preferred the addition. Only two spoke favourably for a Myrtle St. building. (Council is also conducting an online survey with the same choices – the deadline is tomorrow.)

Some comments:

Roberta Wilson – “That Bailey bridge to Myrtle St. limits traffic flow, I am also concerned about what they might find in the soil, They demolished that house on John St. to expand the library so let’s use the space, Will you listen?”

Grace Miedema – “Myrtle St. offers a quiet park setting, children can get there easily, parking is quite accessible, the walking trail makes it accessible”

Michelle Toth – “I work with special needs children at EESS, the Myrtle St. bridge is not easily accessible for children with special needs, it would especially not be accessible in the winter months. I have been to the Pt. Stanley library and they use the facility as well for a spin off for the theatre, as a meet and greet place – that could be done here uptown”

Bill Murch – “Our group’s petition said people wanted 10,000 square feet in the downtown core; it needs to have a full raised basement and one level above ground and that will give you the 10,000 square feet it needs, the present building has architectural value but it has had alterations over the years – Ontario Heritage will work cooperatively with us on this, other towns have done it”

Penni Hilliker – “I speak on behalf of the McGregor school staff, We would have to get busing to go to a Myrtle St. location and that is too expensive, it is too far to walk. We love where it is”

Jamie Chapman – “These are your two choices? Why not spend 2.3 million for a stand alone in Bear Park (uptown). What is going to be the cost of cleaning up that site on Myrtle St.? That Bailey bridge in the middle of winter will be too dangerous”

Larry Jeffery – “A few of us surveyed people going in and out of the library recently and we found that of 55 surveyed, 46 wanted to keep the addition right there, 4 wanted Myrtle Street and 5 were undecided”

Brett Hueston – “We should defer the decision until after the next election, I have no confidence in your process or in your vote, we can’t trust council”

Ian Johnson – “A library has many possibilities, it is a gateway to helping people, it is a place where everyone can go, a place of refuge, this kind of library should not be in an out of the way place but in a place already available”

Tom Charlton – “We need to keep it downtown for downtown businesses, there is lots of green space there already with Palmer Park and Balmoral Park. A stand alone uptown should have been one of the choices”

Norman Jones – “You have an ideal location now, accessible to the schools. Build next to your ideal location”

Aylmer Library Expansion Supporters – “Keep it downtown where it is visible and accessible, not down a side street where it’s not. A library is the best use of our key tourist attraction, the old town hall; there is lots of green space left with an addition uptown, But council’s plan is not big enough, we need 10,000 square feet – it’s what’s suggested by experts, it’s what other towns have, it’s affordable and Aylmer deserves it.”





-Principal Kim Simpson at Davenport – “We are celebrating Hallowe’en with a black and orange day and a pumpkin decorating contest. We also have a canned food drive, “Scare Away Hunger”.

-Principal Charlotte Wall at McGregor – “We are having a black and orange day with an assembly at 11:30″

-Principal Patricia Tomico at Summers Corners – “On Friday we had 3 separate Halloween dances. One for the primaries, one for the juniors and one for the intermediates. On Tuesday we will be celebrating by having a black and orange day.”

-Principal Lisa Trewin at Straffordville -“We are having a black and orange day. As well each division has a block of the day to enjoy dance and physical activity in the gym. We are collecting canned food for admission.”





(Information from teacher Nancy Robinson at Immanuel Christian school) “We are looking forward to an exciting Book Week at Immanuel Christian School this week. In addition to a number of in-class and in-library activities, we will be holding Book Fairs with books from Living Books (Christian books, CDs, etc) and Scholastic (fiction and nonfiction books for children and teens). This is open to the public on Thursday from 5:30-7 pm. On Wednesday, we are pleased to have presentations by Kari-Lynn Winters. She is a St. Thomas native who has authored more than 20 books. She is currently Assistant Professor in the Department of Teacher Education at Brock University in St. Catharines. One of her latest books, French Toast, is nominated for the Forest of Reading program sponsored by the Ontario Library Association.”




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  1. Gary Rabbets says:

    Let me suggest to Council that “nearly” 75 showing up to this meeting indicates that the majority of taxpayers in this town have no interest in either moving or building a library. The proposal to not spend ratepayers tax dollars on either of these “options” was the reason most of this council got elected in the last local election. What happened to all those people that signed the petition that is quoted so famously. No shows. Why? Mostly because the signators were not Aylmer taxpayers.

  2. Gary Rabbets says:

    please add the “all” after not in the last line…Thx

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