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TUESDAY, June 9/15





-Fri -TriCounty Fastball – Straffordville hosts Norwich, 8pm





(Johnny and Jeanne (Fung) Jung of Aylmer celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary recently. They have been a unique couple in town – being of Chinese ancestry. They operated the Capitol Cafe for some fifty years. The following is from an interview conducted with Johnny in 1994.)

Johnny was born in Canton China, an only child whose parents were killed when the Japanese bombed the factory they worked in during World War II. In 1950 he came to Canada when his uncle Charlie Joong asked him to help in his Aylmer restaurant. Joong was the third person of Chinese descent to own the Capitol – so named because it was located beside the former Capitol Theatre on Talbot St. east – which began around 1930. In 1965 Johnny  purchased the business. He has returned to China only once since – to marry and bring his bride Jeanne back to Aylmer. They have one daughter, Judy. To his knowledge the Joongs and the Jungs were the only Chinese families to live in Aylmer in those years and they all lived in several apartments above the restaurant. In its heyday the Capitol was open from 7 am to 11pm seven days a week with eight employees. In 1994 at the age of 67 Johnny hadn’t missed a day of work in nearly 45 years.





Top five placings by athletes in East Elgin schools at last week’s TVDSB elementary schools track meet are:


JUNIOR GIRLS – High Jump -3 -Joslynn Henderson, Summers Corners; Long Jump -3 – Kaleigh Kummer, South Dorchester; Softball – 1 –Mackenzie Brackenbury, Straffordville; Relay -5- Summers Corners; JUNIOR BOYS – Softball -3 – Mitchell Fehr, Straffordville; BANTAM GIRLS – 800 m – 5 – Shelby Laidlaw; BANTAM BOYS – Softball – 4 – Justin Farrow, South Dorchester; 400 m – 5 – Fisher Ward, McGregor; INTERMEDIATE BOYS – Softball – 4 -Cameron Wall, Straffordville; 1500 m – 3 – Josh McCandless, Summers Corners;


SENIOR GIRLS – Long Jump – 2 -Lilly Davis, Straffordville; SENIOR BOYS – Relay – 5 -Davenport; OPEN GIRLS – High Jump – 2 – Olivia Robison, Summers Corners; Long Jump – 2 – Linda Naglehout, Summers Corners; Relay – 3 – Summers Corners; OPEN BOYS – High Jump – 1 – Pete Braun, Davenport;  Triple Jump – 4 – Sam Cyr, Davenport; 400 m – 2 – Darren Catt, Davenport; Relay – 2 – Davenport.





(Information from Kevin Howe of Howe Family Farms of Aylmer) – “We started picking berries last Friday. We put floating row covers overtop of 7 acres of strawberries early this spring in order to advance our harvest dates. The floating row cover is similar to a cheese-cloth material which gives our crop more heat units. The row cover advanced our berries by about 1 week. We were up four nights in May running irrigation to protect our berries from frost. The coldest night dropped down to -2.8°C.  It was a long night but we were able to save our crop with minimal damage. Heavy rains split the strawberry fruit and spread fruit diseases like botrytis and anthracnose (both are harmless to people, they just spoil fruit) and most importantly deter pickers from showing up. All in all, the plants are looking healthy with a heavy fruit set.”


(From Dick Saarloos of Berryhill Farms of Aylmer) – “I would think that in the middle of the week we should have berries at the fruit stand. The crop looks very promising.”





(Information from Peter Dragunas, Catfish CCA Water Management Technician) – “The Catfish Creek Conservation Authority is issuing a Level I Low Water Condition for the Catfish Creek watershed.  A 10% voluntary reduction in water use is being advised to ensure that there remains an adequate supply for essential uses and to sustain aquatic life. Reducing residential non-essential water use and utilization of Best Management Practices, Irrigation Management is recommended to help lessen the impact on water resources.”




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MONDAY, June 8/15





-Aylmer Council, 6:30 pm

-Elementary Schools PA Day

-OV Naturalists; Vienna Comm. Centre, 7pm (see June 2 story)


-Fri -TriCounty Fastball – Straffordville hosts Norwich, 8pm





-Wed. -TRICOUNTY FASTBALL – Innerkip 11 Straffordville (1-4) 0

-Wed. -TRICOUNTY FASTBALL – Pt Burwell (1-5) 9 Hickson 6

-Thu. -SOUTHWEST SOCCER – Aylmer FC (4-0-1) 3 MIB 0





– June 2, 2015, Station #4,  Mapleton Line, Medical Assist

– June 2, 2015, Station #1, Springfield Road, Medical Assist

– June 3, 2015, Station #2  #1  #3, 7394 Springwater Road, Power Lines Down

– June 3, 2015, Station #3 assisted by Station #2, Ron McNeil Line, MVC

– June 4, 2015, Station #3, Ron McNeil Line, Medical Assist

– June 5, 2015, Station #1,  Calton Line, Medical Assist

– June 5, 2015, Station #1,  John Wise Line, Medical Assist

– June 6, 2015, Station #2, Catt Line, Medical Assist

– June 7, 2015, Station #3, Elm Street, Alarm Malfunction





(Ministry of Natural Resources personnel and local residents held a cleanup of the Pt. Bruce provincial park beach recently. Information is from John Salo, Ontario Parks Zone Manager):

1: Why is Pt. Bruce park kept in a natural state and why a major cleanup at this time?

Since the the passing of the Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act in 2006, Ontario Parks has been making efforts to provide for sustainable recreation at our beaches while ensuring the overall health of our beachfront ecosystems. As a result, Port Bruce Provincial Park had been left in a more natural state since that time. Recently, some local residents raised concerns about the state of the beach in the park.  In response to those concerns, Ontario Parks staff assessed the state of the park and determined that the park’s location on the Lake Erie coast causes the beach to be subjected to significant levels of driftwood accumulation.

2: What parts will remain in a natural state?

Recent efforts will result in the removal of excess accumulated driftwood on the beach’s centre portion while the outskirts will remain naturalized areas.  This amounts to approximately 65 metres of naturalized area on the beach’s west and east sides. Some driftwood will be intentionally left on the beach’s centre portion to provide habitat for shoreline species and for sand dune stabilization.

3: How did the cleanup go?

Approximately 25 volunteers were in attendance, along with 6 Ontario Parks staff and representatives from the Township of Malahide. While significant progress has been made, there remains some work to do such as the installation of signs, the strategic placement of trash receptacles, and longer-term beach stewardship activities such as the planting of trees and beach dune grasses. Poison Ivy Control is also planned for the future. Altogether, approximately 12 dump trucks of material was removed from the beach during the cleanup.

4: Future maintenance?

Ontario Parks will work with the community to formalize walkways to the beach to improve pedestrian access while protecting natural elements of the beach, including stabilizing sand dunes In addition to this, Ontario Park is exploring the installation of additional hard surfaces (such as Mobi Mats) to enable visitors with mobility issues to access the water front.





-Pettit, Sam of Aylmer passed away Friday in his 71st year. Survivors: wife Marilyn (Phillips) Pettit; son Jason; sibling Marilyn Watters (John McGregor) of Aylmer etc.. He worked at Ford Motor Co. for 30 years. A graveside service will be held at Orwell Cemetery on Tuesday at 11:30 am. Arrangements through the Kebbel Funeral Home.


-Cowan, David C. of Aylmer passed away Sunday in his 68th year. Survivors: wife Elaine (Davies) Cowan; stepson John Hoover (Tanya) of Aylmer etc.. Visitation at the Kebbel Funeral Home on Wednesday 7-9 p.m. The funeral service will be held at the Open Bible Baptist Church Aylmer on Thursday at 11 am.





AYLMER – Canadian Maj.-General Richard Rohmer was a guest of honour at the Ontario Police College in Aylmer Wednesday as the school library was dedicated in his name. In his book  ‘Generally Speaking: The Memoirs of Major-General Richard Rohmer’ (2004), he recalls attending SFTS #14 Aylmer Air Force base (present Police College) for six months in 1942-3 while training to be a World War 11 pilot and  graduating from there when he was 19. One interesting memory he notes was that he was measured for his graduation uniform by a tailor from Toronto who set up shop in an Aylmer hotel room.




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THURSDAY, June 4/15



*THEAYLMERNEWS will not publish Friday.




-Bayham 7, Malahide 7:30 Councils

-Southwest Soccer; Aylmer FC hosts MIB; 7pm at EESS


-Sat -Vienna EdisonFest

-Sat -Springfield FunDay (see ads)

-Sun -Walk for Nepal; 2pm at Springwater (see May 25 story)


-Mon – Schools P.A. day

-Mon -Aylmer Council, 6:30 pm





(Information from Aylmer Police Chief Andre Reymer) – A 12 year old boy on a bicycle turned into the path of a motorcycle while both were travelling at a moderate speed north on Rutherford Ave. last Thursday at noon. The boy was wearing a helmet at the time, no one was injured, and there was only minor damage to the bikes.





(Information from Coach Luda Zakharenko) – Faith Zacharias, 15, of Summers Corners won several events at the Ontario Diving champinships in Windsor in early May. Faith won 1m and platform events and was second on 3m in her age group. She was named the outstanding diver in her age group. She also competed in senior events and finished second on 3m , third on platform and fourth on 1m. Her next competition will be the Junior Elite Nationals in Edmonton on July 18 which also will be trials for the Junior Pan Am Games in September in Toronto.





(From Elgin OPP) – Elgin OPP executed a search warrant at a residence on Springer Hill Rd. near Harmony Acres Line in Malahide on May 15. Police seized a 2013 Can Am Maverick All Terrain vchicle and four metal road signs. They charged the residents – a 47 year old male and a 42 year old female – each with Possession of Property Obtained by Crime Over $5000 and four counts of Possession of Property Obtained by Crime Under $5000.





(Information from Bayham Treasurer Lorne James) – Bayham Council recently approved their 2015 budget which featured an increase of 9.3%. Major factors in the increase were a 3.65% increase in OPP costing and a 3.18% reduction in grants from the Ontario Parnership Fund. Last year’s increase was 1.5%.





 NEW – “Low German Mennonites of Aylmer” . On sale for $8 at Pinecroft, Campbells, Mennomex etc.

“Low German Mennonites of Aylmer” On sale for $8 at Pinecroft, Campbells, Mennomex, Studers etc.



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WEDNESDAY, June 3/15





-TriCounty Fastball: Pt Burwell hosts Hickson; 8pm


-Thu -Bayham 7, Malahide 7:30 Councils

-Thu -Southwest Soccer; Aylmer FC hosts MIB; 7pm at EESS

-Sat -Vienna EdisonFest

-Sat -Springfield FunDay (see ads)

-Sun -Walk for Nepal; 2pm at Springwater (see May 25 story)





-Leaman, Lorene (Burwell) formerly of Tillsonburg passed away at Terrace Lodge Aylmer on Thursday in her 100th year. Wife of the late Leroy Burwell and the late Ralph Leaman. Survivors: three children including Linda Manicom of Eden etc..The Funeral Service was held at Ostrander’s Funeral Home Tillsonburg on Monday.





Barb Forsdike of Aylmer has published a book on her sister Mary Helen McGrenere who was born with Down syndrome. She writes: “It tells of both the challenges faced and the blessings received through her. It shows how my parents, siblings, and many others, have been touched by her life. I have also included a few tales of other mentally challenged people I have had the opportunity to encounter. My main reason for writing Mary Helen’s story is to encourage young parents with Down syndrome children. To let them know that this ‘special’ being is full of many joys as well as challenges.”


The book -128 pages long – is being printed by the Aylmer Express. She hopes to sell it in some local stores – the cost is $10. Profits will be donated to Community Living and Ideal Way. For copies email her at youaremysunshine1940@hotmail.com





-Woodstock 6 Pt. Burwell (0-5) 4





Among decisions made by Aylmer Council at their meeting Monday:

-First and Second Readings of a new Division and Property Fence Bylaw (eliminating the position of fence viewers) to replace the Line Fences Act.

-Approval of a wage increase for town public works employees –  1.5% for each of 2015, 2016 and 2017.

-That the Town of Aylmer Council refers back to the East Elgin Community Complex Ad Hoc Committee: the Draft 2015 EECC Operations Budget, the Capital Budget, and the Capital Reserve Budget, and requests the Ad Hoc Committee to realize additional savings of between $40,000 to $50,000; and further that there be no cancellation of any programs.

Commented Deputy Mayor Mary French today on why she supported the motion to send the budget back: “The EECC budget is a very contentious issue with the taxpayers of Aylmer and Malahide and they expect to see positive changes made. Although there have been some savings identified in this budget, I believe that more savings can be attained. I did not request a specific amount but have asked that the entire budget be closely scrutinized for even more savings which added together could be a significant amount of money. As well, the facility needs to be utilized in other ways to increase the revenue.”






(Information on the progress of spring planting in East Elgin is from Peter Johnson, Provincial Cereal Specialist:) – “Crops planted in sand in East Elgin are mostly done but crops being planted on clay are struggling, the ground is still too wet and our recent low temperatures have meant for reduced drying conditions. For corn planting this past weekend was finally good. But the rain on Monday halted planting for the rest of the week. Only about 75 to 90 ercent of the corn has been planted. We are about three weeks behind normal planting times. It’s among the latest planting seasons we have had recently but not as bad as 2011. Soybeans are also well behind. The severe winter was harsh on winter wheat that was planted, about ten percent needs to be replanted and about seventy five percent of what was planted has been damaged.”





(Contributed) – “The Aylmer Police are pleased to announce the launch of TEXT with 9-1-1 (T9-1-1). This new service provides the capability for the deaf, deafened, hard of hearing, or speech impaired (DHHSI) community in Canada, and now in Aylmer, to communicate with our emergency 9-1-1 services dispatched by the Owen Sound Police. TEXT with 9-1-1 service allows members of the DHHSI community to call 9-1-1 during an emergency and converse with a 9-1-1 operator using text messaging rather than by voice. There will be no need for a caller to be able to speak or hear text messaging. The TEXT with 9-1-1 service is presently not available to the wider cellular community. Unless a caller is pre-registered with their cellular provider, text messages to 9-1-1 will not reach emergency services.”




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TUESDAY, June 2/15





-Wed -TriCounty Fastball: Pt Burwell hosts Hickson; 8pm

-Thu -Bayham 7, Malahide 7:30 Councils

-Thu -Southwest Soccer; Aylmer FC hosts MIB; 7pm at EESS

-Sat -Vienna EdisonFest

-Sat -Springfield FunDay (see ads)

-Sun -Walk for Nepal; 2pm at Springwater (see May 25 story)





(Contributed) – This Saturday the annual EdisonFest will be held from 7:30 am to 6 pm at Vienna Memorial Park. Events include: breakfast at Vienna Masonic Lodge, craft vendors, silent auction, Bayham Fire Dept. display, petting zoo, wagon rides, childrens’ games and events, a light bulb sponge toss involving Bayham  Councillors, a cross cut saw and nail driving challenge, a performance by Bayham’s Elvis, a magic show, art literary and talent contests, a spagetti eating contest, free draws etc.. For more information call Hellen at 519-866-5759 or lmillard@bayham.on.ca





(The following is a sample of comments on TANews Facebook regarding last week’s news story about interesting prohibitions in Aylmer’s noise bylaw, including a ban on construction noises between 6 pm and 7 am):

Dad N Daughters Fish N Chips – Well i guess Im going to jail as I yell across the street to some of my customers as they walk by.

Jamie Pettit Harder – I think 6pm is a bit early to be complaining about any outside noise!

Susie Reimer Wall – That is crazy early, especially when people only get home from work at 5 or 6 pm.

Tante Wen – Can we mow the lawn?

Anne Davey – Crying? Really? Church bells are noisy but I guess that’s acceptable in Aylmer.

Sherry Preszcator-Dunn – I would rather someone mow their lawn at 7pm rather than 7am

Lee Anne Robinson – Seriously? I don’t have a problem with construction until 8pm. After that kids are going to bed during the school year.

-Rhonda Witherow – You pay taxes/ rent to enjoy your homes and work your butts off to have a decent life, why should you have to whisper and tiptoe around your own backyard.

-Velma Sheppard – They’ll have it where the cops can’t even have their sirens going or the ambulances because all they make too much noise.

Matty Geraci – Yup we live in a world where people have become weak and offended by every little thing. That results in a I sue you and you sue me type of deal.

Neil Buehner – This is construction season, we don’t live in Florida.

Pam Balfour – The real problem is that few younger community members attend council meetings to see what is being decided on the behalf of community members. As is usually the case, younger people are so busy with their immediate lives and families  and elected council members only hear the vocal people who show up to meetings and are often older/retired. “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”.





The Otter Valley Naturalists will meet Monday at 7 pm at the Vienna Community Centre for a talk on “Sea Lamprey Control” with W. Paul Sullivan, Sea Lamprey Control Centre,  Fisheries and Oceans Canada.





(Contributed) – The 25th annual Springfield Fun Day will be held Saturday at Malahide Community Place. Events include: South Dorchester Optimist Breakfast, ball games, childrens’ activities, Dotsy the Clown, Steve Wilson Magic, pie making contest, watermelon spitting contest, United Church Pork Supper, dance etc.. More information at www.fun-day.ca





(Contributed) – Canadian tenor Michael Toby presented a musical history of Canadian blacks as part of an assembly for Grade 3-8 students at Straffordville Public school this morning.





(Contributed) – The East Elgin Secondary School Leadership Class (led by teacher Jon Loney) took home an award at Canadian Blood Services “Honouring Our Lifeblood” event last night in London.  They were presented with a Certificate of Congratulations for their successful blood donor clinics held each spring. Two successful recruitment videos were made to help recruit blood donors into the May clinic. The students achieved 115% of their blood donation pledge. To view their videos go to:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pi5rQCWDwT8  and  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F27mozT9t40




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MONDAY, June 1/15





-Aylmer Council, 6:30 pm


-Wed -TriCounty Fastball: Pt Burwell hosts Hickson; 8pm

-Thu -Bayham, Malahide Councils

-Thu -Southwest Soccer; Aylmer FC hosts MIB; 7pm at EESS

-Sat -Vienna EdisonFest

-Sat -Springfield FunDay (see ads)

-Sun -Walk for Nepal; 2pm at Springwater (see May 25 story)





-McKibbin, Vera, a longtime resident of Port Burwell, passed away at Chartwell, Aylmer on Wednesday, aged 95 years. Wife of the late Stuart McKibbin (2003). Survivors: two children etc.. Vera was born in England. The funeral service was held Saturday. Arrangements through Ostrander’s Funeral Home, Tillsonburg.





– May 20, 2015, Station #3,  Inverness Street, Medical Assist

– May 23, 2015, Station #3,  Hacienda Road, Alarm Malfunction

– May 29, 2015, Station #1, Imperial Road, Medical Assist

– May 31, 2015, Station #4,  Ron McNeil Line, Medical Assist

– May 31, 2015, Station #3,  Hacienda Road, Alarm Malfunction





-Southwest Soccer – Thu – Aylmer FC (3-0-1) 5 Southwold 1

-TriCounty Fastball – Thu – Sweaburg 8 Straffordville (1-3) 1





(From Chief Andre Reymer) – A 65 year old Aylmer man has been charged with two counts of committing an indecent act on a female after incidents involving two women, now aged 46 and 47, which began 40 years ago and continued for eight years – he was an uncle of the victims.





(Evert TenBruggencate, a teacher at Immanuel Christian school in Aylmer, provides the following information on a fundraising bicycle ride he is participating in this summer) –  “On July 3 for two weeks, I will join Cycle of Hope riders as they journey 1600 Kilometres from Niagara Falls to Winnipeg to raise enough money on behalf of Habitat for Humanity to build a new affordable home for a family in need. I have competed in running and triathlon races for many years but two years ago while on a training ride I was struck by a pick up truck and sustained numerous injuries requiring three surgeries to my leg. I hope to raise $2500.”  Contact: http://www.habitat.mb.ca/events-cycleofhope.cfm





Elgin Warden and Bayham Mayor Paul Enns was one of the speakers at the official unveiling of the Maker Space at Aylmer Library Thursday evening. (kb) (CLICK)

Elgin Warden and Bayham Mayor Paul Enns was one of the speakers at the official unveiling of the Maker Space at Aylmer Library Thursday evening. The new high tech centre provides digital and design programs as well as video and audio editing and has a 3D printer and scanner. The unit was partially financed by a donation from the Palmer Estate. (kb) (CLICK)





LONDON – Top ten placings by EESS athletes at the OFSAA western regional track and field meet held here at UWO this past weekend include: Sandi Vankerkoy, 7th, in Midget girls long jump and Brianna Brix, 8th in Senior girls triple jump.




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-EESS scores third goal in 4-2 WOSSA semifinal soccer win over Banting today.

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THURSDAY, May 28/15



*THEAYLMERNEWS will not publish Friday




-EESS Boys Soccer Host WOSSA; 10 am; Columbus Park

-Southwest Soccer -Aylmer hosts Southwold, 7pm; EESS

-Aylmer Library: ‘Makerspace’ Unveiling; 6-8 pm


-Sat -Club 7 Paper Drive

-Sun -TriCounty Fastball: Straffordville hosts Innerkip, 8pm





AYLMER – The EESS boys soccer team defeated London Banting 4-2 this morning in a WOSSA AAAA semifinal at Columbus Park and will play London Mother Teresa this afternoon at 1:15 in the final. East Elgin led 2-1 at halftime. Goalscorers were Ryan VanRoestel, Leo Centeno, Justin Grunwell and Austin Loewen. Note: The Southeast division title won by the EESS boys on Monday was their first championship since back to back crowns in 2007 and 2008.




-BOYS – Mother Teresa 8 EESS 0

-GIRLS – Mother Teresa 3 EESS 0 (Semifinal: EESS 2 Saunders 1)





-Hulst, Corrie (De Kraker) of St. Thomas and formerly of Aylmer passed away Wednesday. Survivors: husband Bob Hulst; three children etc.. A celebration of her life will take place on Tuesday at 2 pm at Fellowship CRC in St. Thomas. Arrangements through the Kebbel Funeral Home.





Only about two dozen persons – half of them present or former town and township councillors – attended the public meeting to review the 2015 EEC Complex budget held last night. Among the speakers:

Jim Crane – “I congratulate Malahide council on working for change. We indeed have saturated hall use in the area – with the other arenas built nearby in the last 12 years there’s not enough business to go around; But it seems Malahide is wanting to make changes and Aylmer doesn’t; if we can’t get along Malahide should give Aylmer $150,000 and let them run it.”

John Hueston – “Here are some comments made by councillors at the time of last fall’s election: Greg Currie said he would make changes to the complex immediately and there is no need for more consultants; Mary French said the recommendations of the consultant (Leisure Plan) should be enacted immediately; Sheri Andrews said we need to act on the consultant’s report… Over eighty percent of community businesses are run by equal partnerships and they manage to get along without paying for outside help.”

Bill MacIntyre – “In two previous elections Malahide made a commitment to reduce the deficit and now with the current conflicts I think we are farther away from solutions. We need a better level of service. We need to work together.”





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WEDNESDAY, May 27/15




-TriCounty Fastball: Pt. Burwell hosts Burgessville, 8pm

-EECC Public Budget Meeting, 7pm, (following by Ad Hoc Meeting)

-Canada McLaughlin Buick Club in Pt. Burwell; 10 am-3 pm


-Thu -Southwest Soccer -Aylmer hosts Southwold, 7pm; EESS

-Thu-Aylmer Library: ‘Makerspace’ Unveiling; 6-8 pm

-Sat -Club 7 Paper Drive





A recent complaint brought to the attention of the Aylmer Police confirms that construction projects after supper are banned in Aylmer. Aylmer Police note that in the past year they have received 53 noise complaints – only 2 were about construction with 80% dealing with music/parties and the remaining 20% for dogs and vehicles.

Here are some interesting prohibitions from the town’s 1984 noise bylaw:

– any unnecessary noise arising between the hour of 6 pm of any day and 7 am of the following day from any excavation or construction work whatsoever including the erection, demolition, alteration or repair of any building, authorized by the Corporation, except in case of urgent necessity and then under a permit from the Inspector of Buildings of the Municipality.

– the sounding of automobile horns at weddings

– crying, shouting or loud speaking in or adjacent to any public street or place.





-Straffordville (1-2) 12 Woodstock 2

-Hickson 9 Pt. Burwell (0-4) 6

-Innerkip 8 Pt. Burwell 4

-Norwich 10 Pt. Burwell 3




-Mon -Aylmer FC (2-0-1) 4 Glencoe 1





Aylmer and Malahide councillors were in group sessions discussing EEC Complex governance issues during a special meeting with an EECC consultant at the EECC last night. (kb) (CLICK)

Aylmer and Malahide councillors were in group sessions discussing EEC Complex governance issues during a special meeting with a consultant at the EECC last night. (kb) (CLICK)


Aylmer and Malahide councils met with the recently appointed EECC governance consultant Jennifer Kirkham of Mischievous Cat Productions last night at the EECC. The councils hired the consultant in order to attain a new governance model at the EECC – presently an Ad Hoc committee consisting only of the two Mayors guides the EECC. The consultant’s strategy consisted of a ‘facilitation process’ in which a question and answer session was followed by group discussions. She first asked councillors why the EECC was built (two Malahide councillors were actually elected at the time) and then divided them into mixed council groups to discuss what they hoped to gain by the process. She then asked what they hoped a new governance model would accomplish. Her review also includes another facilitation meeting on June 23.





-Johnston, JoAnn (Dale) of Belmont passed away on Sunday in her 75th year. Survivors: husband Roy; two children etc.. Visitation at Bieman Funeral Home Dorchester on Thursday at 1 pm; the service will be at 2 pm.


– Bartolacci Myrtlle L. (Smyth) of Port Burwell passed away at Terrace Lodge, Aylmer on Friday at the age of 95 years. Predeceased by her husband Attilio Bartolacci. Survivors: two children etc.. Visitation at Ostranders Funeral Home Tillsonburg  on Thursday from 2-4 & 7-9 p.m. where the Funeral Service will be held Friday at 1 pm.





(From Environment Canada at 11 am, for East Elgin) – “Conditions are favourable for the development of dangerous thunderstorms that may be capable of producing damaging wind gusts, large hail and heavy rain. Thunderstorms are expected to begin this afternoon and persist into early evening.”




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TUESDAY, May 26/15





-Sr Day Out; 9:30; EEC Complex (see Mon. story)

-Ayl-Mal. Councils: EECC Governance; 7 pm; Imperial Hall


-Wed -TriCounty Fastball: Pt. Burwell hosts Innerkip, 8pm

-Wed -EECC Public Budget Meeting, 7pm, (following by Ad Hoc Meeting)

-Thu -Southwest Soccer -Aylmer hosts Southwold, 7pm; EESS

-Thu-Aylmer Library: ‘Makerspace’ Unveiling; 6-8 pm

-Sat -Club 7 Paper Drive





TILLSONBURG – East Elgin won the Southeast Boys Soccer championship here yesterday with a 1-0 victory over Ingersoll. East Elgin will now host WOSSA AAAA Thursday. It is their first title since back to back crowns in 2007 and 2008.





(Information from Toni Wilson, TVDSB Learning CoOrdinator) – TVDSB students who were leaders in their schools in promoting safe schools programs were honoured last week. EESS recepients were: Spencer Ray and Dakota Narciso.







EDEN – “A 57 year old Malahide man was airlifted to hospital in critical condition after being run over by a farm packer being pulled by a tractor near here on May 30. The accident occurred around noon on a  rural property on Eden Line between Plank Road and Sandytown Rd. in  Bayham. The 57 year old male was cutting the lawn around a cabin situated on the property and was in the process of walking backwards with the push mower as a farm tractor passed behind him. He had observed the farm tractor but did not realize that it was towing a cultivator and behind that the packer. Thinking it was clear the victim stepped backwards into the path of the packer and was run over.”





(Information from Barb Warnock) – “Trinity Anglican Church in Aylmer installed a chair lift into the Parish Hall this month. The lift will make the lower level of the church building accessible to those who find stairs a challenge allowing people to attend functions downstairs and, in the future, through video link, to view services upstairs. The elevator project will remain unfinished for the forseeable future as there are structural obstacles which were not apparent when the exterior door was installed.”





Among decisions made by Bayham Council last Thursday:

-re- Wind Interpretive Centre (at western entrance to Pt. Burwell), staff were directed to proceed with actions to have Council declare structure as surplus, sell / move or demolish if not sold. (Previously Erie Shores Wind Farm had maintained the property for the past two years.)




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