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WEDNESDAY, June 7/17





-Wed/Thu -EESS Play: ” Xanadu”; 7 pm (see Mon. report)


-Thu -TriCounty Fastball: Pt. Burwell hosts Oxford; 8 pm

-Thu to Sun -Periscope Theatre: “7-10 Split” (see Mon. report)

-Fri -Schools PD Day





Aylmer Council at its regular meeting Monday passed a motion introduced by Co. Arthur Oslach to “direct staff to investigate the feasibility and estimated costs associated with the re-location of the Aylmer Library to the former Public Works Property on Myrtle Street.” The vote passed by 5-2 with Co. Ted McDonald and Co. Sheri Andrews opposed. An earlier motion to consider this site was made Co. Barbara Ann Laur in February. Some comments during Monday’s debate:

Co. Pete Barbour – “This doesn’t appear to tick all the boxes that the library support group seems to identify; it is not in the core area, it doesn’t have the ability to walk and shop with it being close to downtown, there is a restricted amount of parking.

Co. Oslach – This was on the books already. The staff had completed a partial report. The idea of Myrtle St. came up when the works department moved. It may not be feasible but let’s add it to the mix. We are so limited in sites downtown.

Co. Sheri Andrews – If we can’t find anything downtown should we really be forcing the issue? I have never supported a new building. Information from the AMO says we can’t continue our spending habits and libraries are last on the list. What happens if we build a brand new building and county council says we are now on our own, they won’t support it. And the location is terrible.

Co. Ted McDonald – I don’t support Myrtle Street, the whole park was just under water a month ago. It’s a flood plain. We have to do work on the water tower soon and that site is in the way. A new build means debt and I am against that.

Co. Laur- It is just getting a completed report to see if it is feasible, maybe there are flood plain and parking issues, we will see when the report comes back.

Mayor Greg Currie – We have tried to make a solid use for the library but nothing seems to resonate, we are guilty of poor planning. Can we agree on: a need for a larger footprint, a location that is downtown and a cost that is effective. If getting a costing on Myrtle St. is something we could consider let’s have a look at it.

Co. McDonald – There is money that is going to be spent on this, we need a engineer’s report, an architect’s report, soil testing,  it is going to cost us.”





(Information from Chief Sam Taylor)

-Friday- 1 am – Responded to a report of a structure fire at 89 Progress Drive. There was a fire in the dryer that produces the dried distiller’s grains. There was an issue with the start-up process that caused the small amount of grains in the dryer to ignite. The fire was fully contained within the dryer and associated ducting system which made it difficult to access. Malahide Station #2 was called to assist. The fire was deemed under control at 3:30 am. 14 Aylmer firefighters and 15 Malahide Firefighters attended the call.





(Information from Kevin Howe of Howe Farms south of Aylmer) – “We started picking small amounts of berries on Saturday and we are starting to get into some larger harvests now. The crop is looking really good despite all of this rain. Surprisingly, wind was a really big challenge for us. We put row cover out over 14 acres in order to increase heat units and protect berries from frosty nights. The row cover is a thin, white, cheesecloth like material, that acts as a blanket to keep the berries warm at night and helps them mature faster. This spring was exceptionally windy, which caused a lot of damage to our row covers and likely some damage to the strawberry plants. All things considered, the crop looks great and we are anticipating a long, plentiful harvest.”


Reported Dick Saarloos of Berryhill Farm north of Aylmer: “Berries are coming, a bit on the slow side but no problem; this hot weekend should help and next week should be great for berries”





-Lecuyer, Sandra Elizabeth of Nova Scotia Line, Aylmer passed away Tuesday in her 54th year. Survivors: husband Alex Lecuyer; three children etc.. Sandra worked at McDonalds for a number of years. The funeral service will be held on Saturday at the HA Kebbel Funeral Home at 1 pm with visitation on Saturday from 11 am to 12:45.


-Taylor, Ron of Dorchester, formerly of Belmont, passed away on Sunday in his 93rd year. Survivors: wife Edna (Walter) (predeceased by his first wife the late Gladys (Weir) 1973); two children and two stepchildren including Ronee Shackleton (John) of Springfield etc.. Visitation at the Bieman Funeral Home Dorchester on Thursday 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. and Friday one hour prior to the service which will be at 1:30 pm.





Malahide Council at its regular meeting Thursday approved the purchase of 20 acres west of the entrance to the Ontario Police College on Hacienda Road as an industrial site – the price was $425,000. The property was previously the site of housing units, erected during WWII, for the former Aylmer Air Training School. In recent years, it has been a storage site for a local truss manufacturing business.





– May 29, 2017, Station #3 , #2, Imperial Road, Medical Assist

– May 29, 2017, Station #3 assisted by Station #4, Putnam Road, MVC

– May 30, 2017, Station #4, Putnam Road, Medical Assist

– June 1, 2017, Station #1, Calton Line, Medical Assist

– June 1, 2017, Station #1, John Wise Line, Medical Assist

– June 2, 2017, Station #2, Progress Drive, Mutual Aid

– June 4, 2017, Station #1, Vienna Line, Medical Assist

– June 6, 2017, Station #3 , Station #4, Belmont Road, Mutual Aid





-Burgessville 9 Straffordville (1-7) 4

-Hickson 17 Pt. Burwell (3-3) 4

-Woodstock 12 Straffordville 4

-Straffordville 7 Harwood 0




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