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THURSDAY, Jan. 22/15





-Bayham (In Camera: 5:30 pm), Malahide Councils, 7pm


-Fri -EESS Exams begin

-Sat -Spitfires host: Exeter, 7:30





AYLMER –  Second place Lambeth squeaked by the Aylmer Spitfires 3-2 here last night in SOJHL hockey. Derek Folkard and Jesse Tottle dented the twine for the Spits. Aylmer’s record is now 10-25-2. Saturday the Spitfires host Exeter.


Period 1
LambethKeith   Arnold (Matt   Schurr, Jordan   Rear) 8:04
LambethAndrew   Fletcher (Robert   Mapes) 13:40
Period 2
AylmerDerek   Folkard (power play) (Kyle   DiCicco) 4:49
LambethMatt   Schurr (Warren Hargraves) 7:20
AylmerJesse   Tottle (Derek   Folkard) 19:16
Period 3
(no scoring)





The monthly Seniors Day Out program at the EEC Complex next Tuesday will feature Bettina Weber as speaker. She will talk on Pet First Aid tips. The event, which runs from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm, costs $10  and includes lunch and a choice of fitness class, shuffleboard or skating. Pre-registration is required.





-Fehr, Katharina “Tina” passed away at Terrace Lodge Aylmer on Wednesday in her 93rd year. Survivors: sister Betty etc.. She was born in Manitoba. Visitation at the Kebbel Funeral Home on Friday 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. The funeral service will be held at the EMMC church at Summers Corners on Saturday at 1 pm.


– Gubesch-Tenhor, Carol  passed away on Wednesday at the age of 68. Survivors: husband Martin Tenhor; two children, three stepchildren etc.. Predeceased by husband Michael Gubesch (1994). Visitation at the Kebbel Funeral Home on Sunday 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. A celebration of Carol’s life will the held at the Aylmer Christian Reformed Church on Monday at 11 am.





Aylmer and Malahide councils last Thursday in a special joint meeting rejected a proposed business plan for the EEC Complex and gave general support for a private management firm to run it. Aylmer Councillor Peter Barbour and Malahide Mayor Dave Mennill provide some insight into those discussions:


Barbour: “Discussion at the Special Meeting expressed concern that a business plan may take up to a year to create, review and implement. The municipalities have not been successful in operating the EECC in a fiscally progressive manner or to adapt to changing customer expectations in a timely manner. I support the initiative to consider hiring an outside operating company to operate the facility, under the expectations to provide service levels meeting our standards. An operating company (there are approximately 70 arenas being operated by an operating company in Ontario) would have an established business plan, based on their previous operational successes; it was considered redundant to pay for a business plan that may not have any affect.”


Mennill:  “I was following Leisure Plans’ advice, that a business plan is the best route to take for the complex. My concern with a private management firm is that they tend to administer to arenas/community complexes in larger centres.  I question that we have the volume to attract a private management team.”





Elgin OPP is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the suspect in a break and enter which occurred on December 16th at approximately 1:45 am at a property on Imperial Road just north of Conservation Line, in Malahide. A male entered a detached barn/garage via an unlocked sliding door and removed a STIHL weed eater. The suspect then kicked open the shop door located beside the sliding door damaging the door jamb. A Honda water pump, Honda Pressure washer and a quantity of hand tools were stolen from the shop. Surveillance video captured images of the suspect as well as external surveillance footage captured images of the suspect’s vehicle which appears to be an older SUV, possibly a GMC Jimmy. Contact the OPP or Crimestoppers if you have information.





Among agenda items for Bayham Council tonight is the following:

-a public meeting pre-Council to discuss: ” to stop up and close parts of a road allowance described as Plan 12 Market Square at the intersection of Pitt and Erieus Streets in the Village of Port Burwell and … to stop up, close and convey the southwest corner portion of road allowance described as Plan 12 Market Square , municipally known as 24 Pitt Street.”





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WEDNESDAY, Jan. 21/15





-Spitfires host: Lambeth, 8:15


-Thu -Bayham, Malahide Councils, 7pm

-Fri -EESS Exams begin

-Sat -Spitfires host: Exeter, 7:30





At Aylmer council Monday the following motion was passed: “That the Council of the Town of Aylmer direct Staff, in consultation with the Township of Malahide, to prepare an RFP for the purpose of hiring an Outside Management company to operate the East Elgin Community Complex, as discussed at the Joint Council meeting on January 15, 2015.”





A recently formed group of local citizens, Aylmer Library Expansion Supporters, made a presentation at Aylmer Council Monday urging council to make the expansion of the library an upcoming priority. Their report suggested the following: the library should stay downtown and an expansion should occur from the present site, libraries do have a growing future, all other libraries in Elgin County have undergone a recent expansion or remodelling, there is growing circulation in Aylmer, most other libraries in towns similar in size to Aylmer regionally have a minimum of 10,000 square feet which was also the minimum size suggested for Aylmer by the Elgin County Library, the present space of 3100 square feet is overcrowded, the discussion has been on going for over ten years, and an expansion project would be financially affordable. Council received the report for information purposes.





-Ferris, Florence Madeline (Ball) of Vienna passed away on Tuesday at the age of 86. Wife of the late Hugh Ferris (1989). Survivors: three children including Valerie Donnell (George) of Vienna etc.. She was owner of Sam’s Place on the beach at Port Burwell for 11 years and a resident of Vienna all her life. Visitation at Ostrander’s Funeral Home, Tillsonburg on Friday from 2-4 & 7-9 pm with the Funeral Service at Port Burwell United Church on Saturday at 2 pm.


-Evely, Vera (Hynes) of Woodstock and formerly of Pt. Burwell passed away Saturday at the age of 93. Survivors: husband Al, two children etc.. She was a former member of the Pt. Burwell Legion. The funeral service will be held today at 11 am at the Avondale United Church, Tillsonburg. Arrangments through the Verhoeve Funeral Home Tillsonburg.


-Webber, Joyce of Aylmer passed away on Thursday in her 76th year. Survivors: husband Joe; five children etc.. Joyce owned Gramma’s Attic for over 33 years. A funeral service will be held Friday at 11 am at Eden Baptist Church.





(A public meeting was held at Aylmer Council Monday to discuss an application by Charles and Marianne Kirby of Aylmer to change the rezoning of  their house at 147 Sydenham, two doors west of Queen St. on the north side, from residential to office-residential. Council later gave second reading to the change. The Kirbys hope to open an adult day care allowing temporary lodging and day programs for up to 48 hours for a maximum of 15 adults. Said Town Director of Planning/Municipal Services Dan Dale at the meeting: “This is addressing a defiency and is a good fit for the community.” Charles Kirby provided this overview:)


“Our son Todd suffers from a syndrome known as velo-cardio fascial syndrome. One of the characteristics is it affects hearing, in Todd’s case a complete hearing loss. Todd also suffers from scitzophrenia, another characteristic. Marianne and I want to give our son as normal and rewarding a life as any young person deserves. With this in mind we decided to purchase a house to help Todd become more self sufficient by setting it up as an assisted living enviroment where he can share the house with other young adults who also suffer from some kind of developmental disabilities. We decided that we had to do this because there was nothing else out there; Community living for example has a 20 year waiting list for people to get into their program. Where do these young people go when they reach the age of 21 and no longer are eligible to be in high school where their only social experience may be fulfilled?


This house has four large bedrooms, a wheel chair accessible bathroom and a large back yard. We have a service provider (Unity Support Services) who will be working with these young people. They will be able to attend as long as they wish. We are also hoping to offer respite for these people as well from 24 to 48 hours a week. It is our hope that the doors will open early in February.”





The Brock University womens’ basketball team won both of their OUAA games in a northern Ontario tour on the weekend. Friday they downed Nipissing 74-40 as Aylmer’s Kira Cornelissen scored 8 points. Saturday, Brock trounced Laurentian in Sudbury by 80-54 as Cornelissen contributed 13 pt..  Brock’s record is five wins, six losses.





(Information from Claudia Mior-Eckel, Executive Director, East Elgin Family Health team:) –  A new family doctor started practising in Aylmer recently as a member of the East Elgin Family Health team. She is presently only taking on patients who were left without a doctor following the recent retirement of Dr Monika Botschner. Dr Berna Benhabib is from Toronto, is full time, is in her first practice and is a graduate of the medical school at McMaster.  Added Mior-Eckel:”Our priority will be to take back patients from our catchment area which is Aylmer, Bayham and Malahide.”




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TUESDAY, Jan. 20/15





-Wed -Spitfires host: Lambeth, 8:15

-Thu -Bayham, Malahide Councils, 7pm

-Fri -EESS Exams begin

-Sat -Spitfires host: Exeter, 7:30





-Stafford, Harry Charles “Skip” of Aylmer passed away Sunday in his 77th year. Survivors: children Chris Stafford (Dean Young) etc.. He was born in Springfield and had worked at Craik Lumber and the Ontario Police College. Visitation at the Kebbel Funeral Home one hour prior to the service on Wednesday at 11 am.





(Revised) “Where is Joe? I have noticed with curiosity that Joe Preston has not been attending regular local events in the last month and that his Executive Assistant, Karen Vecchio, who just happens to be the EML Conservative candidate, has been stepping in for him. Over the past ten years Joe has been a regular attendee at community events and when promoting federal government funds and support for local organizations and groups. So it makes one wonder why he no longer is seen with the same local regularity, even when the house is not sitting.

I am concerned with this convenient political maneuvering for a number of reasons. First, Karen is a political staff whose salary is paid for by the taxpayers. The role of the Executive Assistant is to be non-partisan and to work with various levels of government, local agencies, groups and the community on behalf of Joe Preston, the elected representative. On October 1st, when Karen decided to run for the Conservative nomination, which is clearly a partisan activity, as staff of a MP’s office, she should have taken a leave of absence from the public payroll for the duration of the nomination campaign. Now that Karen has formally won the Conservative nomination, I am surprised she has not voluntarily resigned her position.

It is known publically that Joe Preston is Karen’s campaign manager. Thus, it would seem to suggest that his convenient no-show at public events are choreographed to get his party’s candidate as much local press and exposure as possible at the tax payer’s expense. It is common for political staff to attend events on behalf of their boss. But Joe has 3 other constituency staff that he could send to events if he is truly unable to attend but conveniently it has been Karen we see.

I applaud everyone, from all parties, who run for office. But it is not ethical for Karen to continue to work in his public office and to show up at formal events, as his representative, while working on her political campaign in parallel. It is a conflict of interest. As a taxpayer, I expect Joe to continue to do his job until the day a federal election is called and for Karen to step aside and resign so she can run her own campaign.” (David Goodwin. President Elgin Middlesex London Federal Liberal Riding Association)





Malahide councillor Mark Widner  informed last week that he had found a stray kitten along a remote road in north Malahide which he took to the Aylmer Vet Clinic. He then added: “After telling my story to a neighbour lady she had told others of my find and her son spotted another kitten while driving by. She brought it to show me and it matched what I found but in better condition, just cold and hungry. I went out and captured another. They must  have been dumped to fend for themselves on the coldest day of the winter on a lonely side road. The one I left at the vet had frozen ears and tail and was left in their care. I can’t understand this act of cruelty on such tame animals.”


Aylmer Veteranarian Tracy Vink-Taylor commented – “I would love to be able to tell you that this is a new issue, however, stray or abandoned cats and kittens have been an ongoing problem in our area for quite some time with no simple solution. With the cold weather, I think people realize more readily that these cats have been dropped off as most owned cats would prefer to be indoors at this time of year. We see a lot of abandoned cats in the summer with seasonal residents choosing to adopt a cat during their holidays and leaving it behind when they move on.


We do work closely with a number of non profit rescues and caring people to help with individual cases yet there is no standard protocol or program that exists to help with all cases. At times rescue organizations are filled to capacity and cannot take on another cat. To the best of my knowledge, neither Aylmer nor Malahide has any funding or programs to address this situation so I suspect it will continue to be an issue in the future. This issue continues to be one of the main reasons we strongly recommend early spay and neuter for all cats.”







Malahide is looking for a new Director of Fire and Emergency Services. The present director Paul Groeneveld is resigning effective February 13. Malahide was informed of the decision last week. Groeneveld has been with Malahide for five years and previously served four years as fire chief in Bayham.


Meanwhile at Aylmer Council last night the following motion was passed:  “Whereas, the Fire Chief of the Township of Malahide has submitted his resignation; and Whereas, the Fire Protection and Prevention Act allows municipalities to jointly share a Fire Chief; and Whereas, sharing the position of a Fire Chief is practical and fiscally responsible; therefore, the Council of the Town of Aylmer contact the Council of the Township of Malahide to establish if there is common interest to enter into negotiations for the purpose of sharing a Fire Chief and further that, with the agreement of both Councils, that an interim agreement may be considered until final deliberations are completed.”





(Contributed) – “Celebrate Family Literacy Day on January 27th at the Aylmer library. Join us for all day games, challenges and prizes! It will be our Tales and Timmies kick-off day, free coffee & hot chocolate, treats. We also will be giving out bookmarks. Each time they use their library card, they will be given a stamp, once they receive 5 stamps on the bookmark they can take it to one of the Aylmer Tim Hortons’ locations to receive a free small beverage or doughnut. ABC Life Literacy Canada is also encouraging Canadian families to have “15 minutes of fun” learning together on that day.




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MONDAY, Jan. 19/15





-Aylmer Council, 7pm


-Wed -Spitfires host: Lambeth, 8:15

-Thu -Bayham, Malahide Councils, 7pm

-Fri -EESS Exams begin

-Sat -Spitfires host: Exeter, 7:30





AYLMER – The Spitfires were edged 5-4 by Pt. Stanley in a shootout in an SOJHL game here Saturday night that was marred by a brawl midway through the third period. Aylmer outshot Pt. Stanley 55-30 including 26-8 in the second period but had to settle for a shootout loss – and even then on the twelfth shooter. Robert Shaw fired two goals for Aylmer with singles going to Luke Bettencourt and Cody Underhill.

In an incident halfway through the third period, nine game misconducts were handed out including six to Pt. Stanley – two Pt. Stanley players were actually handed two each. Aylmer’s record is now 10-24-2. Aylmer has four league games remaining including hosting Lambeth Wednesday, travelling to Lambeth Friday and hosting Exeter Saturday.


Period 1
Port StanleyTyler Beaulieu (Zachary Zinga, Nicholas Phillips) 7:02
Port StanleyJosh Reda (Zachary Zinga, Ryan Vandenbroek) 16:26
Period 2
AylmerLuke Bettencourt (Spencer Roloson) 2:36
AylmerCody Underhill (power play) (Trevor Stewart) 14:04
Port StanleyJames McHugh (short handed) (Derek Finlay) 17:38
AylmerRobert Shaw (Jesse Tottle, Derek Folkard) 19:34
Period 3
Port StanleyJosh Reda (Zachary Zinga, David Mitchell) 3:39
AylmerRobert Shaw (Jesse Tottle) 4:48






AYLMER – A television news report last night indicated that the private Brookside Retirement Home in Aylmer had lost its licence and was to close. Thirteen residents were informed Wednesday that they had to vacate by today. Southwest Community Care Access Client Service Manager Daryl Nancekivell (formerly of Aylmer) was on site today and said that his agency was assisting with the transition and “everyone had a place to go”. The licence was revoked by the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority of Ontario.





– January 12, 2015, Station #2, Talbot Line, Medical Assist

– January 13, 2015, Station #1,  Levi Street, Medical Assist

– January 14, 2015, Station #2,  Catt Line, Medical Assist

– January 16, 2015, Station #2,  Dingle Street, Medical Assist





-Van Horne (Buck) Mildred of St. Thomas passed away on Sunday in her 94th year. Wife of the late Harry Van Horne. She was born in Malahide and was a former member of the Aylmer Baptist Church. Visitation at Williams Funeral Home, St.Thomas  on Tuesday from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. with the funeral service there on Wednesday at 11 am.


-Schultz, George Karl of Tillsonburg and formerly of Aylmer passed away on Tuesday at the age of 85. George was a former manager at the Aylmer Dairy. A private service was held this afternoon; arrangements through Verhoeve Funeral Home, Tillsonburg.





(From St.Thomas OPP) – On Thursday around 3 pm OPP responded after a 25 year old  Bayham man suffered minor injuries when he was involved in a single vehicle snowmobile collision on his own property on Plank Rd. The driver, who was not wearing a helmet or other protective gear, was transported to hospital. No charges have been laid.




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FRIDAY, Jan. 16/15





-Elementary Schools PD Day


-Sat -Spits host: Pt. Stanley, 7:30 pm

-Sat -Carolinian Carnival, EEC Complex, 10am -2 pm (see Tue. story)

-Sat -APAC Presents: Danny Michel, 7:30 pm; OTHall Theatre (SOLD OUT)

-Mon. -Aylmer Council, 7pm





After a rare meeting of both Aylmer and Malahide councils yesterday, each council first defeated a motion to award a business plan contract for guiding EEC Complex decisions to a prospective bidder and then rejected pursuing any kind of business plan for the Complex. (The Administrators of both councils were recommending at the meeting that the contract for a Business Plan be awarded to Magnus Associates at a cost of $45,250.)


In the ninety minute discussion held at the Complex, the following other suggestions seemed to gain some support:

-the present governance of the EEC Complex, shared by Malahide and Aylmer, is not workable

-the complex should be managed by a private firm

-last year’s decision to discontinue hall rentals after April in order to save money should be overturned

As well,  Aylmer Mayor Greg Currie informed that he intends to encourage his council in the near future to rescind a motion from last spring to consider putting the library at the Complex.


Here is a sampling of comments made at the meeting:

Ayl. Co. Arthur Oslach – We don’t need a business plan, we can move ahead with the consultant’s report (from last year), we need an outside management firm to run the complex, we’ve procrastinated for ten years on this; an outside firm will have their own business plan

Ayl Mayor Greg Currie – The problem is a governance issue, both the town and township don’t know how to run an arena, the EECC is a diamond, it should be the envy of all; we should also end the moratorium on hall bookings as the community wants to continue bookings

Mal Mayor Dave Mennill – One reason we applied for a grant for a business plan is to have a road map for operating the complex so I will recommend we have the business plan, it would be foolish to turn down the grant we received for the business plan

Ayl Co. Ted McDonald – The business plan doesn’t solve the issue of governance; also there are already enough suggestions in the consultant’s report

Mal Co. Chester Glinski – A business plan is just plain stalling

Mennill – It is easy to say someone else can come in and run the complex but a business plan is needed so know everything about how this should be run, with an outside firm what if its not in their best interests to do long term maintenance etc,; we are still going to need some kind of governance because we still own it

McDonald – We also need to end the ban on hall rentals, we have turned too many away, we need to promote this building, when the Aylmer Chamber of Commerce goes across the road that is a problem


Aylmer and Malahide councils held a joint session at the EEC Complex yesterday to discuss a business plan for the site. (kb)

Aylmer and Malahide councils held a joint session at the EEC Complex yesterday to discuss a business plan for the site. (kb) (CLICK)





(From the Elgin County Health Unit) – The Acting Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Joyce Lock, has issued a third brief COLD WEATHER ALERT for 2015 in Elgin County. Environment Canada is predicting ambient temperatures to fall below -15 ° C overnight and last until about 6 a.m. Saturday morning.





-Russell,  Mrs. Gladys J. (Johnson) of Terrace Lodge, Aylmer,formerly of St. Thomas, passed away Wednesday in her 98th year. Wife of the late Melvin V. “Mel” Russell (1988). The funeral service will be held at Sifton’s Funeral Home, St.Thomas on Saturday at 2 pm.





Among items to be considered on Monday’s agenda of Aylmer council:

-a proposed amendment to a bylaw re Application made by Charles and Marianne Kirby to operate an adult day care at their property on Sydenham St.






-BOYS HOCKEY – EESS 6 Glencoe 2





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THURSDAY, Jan. 15/15






-Wed/Thu -EESS Dance Shows, 7pm (see Mon. story)

-EESS hosts: Boys BBall v CECI


-Fri -Elementary Schools PD Day

-Sat -Spits host: Pt. Stanley, 7:30 pm

-Sat -Carolinian Carnival, EEC Complex, 10am -2 pm (see Tue. story)

-Sat -APAC Presents: Danny Michel, 7:30 pm; OTHall Theatre (SOLD OUT)






Tomorrow, on the elementary PD day, the EEC Complex will be offering public skating from 10 am to 12 pm and there will be a Youth Day Camp for $20/child from 8 am to 5 pm featuring crafts, games, sports and public skating.






-Vanderpas, Arnold of Tillsonburg passed away on Sunday at the age of 88 years. Survivors: wife Barbara (Rekate) Van Der Pas; two children including Angelica (Randy) VanPuyenbroeck of Aylmer etc.. Visitation at Ostranders Funeral Home, Tillsonburg on Thursday from 7 – 9 pm. with the Funeral Service there on Friday at 11 am.


-Hiemstra, Wytze passed away at Terrace Lodge, Aylmer on Wednesday in his 87th year. Survivors: wife Janny (DeVries) Hiemstra; four children including Rick Hiemstra (Cathy), Lynn O’Brien and Charlie Hiemstra (Patty), all of Aylmer etc.. He was born in the Netherlands and was a craftsman of wood products. Visitation at the Kebbel Funeral Home on Sunday 2-4 and 7-9 pm. A funeral service will be held on Monday at 11 am at the Aylmer Christian Reformed Church.












(Information from Chief Andre Reymer) – A 15 year old Bayham girl at EESS was charged with possession after Police were called to the school last Thursday and found a small amount of marijuana on her – she and a 17 year old Malahide girl were discovered by staff apparently smoking marijuana in a washroom.






(Last year the YWCA introduced sports sampler sessions for teens. This update on what still is being offered is contributed by Tarin Fortin of the YWCA) – “The first will be held at Studio Dance Pointe, St. Thomas on Saturday January 24th from 1-3 pm. Youth aged 11-15 will be able to try Hip Hop, Arco and Ariel Circus Acrobatics. The second Sports Sampler will be held at the YWCA, St. Thomas on Saturday February 14th from 1-3 pm where youth can try  Badminton. We continue to offer transportation to and from each session as well as a healthy snack. The cost remains $5 per person/session.  For more information families can contact the YWCA St. Thomas-Elgin, 519-631-9800 or The Aylmer Community Services, 519-765-2082.”






(Contributed) – Aylmer United Way’s second annual Winter Bowl will be held this Saturday from 4 pm to 10 pm at Cy’s Bowling Lanes. All ages are welcome. Time slots are: 4-6 pm, 6-8 pm and 8-10 pm. Team and individual prizes can be won. Teams of 4-6 people must pre-register for the event. Cost is $20 per person which includes 2 games. Contact Melissa Schneider of the United Way.





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WEDNESDAY, Jan. 14/15





-Wed/Thu -EESS Dance Shows, 7pm (see Mon. story)


-Thu -EESS hosts: Boys BBall v CECI

-Fri -Elementary Schools PD Day

-Sat -Spits host: Pt. Stanley, 7:30 pm

-Sat -Carolinian Carnival, EEC Complex, 10am -2 pm (see Tue. story)

-Sat -APAC Presents: Danny Michel, 7:30 pm; OTHall Theatre (SOLD OUT)





(Contributed Monday) – The Acting Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Joyce Lock, has issued a second COLD WEATHER ALERT for 2015 in Elgin County following Environment Canada’s forecast low temperatures reaching -19 with a wind chill of -28° C this evening. Daily temperatures are expected to fluctuate and be close to the minus 15 ° C temperature, that is used as one of the criteria for issuing a Cold Weather Alert, over the next few days until Thursday.





-Wolfe, Katherine Colleen “Kathy of St. Thomas passed away on Sunday in her 50th year. Survivors: husband Dalton Wolfe, son Matthew Wolfe; father “Bob” Nunn (Linda Young) of St. Thomas and the late Bonnie Nunn etc.. Visitation at Williams Funeral Home St. Thomas on Thursday from 7-9 p.m. and Friday from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. The celebration of life will be held at Parkwood Hospital, London on Saturday at 3 pm.


-Gustafson Vera passed away at Terrace Lodge Aylmer on Monday. Predeceased by husband Ben Gustafson. Survivors: two children etc.. The Funeral Service will be held on Tuesday January 20 at 11 am at Eden Baptist Church. Arrangements through Wareing Cremation Services.


-Weesjes Ed passed away at Terrace Lodge Aylmer on Tuesday in his 93rd year. Husband of the late Bertha (Mekking) Weesjes. Survivors: six children including: Ena and Paul Vanden Brink, Albert and Grace Weesjes, Adrian and Wendy Weesjes, all of the Aylmer area, and Betty and Herman Siemens of Belmont etc.. He was born in the Netherlands. Visitation at the Kebbel Funeral Home on Thursday 2-4 and 7-9 p.m.. A funeral service will be held on Friday at 11 am at the Aylmer Christian Reformed Church.





-BOYS BBALL – SR – EESS 62 Glencoe 35; JR – EESS 65 Glencoe 8





Cam Watts, pastor of Aylmer Baptist Church, informed his congregation recently that he was resigning his position as he is moving to Toronto. Cam was born and raised in Scarborough and served churches in Kingston Township, Claremont and Toronto before coming here in 1997. He succeeded the late Rev. Bill Pugh. He noted that he is relocating as his wife Nancy has taken a position as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Maternal-Newborn Care at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto.





The Brock University womens’ basketball team lost twice to Lakehead in a weekend visit to Thunder Bay as OUAA play resumed after the Christmas break. Aylmer’s Kira Cornelissen scored 8 points – second highest on the team -as Brock was defeated 65-55 Friday. Saturday, Lakehead was victorious again by a 75-58 margin. Brock’s record is three wins, six losses.




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TUESDAY, Jan. 13/15





-EESS Gr. 8 Night, 7 pm


-Wed/Thu -EESS Dance Shows, 7pm (see Mon. story)

-Thu -EESS hosts: Boys BBall v CECI

-Fri -Elementary Schools PD Day

-Sat – Spits host: Pt. Stanley, 7:30 pm





(Information from Sam Regier of the EESS Environmental class:) –  “The Carolinian Carnival is a community event organized by Environmental Leadership students and hosted by Bird Studies Canada, Longpoint Waterfowl, Sciensational Snakes, OFAH, Ontario Badgers, Canadian Raptory Conservatory, and Greg Balch from the Wellington Street Sportsman Club. This is an interactive educational day designed to not only teach kids, but parents about the uniqueness of Carolinian Canada. We have invited those organizations to put on displays and bring their snakes, birds, mammals, amphibians, etc to explain how to protect species and habitat in Canada. We have hand delivered roughly 900 invitations to 11 local and surrounding elementary schools and talked to grades 4-6 from each school to promote the event. It is also open to the public.”





– January 5, 2015, Station #2, Springwater Road, Medical Assist

– January 8, 2015, Station #2,  Heritage Line, Medical Assist

– January 10, 2015, Station #1,  Nova Scotia Line, Medical Assist





-Van Patter, Donald Lynwood “Lyn” of Chartwell, Aylmer passed away on Sunday in his 79th year. Survivors: three children etc.. Lyn was an OPP in the Hamilton area for a number of years. A graveside service will be held on Wednesday at 11 am at the Aylmer cemetery; arrangements through the Kebbel Funeral Home.





(Contributed by Barb Warnock:) – Aylmer Community Theatre is bringing back ‘Mrs. Parliament’. The popular play, which audiences enjoyed last season, will be back on stage January 29 through February 7 (see ad).

Synopsis: Mrs. Parliament’s husband, Chuck, forgets their 32nd anniversary. One can only imagine the repercussions of that oversight and thus follows an amazing adventure for Mrs. Parliament. Along the way she meets numerous characters who guide her on her journey. Local actors, Katherine Thompson, Evan Thompson, and Colleen Sawyer  are among those who impact her life.  Also seen on stage are Peter Leack, Gary Bodkin, Paul Blower, Judy Jacoletti, Mark Smith, Jennifer Leack, and Barbara Warnock. Director is Ron Sawyer. Newcomer James Wybrow will play four characters. Mary Morin is Stage Manager.

Playwright Norm Foster has sent his support of the show saying, “I am thrilled that Aylmer Community Theatre is producing my play Mrs. Parliament’s Night Out.” As well, ACT has partnered for this production with Rob’s-ecafe and studio for a dinner and theatre package.





(Contributed) – On the heels of ending 2015’s first Cold Weather Alert on January 11th, the Acting Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Joyce Lock, has issued a second COLD WEATHER ALERT for 2015 in Elgin County following Environment Canada’s forecast low temperatures reaching -19 with a wind chill of -28° C this evening. Daily temperatures are expected to fluctuate and be close to the minus 15 ° C temperature, that is used as one of the criteria for issuing a Cold Weather Alert, over the next few days until Thursday.






Recently there has been renewed attention at Malahide Council about vehicles speeding on Glencolin Line through the middle of the Aylmer/Malahide Amish community (see Friday report). Actually the issue was first discussed in 2009 and Malahide’s reaction was to install more signage to warn drivers of the Amish presence and to encourage reduced speeds. But in 2013 the Amish raised concerns again. Finally, just before Christmas, Malahide representatives met with the OPP and members of the Amish Safety Committee to consider solutions.

However the solutions proposed seem peripheral – increased lighting on buggies and the wearing of bright arm bands by the Amish, along with new signage and school visits. Speeding is still the issue. In 2013 Malahide Co. Mark Widner said: “I fear some day we will have a bad accident because the roads are used as a bypass from other highways…and in reality the roads are the only place (for the Amish) to walk from home to home and for the children to get to the numerous schools .”

Even though the Amish themselves, according to Co. Widner, didn’t feel the speed limit should be reduced,  the issue seems to warrant more attention. I have been out many times on Glencolin Line and would suggest there are many speeders that roar by in the midst of horse and buggy traffic, with children going to and from the Amish school there and with children walking in the summer on the side of the road.

So why are we still protecting the temptation to speed? We dictate that traffic slows down going by Summers Corners school – why not by the Amish school? We require lower limits going through Orwell, Luton, Copenhagen, Kingsmill and nearby Mapleton etc.- why not through the Amish ‘village’ where there is more potential for accidents with numerous buggies and children using that road. The Amish community deserves the same protection from speeders already accorded other rural residents – and the sooner the better. (kb)




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MONDAY, Jan. 12/15





-Mon -No Aylmer Council until Jan. 19


-Tue -EESS Gr. 8 Night, 7 pm

-Wed/Thu -EESS Dance Shows, 7pm (see story below)

-Thu -EESS hosts: Boys BBall v CECI

-Sat – Spits host: Pt. Stanley, 7:30 pm





(Information from Malahide Council agenda page:) Aylmer and Malahide councils will hold a special meeting on Thursday to discuss the next step in the proposed business plan for EEC Complex. The meeting will take place in the Blue Line Room at the EEC Complex at 3 pm (immediately following separate meetings of each council) and is open to the public.


Said Aylmer Mayor Greg Currie: “The reason for the special meeting is to have Aylmer Council meet with Malahide Council to discuss moving forward on the business plan for the Complex. During our last council meeting our council deferred making a decision on the awarding of the business plan contract until after our relatively new council could learn more of the issue. Malahide Council through Mayor Mennill asked if we could meet sooner as a joint council to look at the status of the RFP for the business plan.”


Background (from Malahide agenda page:) In May Aylmer Council endorsed the recommendation of the Aylmer-Malahide Liaison Committee and directed that the Administrators of Aylmer and Malahide undertake a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a Business Plan for the EEC Complex. The RFP acknowledged that a full operational review of the EEC Complex had been completed previously by LeisurePlan International Inc. and called for the development of a business plan to help guide future business decisions. A government grant was recently approved for 50% funding to a maximum of $25,000 for this plan. The Administrators of both councils are recommending at this Thursday’s meeting that the contract for the development of a Business Plan be awarded to Magnus Associates at a cost of $45,250. Malahide Council defeated that proposal at their December 4 meeting but is being asked to reconsider that decision.





(Contributed) – On the heels of ending 2015’s first Cold Weather Alert on January 11th, the Acting Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Joyce Lock, has issued a second COLD WEATHER ALERT for 2015 in Elgin County following Environment Canada’s forecast low temperatures reaching -19 with a wind chill of -28° C this evening. Daily temperatures are expected to fluctuate and be close to the minus 15 ° C temperature, that is used as one of the criteria for issuing a Cold Weather Alert, over the next few days until Thursday.





NORTH MIDDLESEX – The Spitfires earned their first shutout of the season as they split weekend games in SOJHL play. Saturday in Aylmer, Dorchester garnered four second period goals on route to a 6-3 victory – Josh Houston, Cody Underhill and Jesse Tottle countered for Aylmer with all Spits’ goals on the power play. Sunday in North Middlesex, the Spitfires blasted the home team by 8-0 – they outshot them by 29-15 including 2-0 in the third period. Luke Bettencourt, Andrew Baxter and Jesiah Sweetland scored twice each with singles going to Houston and Underhill. Aylmer’s record is now 10-24-1. This week they host Pt. Stanley Saturday.



Period 1
AylmerJosh   Houston (Cody   Underhill) 0:21
AylmerJesiah   Sweetland (unassisted) 2:39
AylmerJesiah   Sweetland (Josh   Lockhart) 4:19
AylmerAndrew   Baxter (Nolan   Blum, Ryan   Stapleton) 16:55
Period 2
AylmerLuke Bettencourt (power play) (Sweetland,Trevor Stewart) 8:35
AylmerCody   Underhill (power play) (unassisted) 13:02
Period 3
AylmerAndrew   Baxter (Nolan   Blum, Ryan   Stapleton) 6:46
AylmerLuke   Bettencourt (Robert   Shaw, Jesse   Tottle) 18:05





-MacNaughton, Sandra Ruth “Sandi” of Aylmer passed away Thursday in her 65th year. Survivors: two children including Heather MacNaughton (Frank Swing) of Aylmer etc.. Funeral service at the Kebbel Funeral Home today at 11 am.


-Froese, Abram of Aylmer passed away on Sunday in his 77 th year. Survivors: wife Anna (Knelsen) Froese and the late Margaretha (Knelsen) Froese(2001); thirteen children and eight step children etc.. He was born in Mexico. Visitation at the Kebbel Funeral Home on Wednesday 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. The funeral service will be held at the Bradley Street Church of God Thursday at 11 am.





(Information from EESS Dance teacher Alicia Steenholdt:) – “The dance show is this Wednesday and Thursday at 7 pm (tickets are $5). We will be having an afternoon and morning show that elementary students are attending as well. The grade 9, 10, 11 and 12 dance classes will all be participating in the show. The grade 11/12 class will have more of a presence and have choreographed many of the pieces. The styles of dance showcased will be: jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary, hip hop, afrofusion, musical theatre, acro and aerial arts. This is our 3rd show. Each semester we have had a grade 11/12 class put on a show as it is a big part of their course. It highlights many of the styles and techniques we have explored throughout the semester and also some special talents that students work out outside of school.”




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FRIDAY. Jan. 9/15





-Fri -Channel 10 – London Knights hockey v Erie, 7:30 pm

-Sat. -Aylmer Spitfires host Dorchester, 7:30 pm

-Mon. -There is no Aylmer Council until Jan. 19





The TVDSB and the LDCSB have announced that Elgin school buses for public and catholic schools are again cancelled today due to weather conditions – for the second time this week. Schools closed include: Assumption in Aylmer, New Sarum, South Dorchester, Summers Corners and Immanuel Christian School in Aylmer. Said Kris Badder of Badder BusLines in Aylmer: “With more snow overnight, high winds and blowing snow it made for poor visibility and large snow drifts on many of the back roads.”





Eastlink Regional Manager Ron Mervis in Aylmer said yesterday that Eastlink TV community channel 5 moved to channel 10 on Wednesday. He added: “We standardized our community TV channels across the country to channel 10. Channel 5 was removed from the lineup in Aylmer.”





Brian Willsie, 36, a native of Belmont, is still playing hockey this year in Europe. Last year he played in the Kontinental Hockey League and the Finnish League and finished the year in the Swedish League. Brian then agreed to a two-year deal with Örebro HK in the Swedish Hockey League. In 35 games to date with Orebro he has 5 goals and 13 pt. Brian played several seasons in the NHL with Colorado Avalanche, Washington Capitals, and Los Angeles Kings, last playing there in the 2010-11 season.





(Contributed from the Elgin Health Unit Thursday:) – “We have extended the Cold Weather Alert first issued on Monday until Sunday. Although day time temperatures today and Friday are expected to be around -10 degrees C, the predicted lows for Friday and Saturday will be colder than -15 degrees C with wind chills reaching around -23 degrees C.”





-BOYS BBALL – SR – EESS (4-0) 47 AVSS 28; JR – EESS (2-1) v AVSS (NR)

-GIRLS VBALL – SR – PCI 3 EESS (1-4) 0; JR – PCI 3 EESS (2-3) 0




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