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TUESDAY, July 22/14



*THEAYLMERNEWS will not publish Wed.,Thu. or Fri. this week.




-Thu. -Southwest Soccer: Aylmer FC hosts MIB, 7pm, at EESS

-Thu. -TriCounty Fastball: Pt. Burwell hosts Innerkip, 8pm

-Fri. -Clovermed Bee Beard Contest, 7 pm

-Sun. -TriCounty Fastball: Straffordville hosts Oxford Ctr., 8pm





(Information from Chris Heimstra of Clovermead:) – “The annual bee beard competition at Clovermead in Aylmer is this Friday at 7 pm.  A new format time is planned as we have a competitor coming in from Israel. The Weather Network was here yesterday filming a live report of two of their people competing against each other with bee beards and they are also doing a piece on how bees are affected by the weather, it should go live on Wednesday.  Also, Discovery Channel is coming on Friday all day to film a segment from the daily planet show.”





-Banman, Mary of St. Thomas and formerly Aylmer passed away Saturday in her 74th year. Wife of the late Bernhard Banman. Survivors: seven children etc.. She was born in Mexico. The funeral service will be held at the Lighthouse Gospel Church, Port Burwell on Wednesday at 2 pm. with visitation one hour prior.





Aylmer Councillor Judi Wright informs that the town will not be a part again this year of the Communities in Bloom competition but will be entered in the event next year.





(From Elgin OPP) – The OPP is investigating a fail to remain collision which occurred around 3 am Sunday near the corner of Imperial Road and Sparta Line in  Malahide. A 2004 Grey Ford pick-up truck was traveling south on Imperial road when it crossed over into the north bound lane and then left the roadway striking a hydro pole in the east ditch. The occupant(s) then fled the scene. The collision caused severe damage to the vehicle as well as damaging a hydro transformer which caused a power outage. Later Sunday the owner of the truck, a 41 year old  Malahide man, reported that it had been stolen sometime overnight from his residence which is several kilometres south of the collision scene.





-Southwest Soccer  -Last week: Aylmer FC (6-3-1) def. Southwold 3-2 and Glencoe 5-1; This week: Thu: host MIB


-TriCounty Fastball – Straffordville (1-16) lost 15-0 to Sweaburg and 8-5 to Woodstock; This week: host Oxford C. Sun.


-TriCounty Fastball – Pt Burwell (6-9) lost 5-3 to Woodstock ; This week: Wed. at Innerkip, Thu. host Innerkip


-St.Thomas Fastball –Last week: Springfield (4-7) def Glencoe 5-4, two gm. with Shedden pp; This week: Tue. -D-head. v. Glencoe; Fri. at Morpeth, Sun. at Glanworth





– July 14, 2014, Station #3 assisted by Station #2, 10716 Hacienda Road, MVC

(*Motorcycle, one person injured, on private property)

– July 14, 2014, Station #3, Whittaker Road, Medical Assist

– July 15, 2014, Station #1, Calton Line, Medical Assist

– July 15, 2014, Station #1,  Dexter Line, Medical Assist

– July 16, 2014, Station #3 . Station #2, Carter Road, Medical Assist

– July 18, 2014, Station #3, Station #2, Imperial Road, Medical Assist

– July 20, 2014, Station #3, 10693 Carter Road, Medical Assist







(Information is from Peter Johnson, Provincial Cereal Specialist for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture:) “2013 is making up for 2012. Dry weather was the story all through 2012, while excess moisture has been the feature of 2013 across East Elgin. Hay supplies have gone from desperately short to available in abundance. Many producers harvested as much hay in the first cutting alone as they did in all of the 2012 season in 4 cuts. The second cut of 2013 was virtually as much as the first cut. While good quality haylage has been possible if you managed perfect timing, dry hay has been nearly impossible to harvest without rain.  So lots of volume, but pretty poor feed quality, with more than the odd field being ruined so badly it was blown back on the field.”





 NEW – “Low German Mennonites of Aylmer” . On sale for $8 at Pinecroft, Campbells, Mennomex etc.

NEW – “Low German Mennonites of Aylmer” . On sale for $8 at Pinecroft, Campbells, Mennomex, Lyons Store etc.




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MONDAY, July 21/14





-Thu. -Southwest Soccer: Aylmer FC hosts MIB, 7pm, at EESS

-Thu. -TriCounty Fastball: Pt. Burwell hosts Innerkip, 8pm

-Sun. -TriCounty Fastball: Straffordville hosts Oxford Ctr., 8pm





-Legg, Betty Irene of the St.Thomas area passed away at Chartwell Home Nursing Home Aylmer on Friday in her 82nd year. Wife of the late Bev Legg (2012). Survivors: two children including Marlene Anne Berry (Ron) of Aylmer etc.. She was born in Aylmer and was an R.N.A.  The visitation was yesterday; the funeral is today at Kebbel’s Funeral Home at 11 am.


-McIntyre, John Robert of Clear Creek passed away on Wednesday in his 67th year. Survivors include: sister Deb (Doug) Waite of Aylmer etc.. The visitation was yesterday; the funeral is at Glendinning Funeral Home Pt. Rowan today at 11 am.


-Wall, Isaak of Aylmer passed away Friday in his 63rd year. Survivors: wife Tina (Reimer) Wall; children Mary Fehr (Isaak), Margaret Sawatzky (Peter), Jake Wall (Nancy), Tina Harder, and Ike Wall (Cathy), all of the Aylmer area etc.. He was born in Mexico. Visitation at Kebbel’s Funeral Home today from 2-4 and 7-9 pm. The funeral  will be held at the Bradley Street Church of God Tuesday at 2 pm.





As of July 17, all Elgin beaches are open, with the bacteriological quality of the water within satisfactory limits. Elgin St Thomas Public Health samples area beaches during July and August for the presence of high levels of bacteria. The following beaches are among those tested: Springwater Conservation Area, Port Bruce, Port Burwell, and Main Beach Port Burwell Provincial Park.





McGregor Public School had new playground equipment installed last week. (kb) (CLICK)

McGregor Public School had new playground equipment installed last week. (kb) (CLICK)





Bayham Township officials inform that effective last Friday the Straffordville Community Centre is closed for necessary ceiling repairs until approximately November 1. Municipal staff is trying to accommodate all facility users at alternative locations within the Municipality ie. Halls at Vienna and Eden. Temporary plans are to acquire a large tent in order to host the Watermelon Fest in Straffordville this summer.





NEW – “Low German Mennonites of Aylmer” . On sale for $8 at Pinecroft, Campbells, Mennomex etc.

NEW – “Low German Mennonites of Aylmer” . On sale for $8 at Pinecroft, Campbells, Mennomex etc.




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NEW – “Low German Mennonites of Aylmer” . On sale for $8 at Pinecroft, Campbells, Mennomex etc.







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THURSDAY, July 17/14



*THEAYLMERNEWS will not publish Fridays this summer.




-Bayham 7, Malahide 7:30 pm Councils

-TriCounty Fastball: Pt. Burwell hosts Woodstock, 8pm


-Fri-Sat. -Springfield School Fundraiser BBQ; TimBrMart, 11-2pm

-Sun. -TriCounty Fastball: Straffordville hosts Sweaburg, 8pm

-Sun. -St.Thomas Fastball: Springfield hosts Shedden, 2 pm






-St.Thomas Fastball: Mon. – Springfield (4-7) 4 Glencoe 3

-Southwest Soccer: Tue, – Aylmer FC (5-3-1) 3 Southwold 2






-Jukes, M. Joy passed away at Terrace Lodge, Aylmer on Wednesday in her 99th year. Wife of the late George Jukes (2002). Survivors: three children including Larry Jukes (Maria) and Nancy Sproul (Ken) of Aylmer etc.. Joy lived most of her life in Aylmer; she and George owned the West End Snack Bar from 1958 -1976. Visitation at Kebbel’s Funeral Home on Friday from 2-4 and 7-9 pm where the funeral service will be held on Saturday at 11 am.


-Neff, Lorna Mae of Springfield passed away Thursday in her 73rd year. Survivors: husband Ronald Neff; two children etc.. Visitation at Kebbel’s Funeral Home on Sunday 2-4 and 7-9 pm. The funeral service will be held at Springfield Baptist Church, Monday at 2 pm.






A 45 year old Aylmer man was charged with making an improper turn after his van, travelling east on Talbot St. and turning left at the main intersection, collided with a westbound car on July 8 at 1 pm.






(Information from Tim Stafford of Hydro One:) – Lightning struck a hydro pole west of Orwell on Sunday night around 8 pm and knocked out power for more than an hour for 2600 customers in north, west and south Malahide and about half of Aylmer.






(Information from Rebecca Korvemaker of Aylmer who is doing a summer music camp for the first time:) –  “Rebecca’s Notes will be hosting a week long music camp for children ages 4-8. The camp will run mornings, 9-12, at the studio in Aylmer from August 11 to  August 15. Children will experience the joy of singing, beat, playing the keyboard, playing the bells, stories, games, crafts, and snacks. No previous musical training is necessary. Cost for the week is $150. Register by July 28 by email to rebeccasnotes92@gmail.com or call; 519-402-4876 (website: rebeccasnotes.ca).


I will be doing the camp with the aid of some local volunteers. Rebecca’s Notes is a home-based music business that teaches piano, flute, and Music for Young Children. The camp curriculum is based on Music for Young Children’s “The Happening” with a bit of a twist, adding musical bells to the mix for keyboard and rhythm instruments. My musical background involves playing piano for the past 17 years and flute for the past 9. I recently took the course for teaching Music for Young Children and am excited to begin teaching group classes in the fall.”





(Contributed) – “All ages are welcome, however the clinics will be limited to intermediate and advanced players. The purpose is for players in the Aylmer and Elgin County area to take advantage of a unique coaching opportunity where they can significantly improve their skills. This will ultimately help their local sports teams i.e. at the high school level or the college or university level. Contact  – John Elliott coach@aylmerbadminton.ca .”




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WEDNESDAY, July 16/14






-Thu. -Bayham 7, Malahide 7:30 pm Councils

-Thu. -TriCounty Fastball: Pt. Burwell hosts Woodstock, 8pm

-Sun. -TriCounty Fastball: Straffordville hosts Sweaburg, 8pm

-Sun. -St.Thomas Fastball: Springfield hosts Shedden, 2 pm





An Aylmer area woman and her father endured a harrowing kayaking experience on the Thames River on Friday. Christine  Cattrysse, 44, who lives with her husband Dan on Rogers Road, and her 71-year-old father, Bryan Baker of Delaware, went geocaching in their kayaks. But after their discovery her dad’s kayak flipped somewhere between Delaware and Komoka and they had to cling to a tree before being rescued. Christine described her experience for TANews:


“I have been geocaching a little more than a year and I have been kayaking about a year. I really enjoy caching and often go with my dad. My 1000th cache found milestone was nearing so I thought I would find a cache that was memorable.  My Dad and I decided that finding a cache on an island would suit the occasion. So we headed down the Thames in our kayaks. The river was nice and calm. We never would have ventured out if we saw a strong current. We found a cache on an island  at 4 pm – in the cache was a log book and some trinkets.


After leaving the island, my dad got caught in the current which pushed him into the branches of a fallen tree. The kayak ended up flipping and the kayak went sailing down the Thames with my dad  hanging on the branches. I went over to help and my kayak flipped. I was able to keep hold of my kayak, paddle and waterproof bag and swim to a nearby fallen tree. My dad had some difficulty pulling himself out of the water but eventually managed. He couldn’t walk along the trunk to the bank because of the 30 ft span and there weren’t any branches to hang on to and the trunk was a good 12 feet up from the water. He was stuck. As I was trying to empty the water out of my kayak my leg got jammed between a floating log and the tree. So I called 911.


Some other kayakers happened to come by and helped. We were waiting 10-15 minutes. The Fire Department launched their pontoon boat. They made several attempts to get to us because the current was quite strong (river narrowed making current stronger). Another canoeist happened by with his son and they helped with the rescue too. They helped me onto the bank and grabbed my kayak. One firefighter had to swim out to where my dad flipped his kayak and climb up the tree. The responders did an amazing job and we were grateful for their help. We lost my dad’s kayak. We got more than I bargained for. This ordeal sure made my 1000th find a memorable occasion just not what I was anticipating.”


Aylmer's Christine Cattrysse'took this photo of her father Bryan as he was about to be rescued by a firefighter after both kayakers capsized and clung to a tree in the Thames River Friday (Contributed) (CLICK)

Aylmer’s Christine Cattrysse took this photo of her father Bryan as he was about to be rescued by a firefighter after both kayakers capsized and clung to a tree in the Thames River Friday.  (Contributed) (CLICK)





(Information from Ben Janzen, Stewardship in Action Advisor at Mennonite Savings Credit Union in Aylmer:) “Each spring students in grades 11 and 12 from communities throughout Ontario are given an opportunity to apply for the $1,500 Peace in Action Essay Award. Students are encouraged to submit a short essay outlining their efforts to foster peace in their community. The winning essay is selected by a panel of judges with representatives from Mennonite Savings Credit Union, Mennonite Central Committee Ontario, Project Ploughshares, and members of Conrad Grebel University College and Canadian Mennonite University. This year’s winner is Amy Wall, a Grade 12 student at EESS.”


(Excerpts on her project are from the essay by Amy Wall:) “My project was ‘Compliments’. About one year ago I created an anonymous twitter account called ‘EESS Compliments’. The purpose of this account was to have students from the school send in compliments about other students. I got the idea of putting some compliments on the announcements for all to hear. Every Friday we have ‘Friendly Fridays’. On this day, about 3 compliments about students and/or staff are chosen from many sent in to me. It really made an impact on the students. I heard people talking about it in the halls and in the classroom, and the responses I get on twitter often are along the lines of “this just made my day!”…..The involvement in this peace activity in my school has … given me more confidence by seeing that what I am doing is making an impact on my peers. It has also changed the way I think about creating peace, by showing me that it is not a difficult task. Most people have the perspective that striving for peace means you have to change everything and everyone, but really all you have to do is give people the chance to speak kindness and positivity without any type of fear.”


Amy added:  “I live in Aylmer. I have just recently graduated grade 12 at East Elgin. At the end of September I am heading over to England for a 6 month bible school course. I am then heading home and planning on attending university/college for Athletic Therapy the following September. I saw a twitter account that had started somewhat of the same idea and thought that it would be a great thing to do for my school.  It was received very well. I was very surprised by how people were fascinated by it and how it took off so fast. I found out about the Peace in Action Essay award from my school’s guidance department. I plan on using the money I won to help out with my post-secondary education.”





-Southwest Soccer  -Last week: Aylmer FC (4-3-1) lost 4-0 to Mt.Brydges; This week:Tue: host MIB = NR?; Next Mon. at Glencoe


-TriCounty Fastball – Straffordville (1-15) lost 8-5 to Woodstock and 10-3 to Innerkip; This week: host Woodstock Thu.


-TriCounty Fastball – Pt Burwell (6-8) lost 7-0 to Sweaburg, def. Burgessvile 10-8; This week: host Sweaburg Sun.


-St.Thomas Fastball –Last week: Springfield (3-7) lost 4-3 to Glanworth; This week: Mon. v. Glencoe = NR; Thu. at Shedden, Sun. host Shedden




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TUESDAY, July 15/14





-Southwest Soccer: Aylmer FC hosts Southwold, 7pm, at EESS

-St.Thomas Fastball: Springfield hosts Glencoe, 8:30 pm


-Thu. -TriCounty Fastball: Pt. Burwell hosts Woodstock, 8pm

-Sun. -TriCounty Fastball: Straffordville hosts Sweaburg, 8pm

-Sun. -St.Thomas Fastball: Springfield hosts Shedden, 2 pm





-A 40 year old Frisbee golf player from Aylmer was charged with drinking in a public place in Steen Park on July 5 at 7:30 pm after being reported to Police by witnesses in the vicinity.

-A 47 year old Malahide woman was charged with following too close after her pickup truck hit the rear of another vehicle which in turn struck a third vehicle, which was slowing down for a left turn at Linwood Drive and Talbot St. west, on July 3 around 10:30 am.

-An 18 year old Aylmer man was also charged with following too close after his pickup truck hit a car which was slowing for a red light at John and Beech St. on July 4 around 4 pm.

-A four foot by eight foot sign that said ‘Aylmer Motel’ was stolen from a residence on St. George St. on July 4. (It was discovered in a garbage container nearby late last week and returned).





-Friesen, Isaac of Aylmer passed away on Saturday in his 64th year. Survivors: wife Mary Peters; daughter Melanie Friesen (fiance Tony Taylor); eleven siblings etc.. He was born in Mexico and was retired from the Ontario Police College staff. Visitation at Kebbel’s Funeral Home on Tuesday 7-9 pm where the funeral service will be held on Wednesday at 11 am.


-Caers, Jay Benjamin Joseph of Toronto passed away at the age of 44. Survivors: parents Michael and Donna (Honsinger) Caers; sister Michelle etc. He was a graduate of EESS. A public memorial service will be held at Williams Funeral Home St. Thomas on Thursday at 1 pm with visitation one hour before.






The Aylmer Church of God held a concert Friday night at the Palmer Bandshell Park (Photo by Don Durkee) (CLICK)





– July 7, 2014, Station #4, 52009 Yorke Line, Tree Fire

– July 8, 2014, Station #1, Imperial Road, Medical Assist

– July 9, 2014, Station #4, Avon Drive, MVC

– July 11, 2014, Station #1,  Dexter Line, Medical Assist

– July 12, 2014, Station #4,  Mapleton Line, Medical Assist

– July 12, 2014, Station #2, Springfield Road, Medical Assist





(Contributed) – Elgin County Economic Development and Tourism want you to experience all that Elgin County has to offer this summer by entering a contest to win one of three prize packages valued at approximately $400 each. The contest will run from June 25 – September 1. Entrants must submit their contest entries online by visiting www.experienceelgin.ca and completing the entry form. At the end of the contest period, contest entries will be eligible to be entered into a random draw. For more information about the Experience Elgin County This Summer contest and full contest rules visit www.experienceelgin.ca or call (519) 631-1460 ext. 168.







“The Acting Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Franklin Warsh, has issued a HEAT ALERT for Elgin County. Based on the predicted forecast by Environment Canada, temperatures are expected to climb into the thirties resulting in humidex readings in the low forties. These values are expected to continue for the next several days.”




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MONDAY, July 14/14



*THEAYLMERNEWS will not publish today



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THURSDAY, July 10/14



*THEAYLMERNEWS will not publish Fridays this summer.



-Blood Donor Clinic, EEC Complex, 2:30-7:30 pm





Greg Currie last week became the third contestant for the position of Mayor of Aylmer for this fall’s municipal election. Incumbent Jack Couckuyt and businessman Calvin Brydges are also nominated. Greg has lived here since 1979 along with his wife Avril and two children. He worked for 15 years at the Ontario Police College and then for a private company since 1993 and still is their chairman of the Board. He has done tutoring with the YWCA, is a former board member of the Aylmer Area Community Foundation, and does visitations for the VON.  A key campaign issue?: “Well the major issue for me is to control spending and to bring taxes down, both residential and commercial, to a level that reflects  a competitive level to surrounding areas. We want to make Aylmer a community by choice. “







No new candidates have surfaced in Bayham in the past month. Previous candidates: Paul Enns is running for re-election as Bayham Mayor;  Co. Tom Southwick has indicated he will challenge for Deputy Mayor; For Council: John Faulkner and Wayne Casier.




No new candidates have come forward in the past month. Previously declared candidates: Incumbent Dave Mennill is running for Mayor; Dep-Mayor Jim Jenkins is recontesting his position, Co. Mike Wolfe is also challenging for Dep-Mayor; Co. Max Moore is running again as Ward 2 Councillor; In Ward 3 Jake Quiring and Rick Cerna have declared their candidacies; In Ward 4 Co. Mark Wales is nominated again; in Ward 5 Melissa Schneider is a candidate.




New – Greg Currie is running for Mayor and John Vandermeersch is again running for Council. No one yet has declared for Deputy Mayor. Those previously nominated: Incumbent Jack Couckuyt and Calvin Brydges for Mayor; Bill Murch and Diana Brydges for Councillor.







The official ceremony to mark the opening of HMCS Ojibwa is scheduled for Saturday, July 6 at 10:30 am. About 60 or more submariners participating from all across Canada and representing Ojibwa’s full career from 1965 to 1998 are expected to attend. There is limited seating for non-invited guests, however the public is welcome to attend, bring their own chairs and watch the ceremony from the areas to the east and south of the site.”





-Pocs, William ‘Bill’ of Vienna passed away on Tuesday July 1st, aged 79. Survivors: wife Carolyn (Mitchell) Pocs etc.. He was formerly of Vienna, Aylmer, London and Corinth and was a past President of the Aylmer Lions Club. There is no funeral home visitation nor service.


-Swanson, Caroline (Lambkins) of Straffordville passed away on June 25 in her 69th year. Survivors: husband Neil Swanson and three children etc.. The Funeral Service will be conducted at Straffordville United Church on Saturday at 11 am. with visitation one hour prior.





Pt. Burwell was one of two area communities studied recently concerning pro and anti wind turbine reactions. The results were published in May in the journal Environment and Planning by the authors – three UWO  geography department researchers including Jamie Baxter and also Chad Walker of St.Thomas, a PH.D student in Georgraphy. The other community studied was Clear Creek.



They found generally that people who have raised health concerns and other objections to wind turbines are “denigrated, dismissed and ostracized by supporters of the developments in their communities.” The study also found the majority of people in both communities supported the existing wind farm projects within the communities – 80% in Port Burwell, although a significantly lower level of 63% in Clear Creek. The researchers said the support was more “pragmatic” than “enthusiastic” however and suggested the developers of wind farms could improve support for their projects if “the financial benefits of wind farms were shared among households in the vicinity of turbines, not just the landowners with the turbines.”



They conducted 26 face-to-face interviews and distributed 152 questionnaires in their Port Burwell study in the summers of 2011 and 2012. Some other findings: residents who experience a higher density of turbines close to their homes are more likely to oppose the development. In Clear Creek, homes average 6.8 turbines within 2km of their home, while in Port Burwell there are only 3.7 turbines. As such, 80% of residents in Port Burwell support turbines, compared to 63% in Clear Creek. Furthermore, only 3% of the Port Burwell sample claimed to experience health impacts they attribute to the turbines while 22% reported such health impacts in Clear Creek.



Added Chad Walker to TANews:- “The turbines near Pt. Burwell have been there since 2006  and are one of the longest standing projects and fifth longest in size in the province. The most surprising result – Eighty percent support was a surprise. But there were still some community conflicts as fifty percent said people in the vicinity should get also benefits, not just the owners on land where the turbines were built. It was also surprising the comments were so positive and we attribute that to the project being done prior to the 2009 Energy Act when people had more of a voice.”






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TUESDAY, July 8/14



*THEAYLMERNEWS will not publish Wednesday





-St.Thomas Fastball: Springfield hosts Glanworth, 8:30pm



-Thu. -Blood Donor Clinic, EEC Complex, 2:30-7:30 pm






(Information from McGregor Public School Principal Richard Auckland:) – “The new equipment is located between the existing equipment and the school.  School Council has financed the project through their fundraising efforts and the students have contributed through hat days, shades day (where they wore sunglasses) and staff have contributed through dress down days.  The cost of the installation is $40 000, $10 000 of that has been borrowed interest free from the TVDSB and school council intends to pay that back within the school year.


Installation started today and should be complete by the end of the week.  Some of our equipment had to be removed due to safety concerns, so the forward thinking of our school council initiated this project. As well, with our new FDK program starting up and the loss of some of our playground space due to the new addition, it was felt that additional play equipment would provide a play structure which will not only benefit the students during the school year, but our children and community members throughout the year. We look forward to that first slide later this week!”






(Information from Rod Tapp, Aylmer’s Director of Operations:)  “Wellington Street is going to be resurfaced this summer, the portion from South St. to Sydenham St. The work is expected to be completed prior to September and should take 2-3 days ie. milling down the top layer 2-3 inches of the existing asphalt and then re-paving. It will be done by Delco Paving from London.”






-Southwest Soccer  – Last week: Aylmer FC (4-2-1) lost 2-1 to MIB. This week: Tues -at Railway City, Thu. – at Mt Brydges


-TriCounty Fastball – Straffordville (1-13) lost to Norwich 5-3 Thu. and 10-5 to Burgessvile Sun.; play at Innerkip tonight


-TriCounty Fastball – Pt Burwell (5-7) lost Thu 11-5 to Harwood; Play at Sweaburg Thu. and Burgessvile Sun.


-St.Thomas Fastball – Mon. -Springfield (2-6) v St.Thomas – Postponed;  No games this week






Co. Peter Barbour made a motion to amend the dog licensing bylaw, specifically to allow for the issuance of a replacement dog tag at a minimal cost. He said in his motion that for a multiple of reasons dogs either lose valid tags or they are not legible. Currently if a tag is lost etc. a replacement tag is at full cost. He suggested that replacement tags be at a minimal price, to cover the cost of the tag – a fee of $1.00. Council voted to have staff review the request.





(Contributed) –  “Mini-Y @ the Aylmer Library this Thursday at 2pm. The St. Thomas YMCA will be bringing an exciting program to the library for summer reading club – parachutes, books, crafts, fun! Recommended for kids ages 3+. It’s free! Be sure to sign up for the summer reading club while you are here in order to win prizes!”





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MONDAY, July 7/14





-Aylmer Council, 3:30 pm


-Tue. -St.Thomas Fastball: Springfield hosts Glanworth, 8:30pm






(Contributed) – Emily McKenzie  of the Elgin Military Museum is collecting stories of service women who were active in World War II and who have a connection to Elgin County for a booklet to be published by the museum in September 2014. McKenzie is calling on residents to share stories of service women who lived in Elgin County or had a local connection to the area. Discharge papers, obituaries, personal stories, war diaries, photos, and family histories are examples of what the museum would find valuable.






-Mathews, William of RR1, Vienna passed away Saturday in his 88th year. Husband of the late Kathleen (McNeil) Mathews (2005). Special friend of Theresa McGregor. Survivors: three children including: Larry Mathews (Ada) of RR4, Aylmer etc.., He was born in Bayham. A memorial service will be held at Straffordville United Church at a later date. Arrangements through Kebbel’s Funeral Home.






(Contributed) – Branded bicycle racks are available for purchase as part of Elgin’s  Healthy Community Partnership Program. The Bike Rack Program is one way that the Healthy Community Partnership Program, in conjunction with Parkside Collegiate which did the manufacturing, is seeking to make Elgin County a bike friendly community. Cost is $175. For more information: visit http://activeelgin.ca/active-transportation/bike-racks-available or e-mail earnett@elginhealth.on.ca.






– June 30, 2014, Station #2, 53367 Nova Scotia Line, Power Lines Down 

– July 1, 2014, Station #1,  Jamestown Line, Medical Assist

– July 3, 2014, Station #1,  Jamestown Line, Medical Assist

– July 5, 2014, Station #1,  John Wise Line, Burn Complaint

– July 5, 2014, Station #2,  Walker Road, Medical Assist

– July 6, 2014, Station #2,  Springwater Road, Medical Assist

– July 6, 2014, Station #4, 403 Avon Drive, Assisting other Fire Department

– July 6, 2014, Station #1,  Vienna Line, Medical Assist  






Aylmer Performing Arts Committee has announced next season’s performances:


-September 13 – An Evening With Ian Thomas – Internationally acclaimed Juno winning artist with over 15 albums and as many top twenty songs. This will be Ian’s third appearance in Aylmer.

-October 11 – The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari – A live multi piece orchestra will be on the stage providing sound and effects for the silent black and white silent movie, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, released in 1921.

-November 8 – Jack de Keyzer – Two time Juno and seven time Maple Blues award winning artist, blues guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer, Jack is bringing his 5 piece band to Aylmer.

-Friday, December 5 – Kim Stockwood – Her Aylmer appearance will include music from her Christmas CD “I Love Santa,” her pop hits from the 90’s and new contemporary music from her “Back to the Water” CD.

-January 17 – Danny Michel – He is a multi-instrumentalist, singer song-writer and producer from Kitchener with three Juno nominations and 10 albums under his belt.

-February 21 – Rhythm Nocturne – RN features Rhythm and Blues tunes from the late 60’s and 70’s as a seven piece band with Tom Starks and Denise Pelley.

-March 21 – Emilie Claire Barlow – She is a Canadian jazz singer and voice actress. Her last album, “Seule Ce Soir” is a release of previous recordings but now in French.





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