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WEDNESDAY, March 25/15





-Sat. -Club 7 Paper Drive, 8:30 am

-Sat -Immanuel School 60th Avsy. (see Mar. 11 story)

-Sat. -Earth Hour, 8:30 pm





(From Environment Canada; For East Elgin; 10 am) – “Precipitation is spreading into Southern Ontario this morning. It is forecast to begin as freezing rain for about an hour or two in most locales, then change to rain as temperatures rise above zero. This is not expected to be a significant event, but may be enough to glaze untreated roads with a thin coating of ice.”





-Smith, Ronald of Aylmer passed away Tuesday in his 78th year. Survivors: wife Bonnie (Nesbitt) Smith; three children including Rob Smith(Lisa) of the Aylmer area etc.. Ron was born in Malahide, was a member of the Springfield Lions Club and worked at Ford Talbottville for 33 years. Visitation at the Kebbel Funeral Home on Thursday 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. where the funeral service will be held on Friday at 11 am.


-Lamers, Henry Theadorus Jr. of Brantford passed away Thursday; (1963-2015). Predeceased by his parents Henry and Betty Lamers. Survivors: sister Cheryle (Paul) McQuiggan of Straffordville etc.. An open house will be held at the Brantwood Community Services in Brantford on Saturday at 1 pm. Arrangements entrusted to Hill and Robinson Funeral Home and Cremation Centre.





(Contributed) – “Applications for this year’s Betty Want scholarship are now available online, through Elgin-St. Thomas United Way’s website www.stthomasunitedway.ca or by calling the office at 519-631-3171. There is one $1,000 scholarship available for an Elgin County high school student graduating this year. Application deadline is April 20. Interested students will need to complete the application form and an essay up to 500 words in length detailing their community leadership involvement and the impact it’s had on the local community. They will also need a letter of support or confirmation from a community group or organization that strives for exceptional community involvement.”






The Aylmer Malahide Liason Committee will meet Thursday to review the study of EECC operations by LeisurePlan Inc.. In September Aylmer and Malahide Councils retained the services of LeisurePlan International Inc. to prepare an operational review of the EECC. Its purpose was to evaluate the administration and operations of the EECC in order to establish or develop a more efficient and effective organization. Among suggestions in the study: allow Malahide a more meaningful role in the governance of the EECC; close both ice pads for June, July and August; eliminate the current advertised position of Physical Services Manager; terminate the use of the banquet area (including kitchen) so it can be leased out and be more revenue producing ie as a fitness or seniors centre, library etc..





(Contributed) – The Elgin Federation of Agriculture’s Awards Open House is this Saturday from 2-5 pm at the CASO Station, St. Thomas. Ken Monteith will be inducted into the Elgin Agricultural Hall of Fame and Briwood Farm Market will receive the 2014 Ag-Business Award. Call 519-633-0114 for tickets.





Aylmer Council at their meeting a week ago Monday was asked by staff to review the position of fence viewers for the town. Council recently advertised for the two vacancies for Fence Viewers but no submissions were received even after a second round of advertising. There are supposed to be three on the committee – Larry Jeffery is the only one presently, being appointed in 2007.  Their task is to administer the Line Fences Act. The position is not too demanding as during the past 26 years, according to staff,  there have no calls for arbrtrating a decision. In the absence of appointees, apparently a bylaw can be created which includes a procedure to follow if there is disagreement with the type of fence. Council decided to direct staff to prepare a Fence By-law for consideration.




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TUESDAY, March 34/15





Sr Day Out at EEC Complex; 9:30-1 pm;


-Sat. -Club 7 Paper Drive, 8:30 am

-Sat -Immanuel School 60th Avsy. (see Mar. 11 story)







After deciding just two months ago to begin work on a Request For Proposal in order to pursue private management of the EEC Complex, a joint council session yesterday decided to abandon the process – for now. (Both councils rejected pursuing a business plan in favour of the private firm proposal at that January 15 meeting)

This was a highlight of the Malahide and Aylmer Councils session yesterday at the EECC as they met for the second time this year to explore cost saving measures. However after a brief opening session just involving Aylmer Council, the public was excluded as the councils had to discuss what was believed to be a legal matter in private. After a hour’s delay the joint session then began.

Aylmer Mayor Greg Currie first proposed that the councils discuss hiring a facilitator to examine a new governance model. Mayor Currie said: “We need to stop the micromanaging of this diamond. We need a new governance model. This is a cornerstone and if we don’t do this we are destined to repeat our mistakes. A facilitator will help us create a new governance model. (He later added he believed the facilitator would probably cost around $5000, could perhaps involve someone from the Ivey School of Business in London, and a report could be done in less than three months.) Our governance of this needs to be more open ended. We need to stop operating on a blank cheque.” Malahide Mayor Dave Mennill cautioned that the whole model “doesn’t need to be tossed out as there are some things that work.” Consensus then was that this proposal was to be taken back to each council for a decision.

Next Councils’ legal advisor David Woodward of Lerners urged caution in Council’s interest in designing an RFP for a private management firm to manage the Complex citing concerns over staffing issues in the changeover and possible effects of losing control of programs and services with a private manager. Mayor Mennill then suggested shelving the plan for the RFP proposal – even though both Councils had declared their strong support for such a direction just months earlier. After some discussion each council voted separately to take no further action on the RFPs – for now.

Concerning extending hall rentals, Mennill reminded the councils that the study done by Leisure Plan last year stressed that hall rentals were not a moneymaker and an anchor tenant might be a better solution. The current proposal was to extend rentals until after next fall’s EESS Commencement in October. Aylmer Co. Ted McDonald declared that the hall should still be bringing in revenue and asking what savings a ban would get. Each council then voted to end hall rentals after October 12 with an eye to planning for an anchor tenant down the road.

Concerning summer ice, Aylmer Council passed a motion agreeing with a previous Malahide motion that there be no summer ice rentals in June and July this year.

Each Council then supported a motion by Co. McDonald that staff investigate the feasibility of installing solar panels on the Complex roof and installing ground mount panels on the flats behind the EECC and report back.





-Fehr, George D. of Aylmer passed away on Saturday in his 97th year. Husband of the late Anna Fehr(2007). Survivors: nine children etc.. George was born in Manitoba. The funeral service will be held at the EMMC church at Summers Corners today at 1 pm. 


-Meseure- Procopio, Oda Paulette passed away March 19 in Ohio in her 64th year. Predeceased by her husband Jean-Marie Gerrard Meseure. Survivors: husband James David Procopio Sr.; three children including Roger Meseure (Becky Saxton) of Aylmer etc..She was born in Belgium and was a longtime employee of McConnells Nursery. Visitation is Tuesday 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. at  the Kebbel Funeral Home where the funeral will be held Wednesday at 1 pm.





(Information from Barb Warnock of the Aylmer Community Theatre) – The play, Mrs. Parliament’s Night Out, performed by the Aylmer Community Theatre was entered in the Western Ontario Drama League Festival in Owen Sound last week. Other productions included Of Mice And Men by Theatre Kent, Love, Loss, and What I Wore by Paris Performers’ Theatre, The Clean House by Sarnia Community  Theatre, and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by London Community Players. Five A.C.T. actors received nominations for awards –   Jennifer Leack for Best Actress in a Supporting Role, Evan Thompson for Best Actor  in a Supporting Role, Barbara Warnock as Best Actress in a Major Role, and Mark Smith for Best Actor in a Major Role.

The only success however was Paul Blower who received the award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his part as Carl Lewicki.  John Bardwell also received the award for Technical Achievement for ĺight and sound. Work has already begun on  ACT’s next production, Norm Foster’s The Great Kooshog Lake Hollis McCauley Fishing Derby which previews on April 30.





A continued list from yesterday’s report on East Elgin volunteers who were honoured Friday at the Ontario Volunteer Awards ceremony at the EEC Complex:

Carol McNiece Aylmer Aylmer Area Community Band, Joanne Orton Aylmer Aylmer Area Community Choir, Joanne Orton Aylmer Aylmer Area Community Band, Jodie Parker Aylmer Chartwell Aylmer, Christine Pendreigh Aylmer Aylmer and East Elgin Agricultural Society, Ryan Pepper Belmont Rotary Club – St. Thomas, Carol Player Aylmer Aylmer-Malahide Museum and Archives, Darcy Pressey Aylmer Scouts Canada, Jake Quiring Aylmer Aylmer and East Elgin Agricultural Society, Marjorie Rimnyak Aylmer Aylmer East Elgin Community Complex -Town of Aylmer, Bonnie Rochus Aylmer Aylmer Area Community Band, Maddie Say Port Burwell Pt. Burwell Provincial Park, Herm Schaap Aylmer Aylmer Area Community Foundation, Kolton Smith Pt. Burwell Port Burwell Provincial Park,  Kyle Smith Pt. Burwell Port Burwell Provincial Park, Tilly Stafford Aylmer Aylmer Area Community Foundation, Teri Widner Aylmer Aylmer Area CommunityFoundation, Judi Wright Aylmer Aylmer Area Community Foundation.




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MONDAY, Mar. 23/15





-Aylmer, Malahide Co. EEC Complex Meeting, 4:30 pm; Blue Line Room

-Bayham Facilities Plan Meeting; 7pm, Vienna Community Centre


-Tue -Sr Day Out at EEC Complex; 9:30-1 pm;

-Sat. -Cub 7 Paper Drive

-Sat -Immanuel School 60th Avsy. (see Mar. 11 story)





-Pfingstgraef, Martin of St. Thomas passed away on Wednesday  in his 86th year.  Survivors: wife Maria Pfingstgraef (nee Krautner); brother Michael  (Patricia) Pfingstgraef of Aylmer, etc.. He was a member of the  German Canadian Club of Aylmer. The funeral will take place at the Jackson Funeral Home St.Thomas today at 1pm. 


-Wagner, Lynn (May) of RR#2 Aylmer passed away Wednesday in her 52nd year. Survivors: partner Alan Pitter; two children etc.. She was a member of the APHA and OPHC and showed horses all over Ontario. Visitation at Ostrander’s Funeral Home on Tuesday from 1 pm until the time of the Service there at 2 pm. 


Ward, Kenneth Howey of Ingersoll and formerly of Aylmer passed away Friday in his 78th year. Survivors: wife Arlene (Vanderlei) Ward; ten children etc.. He was born in Bayham. The funeral service will be held at the Kebbel Funeral Home Tuesday at 1 pm. with visition two hours prior. 





A number of residents of Malahide and South Dorchester were without power for almost five hours Saturday morning beginning at 5:30 am – the cause was unknown.





(Contributed) – The next Senior’s Day Out is Tuesday, March 24 from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and it includes lunch. Participants will be treated to a morning of recreational activities (their choice of adult skate, shuffleboard, or a fitness class led by Fitness to the Max instructor Stefanie Thompson), coffee and tea, a guest speaker, and lunch provided by Aylmer Submarine. This month’s guest speaker is Tricia Van Gorp. Tricia will be speaking about home décor and sharing tips on how to spice up your home this spring. Registration in advance is required. 





(Information from Chief Andre Reymer) – A 26 year old Aylmer man was charged with making an unsafe lane change after allegedly striking another car July 12 at 4pm after his vehicle, while southbound at the main intersection, tried to change from the left turn lane to the through lane and struck the vehicle; there was minor damage to both vehicles.





(Information from Straffordville Public School Principal Richard Auckland) – “We try to provide a monthly message to Low German speaking people in our area through Radio DeBrig 105.9 FM (in Aylmer).  The message includes upcoming events and items of concern in all schools in our area (registration, open houses, etc.), but we focus on Straffordville School events. These messages have been done since September. We turn the office into a sound studio once a month and meet as a group – staff and students to write, translate and record our message.  It is finalized and then we send it off to Radio Debrig. The school applied for and received a grant in 2014 to help us with our communication with our local families





The following East Elgin residents received Ontario Volunteer Awards during the annual ceremony held Friday at the EEC Complex:

Nicole Baker Aylmer Scouts Canada, Patricia Baker Aylmer Scouts Canada, Linda Baldwin Aylmer Aylmer Community Foundation, Alessandra Bassacco Port Burwell Port Burwell Provincial Park. Brenda Boughner Aylmer Aylmer and East Elgin Agricultural Society, Carol Copeland Aylmer Aylmer Area Community Choir, Jennifer Corless Aylmer Scouts Canada, Evangeline Cattrysse Aylmer Make-A-Wish SouthwesternOntario,  Jessie Charlton Aylmer Aylmer Malahide Museum and Archives, Andy Dieleman Aylmer Fresh Start Maternity Supports, Thea Dygos Aylmer  Aylmer-Malahide Museum and Archives, Dave Dykeman Aylmer Aylmer Area Community Foundation, Randy Fehr Aylmer The Salvation Army Community Alternatives for Youth, Susan Friesen Aylmer  Aylmer-Malahide Museum and Archives, Carole Grass Aylmer Chartwell Aylmer , Cindy Graves Aylmer Aylmer Area Community Band, Larry Jeffery Aylmer Aylmer Area Community Foundation, Jim Jenkins Belmont East Elgin Community Complex -Town of Aylmer, Donna Lunn Belmont St. Thomas – Elgin Second Stage Housing, Evelyn Luscher Tillsonburg Aylmer Area Community Choir, Ted McDonald Aylmer Fresh Start Maternity Supports, Carol  McLay Aylmer Aylmer-Malahide Museum and Archives. (to be continued)




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THURSDAY, Mar. 19/15



*THEAYLMERNEWS will not publish Friday




-Eastlink Free Public Skating, EEC Complex: 11:30 to 1:30 pm

-Aylmer Library: Craig Science Guy 3pm; (Fri, Sat. – Cyber Camps)

-EEC Complex: Day Camp (see Mar. 10 story)

-Bayham, Malahide Councils 7pm


-Fri -Ont. Volunteer Awards at EEC Complex, 7:30 pm

-Sat. -APAC Presents: The Once with Sarah Macdougall: SOLD OUT


-Mon -Aylmer, Malahide Joint Council Session on EEC Complex 4:30 pm; Blue Line Room at EECC








ORWELL – (From Elgin OPP) – The Elgin OPP responded to a collision involving a cyclist and a transport truck on Monday around 11:30 am in Orwell. A transport truck operated by a 53 year old Bayham man and a cyclist, a 67 year old Central Elgin male, were both travelling west on Talbot Line. The cyclist was travelling between the fog line and shoulder of the roadway when the cyclist’s handle bars were struck by the truck. The cyclist was thrown from the bicycle onto the shoulder of the road and suffered minor injuries. He was transported by land ambulance to hospital and later released. The driver of the truck was not injured in the collision. The investigation is continuing.





-Crocker, William Edward “Bill” of Dorchester passed away on Tuesday in his 79th year. Survivors: wife Patricia Pauline (McGuire) Crocker; four children including Wayne Crocker of St. Thomas, Kim Bradley (Dave) of Lyons etc.. Visitation at Williams Funeral Home, St. Thomas on Friday from 7-9 p.m. The  service will be held there Saturday at 1 p.m.


-Boxer, Edith (Edie) (Greswell) of Ailsa Craig and formerly of Aylmer passed away on March 12 in her 90th year. Wife of the late Robert (Pete) Boxer (2009). Survivors: three children etc.. A memorial service will be held at the Haskett Funeral Home Lucan on April 22 at 11:30 am.


-Goethals, Arthur passed away on March 12 at the age of 74 years. Survivors: wife Rose (Godby); three children including Rosilee (Daniel) Peto and Adele (Jerry) Donck, both  of Straffordville etc.. Arthur was a teacher, Vice Principal and Principal with the Elgin County Board of Education for 34 years and he served on the Village of Vienna Council for 25 years. The service was held Monday; arrangements through Ostranders Funeral Home Tillsonburg.





(From Ontario Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals press release:) – On February 26 an Elgin County man and woman pled guilty to two counts of animal cruelty under the Ontario SPCA act. The charges included: causing distress to an animal and failure to provide adequate and appropriate medical attention. On October 3, 2014, Ontario SPCA Officers were notified that the couple currently had two Pug-type dogs in their care that were in need of veterinary attention.


Officers learned that the dogs were taken to a farming area where they were released and left to fend for themselves. The owners stated they were unable to afford medical attention for the dogs. After a search was conducted, one Pug was found deceased on the side of the road. On October 6, the second dog was picked up by the Ontario SPCA from a local veterinary clinic following its capture by a concerned citizen. The couple received two years probation and ten years prohibition from living with, caring for or owning any animal. They also received a $1,000 fine each and were ordered to pay $507.60 jointly in restitution to the Ontario SPCA.




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TUESDAY, March 17/15








-Eastlink Free Public Skating, EEC Complex:11:30 to 1:30 pm; (Wed. 9 to 11 am, Thu. 11:30 to 1:30 pm)

-Aylmer Library: Drop In St.Patricks Day Craft Programs (Thu – Craig Science Guy; Fri, Sat. – Cyber Camps)

-EEC Complex: Day Camp (see Mar. 10 story)

-Bayham Budget Meeting, 6:30 pm


-Thu – Bayham, Malahide Councils 7pm

-Fri -Ont. Volunteer Awards at EEC Complex, 7pm






(From Elgin OPP) – The Elgin OPP were dispatched to a farming related accident around 3:30 pm on Monday at a farm on Imperial Road in Malahide, north of Lyons. Patrick Unger, 56, owner/operator of the farm, was pronounced dead at the scene after falling into a grain silo attempting to loosen corn from the auger while extracting it from the silo.





-Unger,  Patrick J. of R.R. # 1 Belmont passed away on Monday in his 57th year. Survivors: wife Rica (Walcarius) Unger; children Erica (Kris Grieve), Erin, Patrick and Emily etc.. Pat was a farmer and Sales Representative for Pioneer Hi-Bred Limited and was Chairman of Oxford Mutual Insurance Company. Visitation at the Kebbel Funeral Home on Wednesday 7-9 and Thursday 2-4 and 7-9 pm. The funeral mass will be held at Our Lady of Sorrows R.C. Church on Friday at 11 am.





VIENNA – Over 250 persons attended the Bayham Ojibwa Information Session last night at the Vienna Community Centre. The meeting lasted less than forty five minutes – an introduction by Bayham Mayor Paul Enns and then an outline of the Ojibwa financial crisis by Bayham CEO Paul Shipway. No questions were entertained – attendees were directed to submit inquiries to a special email address (see Friday story) or to the municipal office.



-In December, Bayham attempted to have an audit done on the Elgin Military Museum books but the EMM did not provide documentation so the audit effort was cancelled

-In October Bayham was notified it was being sued by two companies involved in the move of the sub to Pt. Burwell as they are owed over $1 million. Bayham belives it should not be party to the legal action as it has no ownership of Ojibwa; a judgement is expected by June

-Bayham is still negotiating for assistance from the federal and provincial governments, there is a precedent for federal ownership with the HMCS Haida in Hamilton



1. Where did all the money go? – “Its all been spent, probably half on just the moving and placing of the sub”

2.Comment on the separate lawsuit? – “It’s in the courts but there is no direct contractual relationship between the sub ownership and ourselves”

3.What could Bayham recover?- “Again its up to the courts, but I doubt it will be dollar for dollar, they will probably have to get rid of their artifacts to pay off creditors”

I-VIEW: MP JOE PRESTON (who was in attendance last night)

“We’ve had lots of meetings all along with all parties and yet we’ve still come to this. But we have to move forward and solve this. I think its still a workable project and any bank should want to keep it going. We’re going to work towards a real solution.”


“I was an opponent of the guarantor arrangement in 2012, I didn’t believe in the business plan and I envisioned this might happen. I didn’t believe it would attract visitors, I thought there’s no way we could do this, other submarine attractions also had their admissions go way down after the first year. I’m disappointed for the ratepayers because it’s going to impact greatly what we can and can’t do with our upcoming budgets.”







“There are a number of reasons for the situation to have developed as it has – the original cost estimates received by the Museum for the Project were vastly exceeded when the final invoices arrived; other work was found to be required that none of our experts had anticipated, generating more cost…..Delays, again beyond the Museum’s control, in the movement and preparation of the vessel pushed back the commencement of operations, which reduced the revenue generated in our opening seasons. Other circumstances, such as the record cold and snow of the last two winters, further limited our ability to operate the site and generate year round revenue, and some revenue, such as promised federal funding, did not materialize.”





“Seems to me Joe Preston was quoted as saying “I’ll do everything I can to make it a success. Right.”  (Gary Rabbets)





(Contributed) – The Catfish Creek C.A. has issued a “Flood Watch” for the Catfish Creek watershed area and Port Bruce. Environment Canada’s weather forecast coupled with deteriorating ice conditions on the Catfish Creek and its tributaries indicate that potentially hazardous circumstances exist; primary concerns are increasing water levels, intensifying water flows and possible obstructions to river ice transport. This watch will remain in effect until further notice.”





– March 9, 2015, Station #2, Imperial Road, Medical Assist

– March 10, 2015, Station #1, Calton Line, Medical Assist

– March 14, 2015, Station #1,  Jamestown Line, Medical Assist

– March 14, 2015, Station #1,  John Wise Line, Medical Assist

– March 15, 2015, Station #1,  Sparta Line, Medical Assist




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(*THEAYLMERNEWS will not publish Monday)







(Information from Bayham Media Release)- On Tuesday the Royal Bank informed Bayham that it is calling upon the Municipality to pay six million dollars which is the amount of the loan guarantee which the Municipality provided to the Bank in connection with Project Ojibwa.

The RBC advises that it has advanced the full amount of the loan to the Elgin Military Museum and it is in default of its repayment obligations. RBC has elected to call the loan as a consequence of the default and the Municipality is responsible for payment pursuant to the terms of the Guarantorship Agreement. The Museum actually has until next Friday to pay the funds. However should it not make the payment Bayham’s letter of credit will be called on by the RBC.

Bayham Council will conduct a Public Information Session on Monday at 7 pm at the Vienna Community Centre to provide a recap of events and explain the process moving forward. The Public Information Session will not feature a question and answer period. For additional information please refer to the Municipal Website.

Bayham councillors have already approved a plan where the municipality will finance the $6-million from the Toronto-Dominion Bank with a 10-year term loan at an interest rate of 2.71-percent.That will require loan payments of $27,550.95 per month.

According to the plan, the $275,559.50 in payments required for the rest of 2015 will be paid for from reserves and will not affect the tax levy. In 2016, if Bayham has not recovered any money from the Elgin Military Museum or obtained funding from senior levels of government, $330,671.40 will be required to come from local taxpayers representing a 10.3-percent levy increase.


Commented Bayham Mayor Paul Enns: “It is unfortunate that the Elgin Military Museum has been unable to meet their financial obligation and has put our Municipality in a difficult situation.” He responded to the following questions:

1.HOW LONG HAS BAYHAM KNOWN ABOUT A POTENTIAL FINANCIAL PROBLEM? – “About a year ago we had some concerns when the Elgin Military Museum was not paying us back money they owed us. Bayham was paying certain monies as a guarantor and the EMM was repaying us but then they stopped doing that. They now owe us about $100,000 from the past year. We tried to contact them about this but they were not responding or they kept telling us that admissions were down and they would make payments when they could. I was disappointed in their response, it was a bad situation, I thought they could have been more forthcoming, they could have handled it better.”

2.THE INFORMATION NIGHT STATES THERE WILL BE NO QUESTIONS. COMMENT? – “We are doing this as an information night, especially as a service to those who may not have access to our web site. We will have some prepared questions we will answer. We want to take the time to provide information to the majority. We don’t wish to get sidetracked with too many other questions. People can email us with other questions.” (An Email address of : ojibwa@bayham.on.ca has been created for the public to  put forward comments or questions.)

3.THE MUSEUM ACTUALLY HAS UNTIL MARCH 20 TO REPAY; WHY ACT NOW? – “We wanted to be proactive, we want to be prepared if the bank asks us to pay next Friday. If we have to pay we will also commence litigation against the Museum. Our plan is to pay with reserves this year and beginning next year we will increase the tax levy by the 10.3%; on an assessment of $250,000 that will be about $105 a year for the next ten years and then council will reassess.”

4.WAS YESTERDAY YOUR WORST DAY ON COUNCIL?  “Yes, the project has not gone as we had projected. Admissions have been down. I have always been a supporter because I thought it was what most people in Bayham wanted. We tried to mitigate risks as best we could as we went along. Hindsight is twenty-twenty. Now we will do the best we can.”


Commented Bayham Deputy Mayor Tom Southwick, a strong supporter of the Ojibwa project: “In March 2012 Council considered all available information regarding Project Ojibwa from every existing source and made the decision to move forward. The prudent thing to do now, (and Bayham Council will), is ensure that every possible avenue to remedy this situation is explored. This was not an unknown risk and Council is prepared to meet this challenge on behalf of Bayham residents.”





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THURSDAY, Mar. 12/15





-Blood Donor Clinic, EEC Complex; 2:30-7:30 pm

Bayham Budget Meeting, 6:30 pm

Aylmer Budget Meeting, 4:30 pm





(Malahide Council has finished their main budget deliberations with a recommendation for next week’s council meeting to approve a 6.46% tax increase in the next year. Mayor Dave Mennill provides this assessment.) – “The break down of the 6.46 % increase in Malahide’s budget is as follows: 3.5% is due to the reduction in the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund of $202,300.00, the increased policing cost is 1.75% which is $100,000.00, 1% is because we needed to return $60,000.00 back in to our budget in the event that we don’t see the savings at the Complex that we anticipated. Those are the main factors of which we have little control resulting in (this) overall tax increase.”





Among agenda items for this Monday’s meeting of Aylmer Council:  Tom Gervais, Police Services Advisor, Operations Unit, Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, will present and discuss the range of policing options available to the Town.





(Immanuel Christian School is celebrating its 60th anniversary on March 28. This information is taken from the 50th Anniversary book published in 2004) – Dutch Reformed immigrants to the Aylmer area began arriving in the late 1940s. A group interested in setting up a school purchased land beside the church and built a two room school by themselves in the summer of  1954.  The Aylmer Christian School was opened in September. Laurens Lutgendorff and Herman De jong were the first two teachers. The school board didn’t know how many children would show on the first day but 36 came and there were 60 students within a month. Both teachers had to pick up students in their own cars to bring them to school. Two buses were added the following year, they were actually converted vans. A third room was added to the school in 1959 when some 90 students attended and they had up to Grade Ten.




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WEDNESDAY, Mar. 11/15





-Thu. -Blood Donor Clinic, EEC Complex; 2:30-7:30 pm





-Sinden, Marion Jean (nee Hall) of Simcoe passed away on Tuesday in her 88th year. Wife of the late Ronald Sinden (1984). Predeceased by her siblings June Moore, Ann Flagel, Robert, William & Bud Hall. Marion was born in Aylmer. Visitation at the Smith Funeral Home Simcoe on Monday, April 6th from 1 – 4 pm. with a memorial service there on the Tuesday morning at 11 am.


-Hayman, Ruby May of St. Thomas passed away on Tuesday in her 88th year. Predecesed by her husband Glenn (1987). Survivors: son Gary Hayman  (Laurie) of Aylmer etc.. She was a lifelong resident of the Aylmer area and was a former clerk at the Dominion Grocery Store. Visitation at the Kebbel Funeral Home on Thursday 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. where the funeral service will be held on Friday at 11 am.





AYLMER – The operations of the WeedMD Rx Inc. medical marijuana plant, housed in a building of the former Imperial Tobacco warehouse off Elm Street north, are still on hold a year after they announced they would be setting up in Aylmer. According to Chief Marketing Officer Alison Gordon yesterday, the company is still waiting for a licence from Health Canada who have more inspections to do in the next 3 to 6 months.


There have been 3 employees working on infrastructure there in the past year – constructing offices, tables for plants, irrigation systems, lamp systems etc. They have a 25,000 square foot area. The company is based in Toronto – Aymer will be their first plant of this nature.





(Contributed) – The following is a schedule of programs at the Aylmer Library during March Break next week:

-Monday, 11 am Puppet Lady -Ventriloquist Yvette Locke and her lovable Puppet Friends. Her interactive show gets the whole audience involved. All Ages welcome. No registration needed, the program will be upstairs in the theatre.

-Tuesday,  Drop In St. Patrick’s Day Crafts –  All Day Crafting Fun

-Thursday, 3 pm – Craig, The Science Guy,  Recycled Inventions featuring Creative Craig. All ages welcome, the program will be upstairs in the theatre.

-Friday, All Day crafting fun. All ages can drop in and take home a spring craft. Plus Cyber Camp 12 – 1 pm

– Saturday, Cyber Camp  12 – 1 pm





(Contributed) – Immanuel Christian School of Aylmer will celebrate its 60th anniversary on Saturday March 28. An ICS Open House will run from 2-4 pm. We will feature classrooms displaying student work, as well as an inflatable maze and games in the gym. The Anniversary Gala is at the East Elgin Community Complex beginning at 5 pm with a catered dinner at 6:30 and professional entertainer Bob Cates at 8:30. Tickets are $80/ticket or $600/table (8 people) and are available from the school office.




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TUESDAY, Mar. 10/15





-Thu. -Blood Donor Clinic, EEC Complex; 2:30-7:30 pm






(By Bill Murch) – At its meeting yesterday, Aylmer Council approved its first Community Improvement Plan (CIP) grant. This was $5,000 for façade improvement by Kappy Holdings Inc. for their property at 30 Talbot Street West (formerly Kelly’s Deli). The estimated cost of the project is over $13,000. The purpose of the CIP is to encourage the rehabilitation of lands and buildings and/or stimulate development in the three designated areas in town – the downtown, the fairgrounds and the former Carnation plant site.





(Contributed) – Next week, the EEC Complex will run a week of Day Camp for children aged 6 to 12. Each day there will be recreational activities ranging from skating to basketball to dodgeball. In addition, there will be arts and crafts hours. Themes of the week include: Monday: Spring into Action, Tuesday: Super Sleuths, Wednesday: Game Show Mania, Thursday: Lil’ Scientists, Friday: Pajama Day. The program runs from 8 am to 5 pm daily, the cost is $20 per participant per day and registration in advance is required.


As well, the EEC Complex will be hosting a Jumpstart event this Sunday with public skating and games from 1-4 pm; admission is by a donation to the Jumpstart program.





Not quite beach weather yet - a lone walker pictured at Pt. Bruce on the weekend (Photo by Don Durkee) (CLICK)

Not quite beach weather yet – a lone walker pictured at Pt. Bruce on the weekend (Photo by Don Durkee) (CLICK)






The Town’s Finance Committee met Monday for the second time to review requests from community groups and town programs. The Aylmer and East Elgin Agricultural Society requested financial assistance for the 2015 Fair and sponsorship for the bleachers they are purchasing. The Aylmer-Malahide Museum and Archives made their annual financial request. MainStreet Aylmer focused their request on expanding beautification initiatives, more money for facade improvement grants and cooperation with partners to promote the downtown.


The Town’s Director of Operation reviewed a number of capital projects such as the new Public Works Facility, the 10-year Capital Mill and Pave Project list and the Vehicle and Equipment Replacement Plan. The Finance Committee’s meeting this Thursday will see them start the ‘line by line’ review of these and all the other requests they have received.





LONDON – The New Sarum Public School boys were the only local winners in the TVDSB elementary boys and girls basketball championships held in London on the weekend. The Davenport boys, Summers Corners girls and New Sarum girls teams were unable to secure a medal. New Sarum boys won the bronze medal in the A title game by defeating Tecumseh 40-19.





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