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From the library meeting Monday night at the OTH theatre.


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WEDNESDAY, June 5/13





-Thu. -Bayham, Malahide Councils

-Fri. -Elementary Schools PD Day





-Thu. -Aylmer FC 7 Southwold 0

-Tue. -West Elgin 1 Aylmer FC (2-2-1) 0





-Bodkin, R. Mildred; of Aylmer, passed away Monday, in her 95th year. Wife of the late Leon F. Bodkin (1964), Survivors include: son Paul D. Bodkin of Aylmer etc.. Mildred was born in Springfield and was a member of St. Paul’s United Church. The funeral service will be at Williams Funeral Home, St. Thomas on Thursday at 11:00 a.m.; Visitatation on Wednesday from 7-9 p.m.





- May 29, 2013, Station #4, Pigram Line, Medical Assist

– May 29, 2013, Station #3, Station #2, Springfield Road, MVC

- May 29, 2013, Station #2,  Springfield Road, Medical Assist

– May 30, 2013, Station #2, Rogers Road, Truck Fire

– May 30, 2013, Station #4,  Imperial Road, Medical Assist

– June 1, 2013, Station #3, Springwater Road, Medical Assist

– June 2, 2013, Station #1, Station #2, Calton Line, MVC

– June 2, 2013, Station #1,  Calton Line, Medical assist





“Are the revelations by Mr. Masschaele that the “catchment” use is 13000 people really the issue? We have been fed this statistic about how the library serves “X” number of people. Is there actually a number that says how many paying members use the current Library? There is a big difference between how many paying members there are and how many people “might” use the library. I don’t want to hear “build it and they will come” because that was the catch phrase for the double pad arena that was built and we know how much that has cost us. Do not raise my taxes one cent for some vision of grandeur! We need a bigger tax base not bigger taxes.” (Gary Rabbets)





-Tue. -Woodstock 3 Pt. Burwell (1-4) 1

-Thu. – Burgessville 12 Pt Burwell 3

-Last Tue. – Hickson 13 Pt. Burwell 6





(Contributed) – “Thread and Buried”, the third book in the Threadville Mystery series by Pt. Burwell author Janet Brolin, is available from booksellers this week.





-Tue. -St.Thomas 8 Springfield (2-3) 2




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TUESDAY, June 4/13





-Southwest Soccer –Aylmer FC hosts RailwayCity, 7 pm, at EESS


-Fri. – Elementary Schools PD Day





-D’Angelo, Michael; of Springfield, passed away on Monday, in his 61st year. Survivors include: wife Wendy (Gray) D’Angelo; sons Tony (Allyson) of Springfield and Joe (Katy Morrow) of Gladstone etc.. He worked at G.M. for many years. Cremation has taken place. A drop-in will be held at Malahide Community Place, Springfield on Sunday from 1:00 – 5:00 pm.





AYLMER – Nearly 200 persons attended a special public meeting of Aylmer Council last night in the Old Town Hall Theatre for the presentation of information on a new library building. (It was also the lead story on CTV London News last night).

There were some minor controversies as the meeting began. After some early ‘catcalls’ Mayor Jack Couckuyt advised that hecklers would be asked to leave. Councillor John Vandermeersch objected to the Mayor leaving the chair during the meeting in order to make a presentation on funding and then resuming the chair but he was overruled by the Mayor – Deputy Mayor Gerry Richer was the Chair for most of the night. And Vandermeersch also stressed that a procedural bylaw required that speakers be limited to ten minutes but again he was overruled.

Some highlights: Archon Architects gave a 45-minute overview of the proposed new library, a two-storey structure to be situated at the corner of John and Sydenham with a cost of $2.4 million; Resident John Forsdike gave results from a personal survey which he said indicated the library was not being overused; Resident Bill Murch provided a power point presentation saying there was considerable need for more space; the Mayor then outlined the suggested financing of the project – a cost of $8 per person over a 25-year loan period – and also commented:  e-reader use is flattening out, an expanded library would address social inequality in the community and be an improved public place of gathering;

Resident Ron Daykin wanted more information to prove library expansion is needed; Resident Rick Murray said too much focus was being put on a new building; Resident Ron Baldwin he was impressed by the view of the south side of the Town Hall when the previous residence was removed and thought the green space had considerable value and a member of the public expressed concern with visibility at the corner if a library was built there.

The meeting concluded with councillors providing their views on the project. Council plans to discuss the matter further at the June 17 Council meeting. After the public input session, Council then discussed, and rejected by a 5-2 recorded vote, a motion by Councillor Vandermeersch that Council authorize Staff to provide a report that inventories the town’s available building space (occupied or vacant) suitable for library services.


A large crowd attended the presentation of a new library building proposal at a special Aylmer Council meeting last night at the Old Town Hall theatre. (kb) (CLICK)





(At last night’s library meeting, some speakers asked how the library served 13.000 persons when Aylmer’s population is much less. Elgin Director of Community and Cultural Services Brian Masschaele offered this explanation today:) “Our library system has a total of ten branches and each of these branches can be used by any resident of the County.  Nevertheless, we do establish ‘catchment areas’ for each branch in order to assist us with planning of appropriate resources at each location within the confines of our total budget.  The Aylmer branch serves a catchment area of approximately 13,000 people which includes the Town of Aylmer and parts of Malahide Township, particularly the southern portions of the Township… As a result, we need to make sure we have appropriate space and resources to serve the residents within each catchment area. Aylmer is also one of two reference libraries in our system and that too factors into space considerations.”





“I am so tired of our politicians telling us that the cost for the new library will be very minimal to us, as the taxpayers of the county of Elgin will be paying most of it through rent. I hate to let the air out of the bag but WE are the county of Elgin and WE pay the taxes to the county so that they can in return give us back the rent money. I am so tired of hearing that we have to have this or that because there is grant money available and if we don’t act now someone else will get it. Please let the tax paying public know that we are the government, the County and the Town of Aylmer and we all pay to keep it going.” (Bob Nesbitt)




The results noted yesterday for EESS athletes were from the ‘regional’  OFSSAA track and field event at Cambridge. Unfortunately neither Paul Rochus or Amanda Milmine qualified for OFSSAA finals.





In Elgin court recently, a 16 year old Aylmer female was found guilty of possession of ‘magic mushrooms’ from an April incident and was fined $500.




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MONDAY, June 3/13





-Aylmer Library Update – Public Meeting, 7pm, OTH Theatre


-Tue. -Southwest Soccer – Aylmer FC hosts RailwayCity, 7 pm, at EESS

-Fri. – Elementary Schools PD Day





-Heyndrickx, Grace Eileen; of Chateau Gardens Aylmer, passed away on Saturday, in her 92nd year. Wife of the late Homer Heyndrickx (2005). Survivors include: children Connie (John) McKnight and Rosemary (Peter) Hendel, both of the Aylmer area etc.. Visitation at Kebbel’s Funeral Home on Monday 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. The funeral service will be at Our Lady of Sorrows Roman Catholic Church on Tuesday, at 11:00 am.


-Newman Charlotte Rose; of Tillsonburg, on Saturday, aged 73. Survivors include: sister Norma (Glenn Foster) of RR#1 Belmont etc.. Visitation on Monday from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at Verhoeve Funeral Home Tillsonburg, with the Funeral Service there on Tuesday, at 11:00 a.m.





Results for EESS athletes at the OFSSAA track and field championships this past weekend in Cambridge: Paul Rochus – 12th in Senior Boys 3000 metres, Amanda Milmine – 12th in Midget Girls Long Jump; and Amanda Milmine – 16th in Midget Girls Triple Jump.





An 86-year old Aylmer woman was charged with ‘starting from a stop position not in safety’ after her car pulled out going east from a parking spot on Talbot St. West, just east of Centre St., and struck a pickup truck on Saturday about 10:30 am. Damages were minimal.





This Friday, the EEC Complex is offering a PD Day Youth Day Camp from 8 am to 5 pm. There will be public skating, sports, crafts etc. for ages 6-12. Cost is $20 per child. Registration is required in advance. For information, contact  519-773-5631 or admin@eastelgincommunitycomplex.ca





London St. Thomas Aquinas defeated EESS 2-1 Friday in London in the one game WOSSAA AAA Girls’ Soccer playoff.  East Elgin was the defending WOSSAA champ.





-A 33 year old Aylmer woman was charged with fraud on the weekend after it was recently discovered that she had cashed in $6000 in Ontario Works rent rebate cheques when in fact she was not paying any rent at the residence she was at.


-A break and enter at a Talbot St. east business a week ago Friday night resulted in a theft of a quantity of cash and some alcohol. Police believed the theft occurred overnight by a person (s) who hid in the building after closing time  - an internal lock was the only item damaged.


-Aylmer Police conducted a RIDE program on Thursday from 6-10 pm and checked 400 vehicles with only one minor violation noted.





Aylmer Mayor Jack Couckuyt in an address on tonight’s Aylmer Library meeting agenda is proposing, as one repayment method, that a new library be paid for through a debenture plan. The cost of the $2.4 million library would involve, with a 3.5% interest rate over a 25 year period, payments of $12,000 per month. (Thus $1.2 million would be paid in interest payments.) With $140,000 expected from the County yearly for the library lease it would mean taxpayers would pay about $8 yearly per person for the library to account for the difference.


The northwest corner of John and Sydenham will be proposed as the site for a new library building at tonight’s public meeting at 7 pm in the Old Town Hall theatre. (kb) (CLICK)




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FRIDAY, May 30/13





-Fri. – EESS Girls WOSSA Soccer, North London Field, 1pm (vs. London Aquinas)


-Sat. – Edisonfest at Vienna, 9am-6pm

-Sat. – TouchATruck event at IC School, Aylmer – 10am-3pm


-Mon. -Aylmer Library Update – Public Meeting, 7pm, OTH Theatre






-Van Rheenen, Corrie, of Terrace Lodge, Aylmer on Thursday, aged 91. Predeceased by husband Tony (2000). Survivors include: daughter Sylvia (Red) Hooghiem of Aylmer etc.. She was born in the Netherlands. Visitation at Kebbel’s Funeral Home Friday 7-9 p.m. Service at the Aylmer Christian Reformed Church on Saturday, at 11:00 am.


-Massey, Craig; of London; on Monday. Survivors include: children  Jacob, Zachary, Kelsey, Jared and their mother Jill etc. The funeral service will be held today at 3 pm at Forest Lawn Memorial Chapel, London with visitation from 1 to 3 pm.








1. Do we need it? (The OTH library has 3800 square feet. The county suggests towns our size need 10,000.  Other area libraries – Straffordville, Springfield, Tillsonburg – have had additions recently.)

2. Do books  have a future? (What about the local Low German and Amish users who may not have access to technology resources a library can provide?)

3. How will it be funded? (Can’t there be some fundraising to assist with any tax debenture plan?)

4. What about the first floor of the apartment building? (Is it true that the county doesn’t want a private lease/it doesn’t have enough first floor space?)

5. Isn’t the OTH library still too small for the needs of the Museum?

6. Isn’t this a good time to respond to the needs of the OTH theatre as well and how is that being addressed? (ie. bigger dressing rooms, lounge, washrooms etc.)

7. Do we need a new building? (What are the major problems in an engineer’s report that rejected the building to the north?)

8. If a new building, does the corner have to be so packed? (Can we move the building back and allow more green, more of a view of the town hall, and a safer Sydenham St. corner?)

9. Can’t the public be more involved? (the committee consists of three councillors, two staff members)

10. Now we know about a new building – what about #7? (what are issues, costs with expanding the present library to the west and utilizing the building to the north for a museum and theatre?)






Aylmer – The 16th annual Low German Mennonite Networking Conference will take place Monday, June 10 from 8:15 am to 4 pm at the EEC Complex. The featured speaker is  Dr. Leeno Karumanchery, President and CEO of Diversity Solutions Inc., who will focus on how to deal more effectively with those who live with inequity and exclusion. Other activities include tours of local churches and schools etc. Registration can be done at mcco.ca by June 5.






“Historic Buildings of Aylmer”  (On sale for $15 at:

Campbells, Pinecroft, and Mary Jane’s.)





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A near miss by EESS on a shot in yesterday’s boys’ soccer final vs. Ingersoll


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THURSDAY, May 30/13






-TriCounty Fastball – Pt. Burwell hosts Burgessville, 8pm


-Sat. – Edisonfest at Vienna, 9am-6pm

-Sat. – TouchATruck event at IC School, Aylmer – 10am-3pm

-Mon. -Aylmer Library Update – Public Meeting, 7pm, OTH Theatre





AYLMER – Despite a dominant second half, EESS was upended 2-1 by Ingersoll in the Southeast Boys Soccer championship here yesterday. The teams were tied 1-1 at halftime but Ingersoll scored on their only real shot on goal in the second half. Ingersoll now advances to WOSSAA. The EESS girls have also qualified for WOSSAA finals on Friday.





Aylmer Council will hold a public meeting Monday at 7 pm in the Old Town Hall theatre to present information on the new library proposals. Representatives from Archon Architects Incorporated will provide the concept plan for a new library. The public will be allowed to ask questions. As well, written comments may be submitted to the Clerk by noon today.

According to Monday’s agenda, seven citizens have indicated an interest in speaking and three other citizens/groups have submitted comments including Mainstreet Aylmer which has a concern about parking in respect to the new building.





Here are some design facts finalized during the presentation by Archon Architects at the Library Committee meeting yesterday in preparation for Monday’s public meeting:

-a new building is being proposed for just south of the present Town Hall library; it will be two stories for the most part but will not include a basement

-about 10,700 square feet is being proposed (Elgin County library has suggested in excess of 10,000 square feet is needed)

-the parking lot to the west will not be affected; on the north, it will be twenty feet at its closest wall from the present library (about the same distance as what is between the present building and the Video store)

-it will have a first floor  outdoor reading area and second floor terrace – and an elevator

-the cost will be between $2 and $2.4 million

-it will take about 7-9 months to build





(Contributed) – “Violence Against Women Services Elgin is having a public launch of the Building Hope Saving Lives initiative to create a new home for Women’s Place Elgin’s Emergency Shelter at the Princess Avenue Playhouse from 10:00am to 11:30am on Monday. For more information contact Liz Brown 519-633-0155 / lbrown@vawsec.on.ca”





(Information from James McCallum) – Dunboyne United Church, south of Aylmer, has been sold. The church will be having their final service on June 23 at 11 a.m. Dunboyne church has been part of the Malahide-Richmond Pastoral Charge since 1964. The last full-time minister completed his term in 2005. Since that date, the two churches have been served by students and lay ministry personnel.

The church was built in 1910 and was the only United Church left in south Malahide after Copenhagen, Luton, and Mt. Salem churches closed and amalgamated with Dunboyne in 1956.


The century old Dunboyne United Church has been sold. (kb) (CLICK)





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WEDNESDAY, May 29/13





-EESS Boys Soccer host Ingersoll, Southeast finals, 1:30, Columbus Park

*RESULT – Ingersoll 2 EESS 1

-Aylmer Library Committee meeting, Noon, Council chambers


-Thu. – TriCounty Fastball – Pt. Burwell host Burgessville, 8pm

-Thu. – Bayham 7, Malahide 7:30 Councils

-Sat. – Edisonfest at Vienna

-Sat. – TouchATruck event at IC School, Aylmer





An 18 year old Vienna male has been charged with careless driving after a two vehicle collision Tuesday around 1:30 pm. His pickup truck was headed east on Highway 3 near Vienna Rd when it slid into a westbound pickup truck hauling a horse trailer. There were no injuries but both vehicles had to be towed.





-Tue. – Springfield (2-2) host Glanworth (Postponed)





(Information on possible weekend frost damage is from Dick Saarloos of Berryhill Farms north of Aylmer) – “Damage to crops was minimal. We sprayed water on the berries three nights in a row. This keeps the berries and blossoms from freezing. We covered the tomato and pepper plants with every basket and pail that we had.”


Berryhill Farms of Aylmer survived the danger of frost this past weekend by covering their tomato and pepper plants with baskets and pails. (Contributed) (CLICK)





-Tue. – Aylmer Rampage (0-1-2) host West Elgin (Postponed)





-Kelly, Sylvia (Anderson), of Delmer, on Tuesday, in her 95th year. She was born in Aylmer. She was predeceased by her husband, Bruce (1975). Visitation at Ostranders Funeral Home, Tillsonburg on Thursday from 3-5 and 7-9 p.m. with the funeral there on Friday at 1 p.m.


-Milne-Slade (Wall), Carol; of Brantford, passed away on Sunday, in her 57th year. Survivors include: husband Brian Milne etc. The service will be Friday at the Delhi United Church at 1pm. A graveside service will be held at the Aylmer Cemetery at 4:00 p.m. Arrangements through Kebbel’s Funeral Home.


-Robershaw, Herbert; of Woodstock, on Friday, in his 89th year. Survivors include: son Vernon Robertshaw of Aylmer etc.. The funeral service was yesterday through the Brock and Visser Funeral Home, Woodstock.





-Sun. – Pt. Burwell (1-1) at Hickson (No Report)





(From Aylmer Council minutes) – “Aylmer Council Monday chose Leisure Plan International Inc. of Toronto over Asymmetric Consulting of Aylmer as the consultant to undertake the EECC Operational Review. The decision is contingent on agreement by Malahide Council.


On Friday, the Aylmer-Malahide Liaison Committee interviewed both consulting firms who had submitted an RFP for the  Review. – the bid by Leisure Plan was $26,795.00; the bid by Asymmetric Consulting was $21,000.00. However, the committee was unable to agree on the same firm – the six votes were split – so the respective Councils were asked to make the final decision.




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TUESDAY, May 28/13





-Southwest Soccer: Aylmer Rampage host West Elgin (Steen, 7pm)

-Springfield Fastball host Glanworth, 8:30


-Wed. – EESS Boys Soccer host Ingersoll, Southeast finals, 2 pm, Columbus Park

-Wed. -Aylmer Library Committee meeting, Noon, Council chambers

-Thu. – Bayham 7, Malahide 7:30 Councils

-Sat. – Edisonfest at Vienna

-Sat. – TouchATruck event at IC School, Aylmer





NOON UPDATE - EESS Girls’ Coach Christy Halasz informs that Dorchester has forfeited tomorrow’s final so East Elgin has now won their third consecutive Southeast crown. They will play at WOSSAA in London Friday.


AYLMER – EESS qualified for the Southeast Conference girls’ soccer final by downing Glendale 8-2 in semifinal play here yesterday. EESS had finished first and undefeated in league play. They will play Dorchester, the top team in the eastern division, who defeated Parkside 2-0 yesterday in the other semifinal. Wednesday’s final will be at 1:30 at Columbus Park. EESS has been champions the past two years.


As well, the EESS boys edged Glendale 3-2 in their soccer semifinal here yesterday and will also play in the final Wednesday against Ingersoll at 2pm at Columbus Park. EESS was first and undefeated in league play. Ingersoll, the eastern title winner, nipped Parkside 3-2 in the other semifinal yesterday.





(Information from The Tillsonburg News) – An Open House was held Friday to unveil a $40,400 Trillium grant for the newly renovated Tillsonburg library. Renovations should be complete by July. The town library joined Oxford County library in January. A recent community survey indicated support for quiet study areas, local history resources, more programming, better collections, and a welcoming space for children in the new facility.


Also included will be: collections of electronic and downloadable resources, including eBooks and eMagazines, wired lounge chairs with laptop tables, a hot beverage machine with café tables. a dedicated youth area for teens, and a microfilm scanner.





-The Aylmer man recently given a 90 day jail sentence for a marijuana grow op in an outbuilding at his South St. residence, discovered by Police in September, 2010, was Timothy Jones, 53. It was his second conviction in the past 20 years for this offence.


-In Elgin court recently, a 53 year old Aylmer woman was found guilty of shoplifting from a downtown store in October and was given diversion.


-The management at the car wash on Spruce Street reported Thursday that someone attempted to pry open a coin station there.







“Malahide Council in regular session last night voted 5-2 to roll back the pay and to freeze the wages for 18 months of township employees. They had approved a two percent raise earlier this year. Commented Mayor Dave Mennill :  “Unfortuately the majority of council has voted to roll back non-union staff wages. Two councillors who last meeting voted against the motion of rolling back wages at this meeting have changed their mind and voted to roll back wages. I am deeply disturbed by this decision as our staff is dedicated and hard working and deserve better treatment.”





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MONDAY, May 27/13





-EESS Soccer Semifinals – Host Tillsonburg, Boys at Noon, Girls at 2pm

-Special Aylmer Council, 3:30 – Safe Drinking Water Act


-Tue. -Southwest Soccer: Aylmer Rampage host West Elgin (Steen, 7pm)

-Tue, – Springfield Fastball host Glanworth, 8:30





A 22 year old male and a 19 year old male from Aylmer and a 22 year old Malahide male were charged with trespassing after being found in Rotary Park about 2 am Wednesday morning. There is a ban on activities in Aylmer parks after midnight.





(Information from teacher Narda Robbins) – The EESS Prom was held this past Saturday. The theme was “Enchanted Forest”. Again the dinner was held at the school. The Prom Court consisted of : Matthew Bossuyt, Trent Brunelle, Dylan Burch, Derek Gartshore, Dylan Pineo, Katherine Barrie, Sarah Dow, Karli Milmine, Karissa Paterson and Whitney Shackelton. This year’s Prom royalty were Trent Brunelle and Karli Milmine.





A 29 year old Aylmer female was charged with making an improper turn after her truck pulled out from St.Andrew Street, turning right, and collided with an eastbound van on Talbot St. west about 2 pm Thursday. Damages were minor.





(Day Two, Friday, at UWO – EESS athletes in top ten)

-Midget Girls Triple Jump – 5th – Amanda Milmine

-Junior Boys 3000 Metres – 9th – Aaron Friesen

-Senior Boys 3000 Metres – 4th – Paul Rochus


OFSAA Qualifiers (next weekend in Cambridge) -Amanda Milmine – 3rd in Midget Girls LongJump and 5th in Triple Jump and Paul Rochus, fourth in Senior Boys 3000 Metres.





– May 21, 2013 – Station #2, #1, #3 and #4, 10555 Imperial Road, Fire

– May 21, 2013 – Station #1, John Wise Line, Medical Assist

– May 23, 2013 – Station #3, Springfield Road, Medical Assist

– May 25, 2013, Station #4, Imperial Road, Medical Assist

– May 27, 2013, Station #1, #2, Imperial Road, Medical Assist





(Malahide Council held a session recently on the progress of the Cultivating Malahide Plan – Mayor Dave Mennill provides an outline:) -The purpose of the Friday meeting was to update council on the document ‘Cultivating Malahide’  and to get input from council. There have been four different sessions; one was the open house held last fall with about sixty people in attendance, we had an on line survey at the same time with about 80 responding, and the planners have met with several small groups such as service groups, the Mennonite community and stakeholders in the township. The next step, now that the document is completed, is to have a public meeting explaining how the document, Cultivating Malahide will sustain Malahide in the future.


I made this overview statement: “The Cultivating Malahide Plan consolidates concerns and ideas gathered from our community members. It addresses a wide range of strategies and actions spanning the promotion of agricultural, business, tourism, cultural, and residential growth and development, the protection and wise use of our natural resources for both economic and recreational purposes, and the provision of a healthy‐living environment for year‐round and seasonal residents and visitors. The Cultivating Malahide Plan and the principles contained within it will help to guide this Council and Councils of the future in our decision making process.”





A 76-year old Aylmer man was charged with failing to provide the right of way after his truck, attempting to turn left exiting the north alley behind the Royal Bank, struck a van in the southbound lane on John Street Wednesday about 4:30 pm. Both vehicles had to be towed from the scene – there were no injuries.




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