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FRIDAY, Jan. 18/13


*THEAYLMERNEWS will not publish today.




–Elementary Public/Catholic Schools PD Day

-Sat. -Hockey: Spitfires host New Hamburg, 7:30 pm




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THURSDAY, Jan. 17/12






-McGregor Movie Night, Ice Age 3; 6:30 pm


-Fri. –Elementary Public/Catholic Schools PD Day

-Sat. -Hockey: Spitfires host New Hamburg, 7:30 pm






(Information from Mark McCallum) – “Things are looking  very optimistic for the new Springfield Brewers Softball Association so far. Our board will consist of: Mike Shackelton, Tanya Ostrander, Dale Gillet, Tricia Van Gorp, Jamie Dance, Chris Cox, Kelly Peters and myself. Kelly has been doing an amazing job on our website  at www.springfieldbrewers.com.

We are aiming to have a group of blast ball kids (ages 4-7), and a group of 4-pitch kids (ages 6-7). Both will be playing in house with the potential for some exhibition games near the end of the year. We will be implementing Softball Canada’s “Learn To Play Program”. The program is a revolutionary way of introducing the sport of Softball to children. Activities are included which foster the involvement of ALL players, including players with high and low skill levels. Activities and lead-up games are patterned after informal playground games.

After blast ball and 4-pitch we hope to have somewhere between two and four atom teams (ages 7-10), squirt boys, squirt girls (ages 11-12), and pee-wee girls (ages 13-14). It looks like the older kids will be competing in the South Oxford Softball League. We are also excited for the upcoming improvements to our facility. New towers and lights and a brand new clay playing surface will give the kids an incredible facility to play on.”







Construction began this week at McGregor Public School on the 4 room addition west of the gymnasium which will house full time kindergarten classes beginning in September. (kb) (CLICK)






This Saturday’s show for the Aylmer Performing Arts series features Rik Emmett (a replacement for Leslie Frost). Emmett gained international fame as the lead singer/songwriter/guitarist with the band Triumph. They produced four gold and platinum albums and he has been inducted into the Canadian Rock Hall of Fame, the Music Industry Hall of Fame and the Junos Hall of Fame.






Among agenda items are:

-discussion of a ‘premiere night’ for the Heritage Places tv program on Aylmer on March 16

-the setting up of a review of certain financial procedures/cost comparisons of the EEC Complex






(This is a synopsis of Mayor Jack Couckuyt’s Report to Council on 2012 which was given at Monday’s Council) – “The last two years have seen a great deal of activity by Council and by staff. For example, our Town levy – the amount we actually levy for town purposes – was 4.705 million in 2010 and 4.902 million in 2012. This is an increase of 4.18% over two years or an average of 2.09% a year. In the last Council  we had an increase of 24.23% – or 6.06% per year average from 3.740 million in 2006 to 4.705 million in 2010. And we have reduced the debt by over a million dollars in the last two years as well.


We have spent much time and much grinding of teeth on the Complex. We have “levelled out” the operational cost of the EECC and continue to look for efficiencies there. Community groups have come forward to: create a Farmers’ Market, which we supported after doing a survey and study; raise funds for a new splashpad – which we will hear more about next week; and to organize a first ever summer parade for the 125th Anniversary and create a number of different community events surrounding the celebration.


We continue to see a kind of building boom in Aylmer in this past year. Note the large building downtown, the developments on Tarry Parkway and Anne Street, the new businesses on John Street north and south, the sale of prime land near No Frills and the large number of duplexes being built.  We have built a new Bathhouse; had three committees look at how to deal with an expanded or new library facility; sold the Medical Building; have formed a committee to look at a Public Works Garage;  erected a new sign in the parking lot etc Our new Environmental Committee is working on other suggestions to improve our “greening”. Let us make the next two years as productive as these two past ones.” 






(Contributed) – The Active Elgin Coalition is pleased to announce that the 2013 Active Elgin Guide will be delivered to all homes in St. Thomas and Elgin County on Thursday, January 24. This year the Active Elgin guide has even more sports, leisure and recreational activities listed for people of all ages and abilities.   


The Active Elgin Coalition is committed to building healthy communities and to making sports, leisure and recreational information easier to find. This year, Active Elgin is launching a new survey to gauge our effectiveness and identify ways to improve the website www.activeelgin.on.ca and guide. Complete the survey today by going to this website for your chance to win one of three seasonal passes to a local Conservation Authority.




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WEDNESDAY, Jan. 16/13






-St.Thomas Blood Donor Clinic, Timken Centre, 12:30-7:30 pm


-Thu. -McGregor Movie Night, Ice Age 3; 6:30 pm

-Fri. –Elementary Public/Catholic Schools PD Day






-Waller, Mathias ; of Port Burwell, on Tuesday, aged 86 years. Survivors include: son Mathias R. Waller of Port Burwell etc. Visitation at the Straffordville Gospel Hall Church on Saturday , the funeral service will be at 11:00 a.m.


-Vaughan, Harvey L; of Vienna, on Thursday, aged  74. The funeral service was conducted  Monday at Verhoeve’s Funeral Home, Tillsonburg.






The Rotary Club of Aylmer yesterday received a $55,000 grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to support their sponsorship of a splashpad for Balmoral Park.

Commented Char Vitoierullo. chair of the Splashpad Committee:  ”We are communicating with ABC Recreation right now on the final cost and design and hope to have that figure by Friday. Our committee will be going to council next week to inform them of all the costs involved etc..  Our goal will be to have the installation date as soon as the snow clears and have the pad up and running 6 weeks after the shovel starts digging.  So we are hoping for a May long weekend opening.

The Town of Aylmer has given us $100,000.00 for the project, plus the Ontario Trillium grant for $55,000.00, as well as  community funds that were raised or donated totals approximately $70,000.00.  So we are sitting at $230,000.00 with a few more donors who are interested in helping us. The initial cost was $289,000.00 but we have adjusted some of the features and the design of the pad to cut some costs. We will still have at least 13-16 water features for the kids to get wet. We are hoping to be around the $250,000.00 mark when all is said and done and we hope to have the landscaping included as well in this price tag.”  






(Part One – From various sources) – “A ‘Mechanic’s Institute’ (focusing mostly on technical literature) or reading club had existed in Aylmer since its incorporation as a village in 1872. It was located in a room in the Town Hall initially and then moved to a room above the present Durkee’s store. Residents petitioned Council for a permanent building in 1911 when it became known that American industrialist/philanthropist Andrew Carnegie was offering grants for new libraries.

Aylmer Canners owners Junius Nairn and David Marshall donated $700 for the purchase of a lot and the library board selected a vacant site at the corner of Sydenham and Centre Streets. (The Aylmer Express editor was upset when the board ordered the removal of two large Balsa trees on the property and had them cut within 24 hours of the meeting, calling it a “cowardly act”). Council applied for and received a Carnegie grant of $8,000 and the cornerstone for a new building was laid in the fall of 1912.”



The first Aylmer library building was completed at Sydenham and Centre Streets 100 years ago in March, 1913.






(By Mark Holmes PT and Danielle Waite PT of Talbot Trail Physiotherapy, Aylmer) 


(Contributed) – “FROZEN SHOULDER or adhesive capsulitis is a common condition that results in restricted movement of a shoulder joint. It can occur suddenly or over time due to a variety of reasons and results in a contracting of the joint capsule and the formation of adhesions.These adhesions make the shoulder joint immobile and difficult to use. Symptons may include shoulder pain at the initial onset with restricted shoulder movement which may progress to greater limitation over time. Your physician may request diagnostic imaging to rule out additional causes for your pain.

Treatment:There are certain treatments which may help with your discomfort such as icing or heating.Your physician may prescribe medication to assist with inflammation or pain. A physiotherapist can help by providing appropriate exercises aimed at improving your shoulder movement and managing your pain. For more information check out www.TalbotTrailPhysiotherapy.ca ”





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TUESDAY, Jan. 15/13






-Wed. – St.Thomas Blood Donor Clinic, Timken Centre, 12:30-7:30 pm

-Thu. -McGregor Movie Night, Ice Age 3; 6:30 pm

-Friday – Elementary Public/Catholic Schools PD Day






-Fehr, Katharine, of Aylmer, passed away Sunday, in her 75th year. Predeceased by her husband Bishop William Fehr, 1989. Surviving are her 11 sons: John (Margaret), Willy (Helen); Pete (Kathy); Abe (Anita), Dave (Jackie); Isaac (Laura); Jake (Evelyn); Ben (Kyong Jin); Henry (Angela), Frank (Rose);Dan (Tammy) etc.. She was born in Mexico. Visitation at Kebbel’s Funeral Home, Aylmer on Tuesday 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. The funeral service will be held on Wednesday, at 2:00 pm at the Old Colony church.



-Lang, Michael, of Aylmer, on Sunday, in his 88th year. Survivors include: wife Erika (Schuster) Lang; sister Rose Tinnes, both Aylmer, etc.. He was born in Romania and was a retired employee of Carnation. Visitation at Kebbel’s Funeral Home, Aylmer on Tuesday from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. where the funeral service will be held on Wednesday, at 11:00 am.



-Dewaele, Ruth Ann. of Aylmer, passed away Monday, in her 76th year. Wife of the late Ivo Vermeersch and the late Robert Dewaele. Survivors include: sisters Betty Brown, Dorothy Acre, David Winters (Ruth) of the Aylmer area etc.. Ruth lived mostly in Tillsonburg and Corinth. Visitation at Kebbel’s Funeral Home, Aylmer on Wednesday 7-9 pm where the funeral service will be held on Thursday, at 11:00 am.






– January 7, 2013, Station #2, Dingle Street, Medical Assist

– January 8, 2013, Station #3,  #2, Pressey Line, MVC

(*Single vehicle in ditch, one person to hospital, minor injuries, at Pressey and Walker Rd., 11:30 pm)

– January 9, 2013, Station #2, Talbot Line, Medical Assist

– January 14, 2013, Station #2, 57093 Gray Street, (Bayham) Mutual Aid 

(*Dispatched to assist at a structure fire. Call cancelled enroute)






Local elementary school Principals report absenteeism of around 30-40 percent last Friday after the scheduled teachers’ protest was suddenly cancelled and schools were open. McGregor Principal Richard Auckland said about 135 students – 30 percent – were absent. Summers Corners’ Principal Donald Naylor said their attendance figure was about 40 percent missing.






(Contributed) – “The BAD Girls Pee Wee House League team captured a silver medal in the West Lorne hockey tournament this past weekend. The Blazers started Friday night with a match up against the Kent County Fillies #2 squad and lost 4-0.The girls returned Saturday morning with goaltender Anna LeRoux shutting down the host West Lorne Comets team in a 4-0 blowout for the Blazers. Scoring for the BAD Girls were Brooke Weller with 2 goals, Lindsay Macpherson and Stacey Pond.


Against the Kent County Fillies #1 team the girls won 3-2. Scoring for the Blazers were Jaiden Hermans, Sam McCoy and Ceara Huigenbos. This set the stage for a much anticipated rematch with the Kent County Fillies #2 team in the Championship Game. Kent County scored early in the game and the BAD girls fought back but the game remained 1-0 until the final minutes when Kent County scored on an empty net to seal the victory.


All the staff, parents and fans are very proud of their efforts the entire weekend; the girls showed a lot of spirit and played with heart. With three games left in their regular season, the BADGHA Blazers are anticipating a challenging playoff round.”



The BAD (Belmont, Aylmer, Dorchester) girls Pee Wees finished second in a tourney in West Lorne this past weekend. (Contributed) (CLICK)







(Shackleton Auctions of Lyons was featured this week on the tv show ‘Canadian Pickers’ on History Television. Mike Shackleton provided this information:)  ”The auction was for the estate of Bruce Essery in Paris Ontario. We sold antique cars and tractors, gas station memorabilia, signs, coke collectables, farm collectables etc.  The show contacted me about a month before the auction as they had seen it advertised. They asked if they could film and we agreed. I met the crew the day before.  They had a list of about 15 items they wanted and didn’t get any of them but bought the 2 items they showed on TV.  I met Scott and Sheldon (the hosts)  the day of the auction only and had a good conversation with them.”





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MONDAY, Jan. 14/12






-Aylmer Council, 3:30 pm

-OV Naturalists Speaker: ‘Otter Creek’; Pt. Burwell School, 7 pm

-Bayham Council Budget Meeting, 7pm

-*Catfish CCA Flood Warning still in effect


-Friday – PD Day






Snelgrove, Milton Clarke; of Lyons, passed away on Thursday, in his 71st year. Husband of the late Beverley Snelgrove (2000). The visitation was yesterday. The funeral service will be held at Kebbel’s Funeral Home, Aylmer today at 11:00 am.






AYLMER – A 21 year old Aylmer male was charged Thursday with invitation to sexual touching after an incident over the Christmas holidays involving a 5-year old girl. The child was being babysat by a neighbour woman whose daughter’s boyfriend exposed his privates to the child.






-Two EESS students were charged with smoking on school property by an Elgin-St.Thomas Health Unit tobacco officer and Aylmer Police on Thursday. The 16-year old students, one from Central Elgin and one from Straffordville, face a fine of $305 each if found guilty.



-Police finally located and charged a 54-year old Aylmer male who was the driver of the pickup truck that hit the Royal Bank just before Christmas. The man was found in St.Thomas last week and was charged with failing to remain at the scene, driving while under suspension and taking a vehicle without consent.



-A 29 year old Aylmer man who was charged with impaired driving after an offence in early November in town and who did not show for his initial court appearance turned himself in to Police last week and was charged with both infractions.



-In Elgin Court recently, a 57-year old Aylmer male who was charged with indecent exposure in June after he stood naked in his front doorway was found guilty of causing a disturbance and received an 18-month suspended sentence.






AYLMER – Norwich downed Aylmer Spitfires 5-1 in Niagara Western Junior C hockey Saturday here. There were 11 misconducts, 3 game ejections and a missed penalty shot in the lively affair as Norwich held a 5-0 edge after two periods. Jared Baribeau counted Aylmer’s only marker. The Spitfires’ record is now 10-21-4. Their only game this week is hosting New Hamburg Saturday.



Period 1
NorwichTodd Poirier (Drake Morrell, Gus Ford) 9:59
Period 2
NorwichJesse Cave (power play) (Tom Brady, Jakob Schira) 10:49
NorwichJon Percival (Jesse Szabo) 13:46
NorwichTom Brady (Derek Slaght) 14:08
NorwichBrett Parsons (power play) (Nick Burdett, Gus Ford) 19:43
Period 3
AylmerJared Baribeau (power play) (Eric Nemeth, Mitch Roloson) 2:33






(Information from Carolyn Kuntz, Director of Health Promotion for the Elgin St.Thomas Health Unit) – “It is important to improve access to our sexual health services for East Elgin residents, particularly those experiencing transportation challenges.  A lack of access to such services can lead to the spread of sexually transmitted infections, unplanned and/or high risk pregnancies, and costly and painful diseases (such as Hepatitis C) from use of infected needles.


The number of clients being seen has gradually increased after advertising in the community and offering tours of the clinic space. The sexual health clinic first opened October 17.  We are pleased that teens and adults are getting to know about this new clinic location and are feeling comfortable with using these services. Word of mouth has been instrumental in accessing and providing services to our clients. 


All of our services are confidential. If numbers continue to increase, we will potentially be open every Wednesday at 424 Talbot St. West, Unit 2. Currently Elgin St. Thomas Public Health provides full sexual health services and needle exchange at its Aylmer Office two Wednesdays a month. Confidential services that clients would receive include: Pregnancy Testing and Referrals, Sexually Transmitted Infection Counseling and Testing, Emergency Contraceptives, Needle Exchange Harm Reduction program, Contraception (new starts and pill pick up) and Condoms etc. “






A 21-year old Malahide man was charged around 10 pm Saturday night with assault after he allegedly threatened to kill a 21-year old Aylmer male with a knife. The man made the remark as he drove by the intended victim on Talbot Street. He was also charged with breaching probation as the offender was still doing community work for a previous offence.





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FRIDAY, Jan. 11/13






-Elementary schools OPEN

-Sat. -Spitfires host Norwich, 7:30pm


-Mon. -Aylmer Council, 3:30 pm






-Council passed a Municipal Support Resolution for the proposed construction of a rooftop solar project by the German Canadian Club

-Council responded to a request by the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters for hunting on Sundays by deferring the matter to staff for more information.






AYLMER – (Contributed) – “Aylmer Library will initiate a new program for reluctant young readers using ….. a therapy dog! The “Dog Tales” program provides children between the ages of 7 and 13 who are shy readers with an opportunity to read to a therapy dog. Each 15 minute session -the children must be registered for the program – will be conducted in the Library with a St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Team. Books will be provided, however children are encouraged to bring one of their favourites to read to the dog.


Three year old Tilley is the registered therapy dog, accompanied by her trainer from Belmont, who will be coming to the library once a month for one hour to listen to children read. The first program is planned for Saturday, February 2 at 9:30 am. Benefits of the program?: A relaxed one-on-one atmosphere puts the reluctant reader at ease; the focus is put on the dog and not on the reader; Reading to a dog is enjoyable and allows a reluctant reader to experience the joy of reading etc.”






(Information from Peter Dragunas, Catfish CCA Water Technician) – “This is a Flood Outlook, Watershed Conditions Statement: Should adverse weather patterns strengthen, water level conditions may increase. This is an early assessment that the potential exists for flooding of low-lying areas within the watershed. Due to a forecasted warming trend, precipitation in the form of rain (10 – 15 mm) and existing snow cover, there is a potential for flooding. The public is encouraged to exercise caution near open bodies of water and to keep children and pets away from waterways during adverse flow conditions. This Flood Outlook Statement will remain  in effect until Tuesday.






(Kim and Terry Neudorf and family of the Vogeljoy singing group are leaving soon for an extended stay in Uruguay and provide this insight:) -”We’ve got more VogelJoy adventures for 2013!  We sold practically everything and are travelling off to live in the South American countries of Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.  We are travelling light, performing often, producing music videos, releasing singles and working on the production of an original musical based on the Brothers Grimm story of The Shoemaker and the Elves.


You can see pictures and read all about our first show in Uruguay on February 23 on our website here: http://bit.ly/UKyrcE complete with links to the resort.  We will be blogging often about our travel and musical adventures on our blog too: http://www.vogeljoy.com/blog as we stay with friendly hosts exchanging work for food and accommodation. We hope to have a great opportunity to integrate and learn about the local lifestyle and community.”






“Historic Buildings of Aylmer” – $15. On sale at: Campbells, Pinecroft, Mary Jane’s Hair, Shelley McVittie Studio.  (Photo: Don Durkee)





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THURSDAY, Jan. 10/13





-Blood Donor Clinic at EEC Complex; 2:30-7:30 pm

-Bayham 7, Malahide 7:30 Councils

-EESS Grade 8 Information Night, 7-8:30 pm

-United Way Touchdown Event at Cys, 5-7 pm


-Fri. -Elementary schools closed; (Teacher Protest Day)

-Sat. -Spitfires host Norwich, 7:30pm


-Mon. – Aylmer Council, 3:30





(Information on Bayham Council’s special budget meeting last Tuesday is from Bayham Mayor Paul Enns:) – “At Bayham’s meeting nothing really interesting took place. We just started to go over a portion of the capital budget. We got it about half covered, with various staff members explaining  their sections. Some questions were asked. For the most part we will hopefully finish going over the capital portion next Monday before council gets into much major discussion on items in the budget.”





-Smith, Clarence Ross; of Aylmer, passed away on Wednesday, in his 64th year. Survivors include: nephew Larry (Marie) Cox etc.. Visitation at Kebbel’s Funeral Home, Aylmer on Saturday, from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. where the funeral service will follow at 1:30 pm.





(Contributed) – “The Aylmer Community Theatre’s next production is ‘Don’t Dress For Dinner’, directed by Ron Sawyer, with a cast of Dave Leeson, Laurie Deven, Greg Mate, Sandi Loponen, Sue Evert and Evan Thompson. The play’s synopsis: ‘Bernard hopes that his wife, Jacqueline, will visit her mother so that he can have a naughty night with mistress Suzanne. He invites his best friend, Robert, as an alibi and a great feast is planned, to be cooked by caterer Suzette. When Jacqueline decides to stay home, a frenetic effort to save the evening begins. Identities are swapped and roles reversed, and when beefy George arrives, things get even worse! A very French farce that will have you saying “Quoi maintenant?” until the startling denouement’.  The play will run from Thursday, Feb. 14 (8pm) to Sunday Feb. 17 (2 pm) and then again on Feb. 22-23. Ticket prices are $15 for adults and can be purchased at Aylmer Video, Campbells II and Prime Ingredient or by visiting www.aylmertheatre.ca.”





Among agenda items to be discussed:

-Request that Malahide allow Sunday hunting; consideration of support in principle for installation of solar panels at German Canadian club.





The London Free Press reports today that John Wise, former Elgin MP and federal Agriculture Minister, died Wednesday in hospital in London. He was 77. He was originally elected to the House of Commons as a Conservative in 1972 and was re-elected four times. The funeral service will be at 1 pm at Knox Presbyterian Church, St. Thomas with visitation beginning at 11 am.




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WEDNESDAY, Jan. 9/13





-Thu. -Blood Donor Clinic at EEC Complex; 2:30-7:30 pm

-Thu. -Bayham 7, Malahide 7:30 Councils

-Thu. -EESS Grade 8 Information Night, 7-8:30





-Heaslip, Arthur Wallace; of Aylmer passed away on Monday, in his 67th year. Husband of the late Joyce (McCallum) Heaslip (1986). Arthur is survived by his family Scott, Karyn and Kyra Phillips, Kristine, Brennan and Jared Smith. Arthur will be sadly missed by his friends at Community Living. Visitation at Kebbel’s Funeral Home, Aylmer on Thursday 7-9 p.m. where the funeral service will be held on Friday at 11:00 am.


-Stormes,  Wendy Louise (nee Hicks), of Stayner, passed away on Monday, in her 64th year. Survivors include: husband Norm and family; Predeceased by her parents Jack and Shirley Hicks. She was a graduate of EESS. Visitation at the Carruthers and Davidson Funeral Home, Stayner on Thursday from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Funeral Service at the Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd, Stayner on Friday at 11 o’clock.





(Contirubted) – “The final 2012 Aylmer United Way campaign event is a Touchdown party at Cy’s tomorrow from 5-7 pm.  They will be announcing final contribution totals, naming the Business Award recepient and drawing for the Hockey game/hotel stay in Toronto. Tickets for the hockey prize will be sold up to the draw time at 630 pm. There is no admission charge.”





The Otter Valley Naturalists club will hold their next meeting on Monday, January 14, at 7:00 p.m. at Port Burwell  Public School. The speaker is Paul Gagnon, Lands and Waters Supervisor of the Long Point Region CA – the topic is  “Boundaries and Highlights of the Otter Valley Watershed”.





(Information from Elgin St.Thomas Health Unit) – “Influenza, “the flu,” is increasing significantly from week to week in St. Thomas and Elgin County. Since the beginning of September, Elgin St. Thomas Public Health has received reports of 41 people with Influenza A. Most of these cases have been identified since December 12, 2012 up to the present date. This represents a very small portion of the people who are actually ill with the disease. Twenty (20) people have been hospitalized and two (2) deaths have been reported among people with confirmed influenza since December 12. Of the 20 people hospitalized, 4 were children under the age of 10 years. To prevent the spread of influenza, Elgin St. Thomas Public Health is reminding those who are ill that it is not too late to get a flu shot: – An additional flu shot clinic will be held on January 15 from 11 am to 7pm at the Health Unit, 99 Edward Street, St.Thomas.”





(Information from Susan McConnell, Elgin County Administrative Services Coordinator) – “Elgin County Council yesterday approved a plan to station an ambulance manned by one paramedic, weekdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.- five days weekly – at the Straffordville fire station. Ambulance response times in Bayham, average 24 minutes, the slowest in the county. The service is expected to start within a month. The county is going to a Request for Proposals for emergency service shortly and this decision was approved until the RFP return.”




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TUESDAY, Jan. 8/13





-Bayham Council Special Budget Meeting, 7pm


-Thu. -Blood Donor Clinic at EEC Complex; 2:30-7:30 pm





(Information from Cathie Walker, Director of Health Protection at the Elgin St.Thomas Health Unit) – “There are influenza and other respiratory outbreaks in several long term care and retirement homes throughout Elgin County. As part of their role, Health Unit staff support facility administrators and staff to implement infection prevention and control protocols that will help decrease ongoing  transmission of the agent responsible for their outbreak.  Ill people are kept separated (isolated) as best they can be from well people. This usually means they are confined to their rooms and any staff or visitors who interact with them have to wear personal protective equipment if they are providing personal care.

Terrace Lodge is currently on our list along with some other homes. Outbreaks can have a toll in terms of resident illness and mortality even when antiviral medications are used. Influenza outbreaks should be more preventable in a year like this one when the vaccine is a good match with circulating strains of the virus. Unfortunately, influenza immunization uptake is less than what it should be. The Health Unit continues to offer the vaccine at clinics on the first Tuesday of the month in Aylmer (we have moved to 424 Talbot St. Unit 7C,  effective in February).  Those who work, volunteer or visit in long term care or retirement homes really should be vaccinated.”






Aylmer Council yesterday in a special session voted 4-2 to keep the Library expansion within a ‘core block’ – bordered by John, Sydenham, Centre and Talbot Streets. Councillors John Vandermeersch and Dave LaPointe, arguing the town should take advantage of an offer to relocate the library on the ground floor of the new apartment complex at John/Sydenham – were the opposing votes. Council later agreed to set up a Design Advisory Committee and pursue architectural options for this expansion and for a possible ‘cultural centre’. (It was noted that the present library has approx. 3100 square feet and the County has indicated a need for approx. 10,000 sq ft.) (It was also noted that the LRC reccommended going west or north of the building as the best options).”





-Chambers, George Albert, of Aylmer, passed away on Tuesday, in his 78th year. Husband of the late Maxine (Senesael) Chambers (1986). Survivors include: children Denise White and Mike Chambers (Nancy Liberty), both of Aylmer; sisters Dorothy Underhill (Wayne) and Elva Hanson, both of Aylmer etc. George lived in Aylmer and district all his life. Visitation at Kebbels Funeral Home, Aylmer on Thursday 7-9 pm and Friday 2-4 and 7-9 pm where the funeral service will be held Saturday, at 11:00 am.





(McGregor Public School is having a 4 room addition added to the school behind the gymnasium in order to host the Full Day Kindergarten Program which will begin in September. Principal Richard Auckland outlines that construction will begin soon:) 

“Fencing has been up and construction will begin later this month (timing is weather dependent).  The major change is that parents and students must now access the school yard from the North/Parking Lot side of the building only.  Construction traffic will be limited to the Harvey Street access and fenced-in area. The students will have some great opportunities to see the school construction and it will provide great recess entertainment. It won’t take long for the public to be “trained” on how to access our school yard. Visitors to the building are still required to report to the office first. The builder is Norlon Construction and completion date is weather dependent but is later this spring.”





A recent  photo of the apartment complex at John/Sydenham as it nears its completion date of March 1st. (kb) (CLICK)





(Contributed) – “Once again, Aylmer Community Theatre alumni are presenting a Ron Sawyer Murder Mystery/Dinner entitled  ”The Queen’s Upper Plate”. It will be held at the Aylmer Legion on Saturday, Jan. 26 with a social at 6 pm and dinner at 7pm. Advance tickets are available at the Legion for $25 per person. Join us for a trip to the race track.  Please feel free to dress for the occasion.”




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MONDAY, Jan. 7/12





-Tue. -Bayham Council Special Budget Meeting, 7pm

-Thu. -Blood Donor Clinic at EEC Complex; 2:30-7:30 pm





-Butcher, Virgie (Mabee), formerly of Port Burwell, passed away on Saturday, at the age of 89 years. Predeceased by her husband Rex (1991). Virgie was a long time farmer in the Port Burwell area. Visitation at Ostrander’s Funeral Home, Tillsonburg on Wednesday, from 6-9 p.m., where the Funeral Service will be held on Thursday, at 2:00 p.m.





AYLMER – The Spitfires were defeated twice on the weekend – 4-2 by Paris at home Friday and 6-1 in Simcoe yesterday in Niagara Western Junior C hockey play. Aylmer’s record is now 10-20-4. Friday, Adam Brisson and Kyle DeDecker connected for the Spitfires who led 2-1 after two periods. Sunday, Brisson scored the only marker for the Spits as Simcoe jumped ahead 4-0 after the opening frame. This week, they host Norwich on Saturday.



Period 1
AylmerAdam Brisson (power play) (Matthew Reese, Mitch Roloson) 17:00
Period 2
AylmerKyle Dedecker (Jeff Bullas, Matthew Reese) 7:10
ParisKamden Hughes (power play) (Ian Fowler) 10:41
Period 3
ParisMitch Atkins (Jeff Howlett, Matthew Small) 4:09
ParisJay Doherty (Mitch Atkins) 12:04
ParisBrandan Verasamy (power play) (Kamden Hughes) 13:27





The GEMS at the Aylmer Christian Reformed Church had their pre-Christmas downtown caroling plans disrupted by rain. Here is an outline of their club as provided by Leader Theressa De Jong: “GEMS means Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior. We meet every other week. Our Caroling night was a little disappointing this year since we did get rained out. We wanted people to know we were out so that they could listen to us this year so we advertised but because of the rain we had to cancel the hay ride. During previous years we have walked to our Senior Friends’ homes and sang for them, we have also gone to sing at some of the area Retirement and Nursing homes and last year we got a bit adventurous and went on a wagon ride around Aylmer singing as we went. We have 60 GEMS and 10 Leaders.  The GEMS are mainly from the community and the Aylmer Christian Reformed Church.  Our girls begin in grade 3 (8 years old) and we go to grade 8 (13 year olds).  We are fully run by volunteers.  We start in September and continue until the beginning of May.”





-New Years’ Eve was relatively quiet in Aylmer; one man was arrested for being intoxicated in a public place and there were a few noise complaints.

-Police set up a RIDE check on New Year’s morning on Talbot St. east. There were 75 vehicles checked. The only issue involved a 33-year old St.Thomas male who was issued a warning for impairment and had his licence suspended 3 days.

-Early Sunday, around 12:30 am, an 18 year old Aylmer man was charged with failing to stop at an intersection after Police spotted him driving erratically in a pickup truck in town.





Belmont’s Brian Willsie, 34, signed on with TPS of Turku in a league in Finland this year. It is his second stint in Europe. He has been named Captain of TPS and currently leads the team in scoring with 19 goals in 34 games. Last year he played for the AHL  Hamilton Bulldogs,  leading the team in scoring with 44 points.  He has spent the last 4 seasons primarily in the American Hockey League. His last NHL experience was one game with Washington Capitals two years ago.





– December 18, 2012, Station #2, Talbot Line, Medical Assist

– December 22, 2012, Station #1, Nova Scotia Line, Medical Assist

– December 25, 2012, Station #1, John Wise Line, Medical Assist

– December 26, 2012, Station #2,  Rogers Road, Powers Lines Down

– December 26, 2012, Station #1,  John Wise Line, Medical Assist

– December 27, 2012, Station #1, Nova Scotia Line, Medical Assist

– December 31, 2012, Station #1, Rush Creek Line, Medical Assist

– January 1, 2013, Station #3, Whittaker Road, Medical Assist

– January 2, 2013, Station #2, Talbot Line, Medical Assist

– January 2, 2013, Station #2,  Nova Scotia Line, Medical Assist

– January 6, 2013, Station #4,  Imperial Road, Medical Assist





EESS grad Tessa Kreiger has started 8 of 9 games as a second year centre with the University of Windsor Women’s Basketball team, currently ranked first in Canada and with a 9-0 league record. They will play at UWO on Jan. 30 at 6 pm.



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