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FRIDAY, Sept. 21/12





-Farmers Market, Palmer Park, 4-8 pm

-TVDSB Elementary Schools PA Day

-(Rescheduled: EESS Home Football is next Friday)

-Sat. – Aylmer Spitfires host Paris, 7:30 pm

-Sat. – Doors Open East Elgin


-Sat. –Sept. 29–Hazardous Waste Depot/Club 7 Paper Drive/Active Elgin Day





Some thoughts on the Aylmer Library/Museum/Theatre expansion plans (And I have a bias here):

1. We need more accommodation for all three – now. Yes, the economy is still somewhat unstable but this a project that will be completed and financed over several years (and some private monies/grants will help).  Growth is needed – our library has 4000 square feet, other towns this size have/require 10,000 square feet. It has been too crowded for  years already. Nearly all Elgin libraries have expanded since Aylmer’s was relocated in the Old Town Hall in 1981 – Aylmer families deserve the same.

2. Aylmer library use –despite technological trends – has been/will be steadily growing. Despite e-reader/internet competition I think we have a rural and Low German Mennonite population that will continue to use hard copy materials.

3. Use a Public building. I would prefer not to have private interests/agendas controlling a public necessity.

4. Keep the library in the present building – use what is was re-designed for to keep costs reasonable – and expand. I like the idea of a walkway to a separate addition at the back (west) – two storeys and a basement- using part of the parking lot. A walkway would be minimal interference with its Heritage appeal . And I would prefer to preserve as much green and open space in this ‘core’ as possible. So for financial and environmental reasons, I don’t like a new large structure on the corner as suggested by the Mayor.

5. I don’t think the Museum would fit in the present library. The Museum has 3200 square feet where it is; they need 5000 and the library is only 4200 (they would need another building as well?).  I do think they need to be downtown – the Old Steam Laundry building seems a good choice if available. If not, there are other central residences available that might suffice.

6. I don’t think we need more space for seniors but a third necessity is that the upstairs Theatre needs expansion for dressing rooms and a lobby area. Perhaps another walkway(s) could join to the Steam Laundry building to accommodate both requirements.

7. One more thing. Credit the Mayor for his initiatives here,  but Council has now formed a fourth library committee on this matter and this one (which will make the most decisions) has no representation from the public which I think needs addressing. (KB)






-BOYS VOLLEYBALL – EESS host WESS (no report)





Noels, Phyllis; of Straffordville, on Sunday, aged 93. She was born in Bayham. Survivors include: son and daughter-in-law, Clifford and Marlene Noels of Straffordville etc. ; A memorial service will be held in the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Tillsonburg on Saturday, at 11 a.m.





(From Council minutes) – The Library Facility Design Ad Hoc Committee, which was formed just earlier this year, has completed its mandate and will no longer meet. Its chair was Councillor Peter Barbour – it had five other members – and they only met on three occasions. At the September 4 Council meeting, a new Library Building Committee was created consisting of two Councillors (Judi Wright and Arthur Oslach were these appointments at the September 10 Council meeting) as well as the Mayor, the Director of Planning and the CAO. Their only duty to date is to select an architect to provide a conceptual drawing for a new library building. They will hold their first meeting next Thursday at 3:30.





The former Kelly’s Deli on Talbot west will re-open next week under new ownership – and with a slight change in location. The new owner is Trina Miedema of Aylmer and she is moving the store just next door to the east (former Rozelle’s outlet). She will keep the same services – deli, lunches, Dutch import products – with plans for some catering and expand her hours somewhat – now 10am to 6pm from Monday to Saturday. The new store will be called “Slice of Aylmer: Deli and Imports”.




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