Daily News About Aylmer, Ontario and East Elgin

THURSDAY, June 23/16





-Fri -Public Swimming at Aylmer Pool;  7-8:30 pm (Also, Sat and Sun aft.)

-Sat -Mennonite CS Breakfast, Auction; Fairgrounds (see Tue report)

-Sat –EEC Complex: Ontario Adult Youth Horseshoes Tourney, 10 am

-Sat -91st Battalion Anniversary Parade, 11 am; St. Thomas

-Sun – TriCounty Fastball – Pt Burwell hosts Innerkip 8 pm





-Tue – RailCity 3 Aylmer (3-3) 0





(Information from Chief Andre Reymer) – No charges were laid after a 9 year old girl playing in front of her Fath Avenue home was reportedly bitten in the waist by a dog walked by its owner Saturday at 9 pm. The owner was walking by with two dogs on leashes when she stopped to clean up after one of them. The girl approached one dog on its leash and the dog nipped the girl. The dog had all necessary vaccinations and is being kept in a voluntary quarantine for now by its owner.





(Contributed) – The summer reading club at the Aylmer Library this summer features these programs: Thursday July 7 from 3:30 – 4:30 Wild kickoff with Craig the science guy; Thursday, July 14 from 2- 3 Lego with Renee; Thursday July 21 from 2 – 3 Wacky Wigs; Thursday, July 28 from 6:30 – 7:30 Wet & Wild Evening Storytime; Thursday, August 4 from 2 – 4 Grand Finale – Ray’s Little Zoo presents Endangered Ontario. There are also County-wide prizes that Aylmer registrants can win (see County Library site) and the Aylmer Library has weekly prize draws and incentives/rewards for reading.





Special celebrations this weekend in St.Thomas will mark the 100th anniversary of the departure of Elgin’s own battalion, the 91st, to fight in World War 1. The 91st was formed from Elgin recruits -about 1100 in total – and had a massive sendoff parade in St.Thomas on June 25, 1916. About 150 of the group were from Aylmer and included Harry Blashill, brothers William and Clark Haight, Albert Barker, Charles Westbrook and Ewart Christie, all of whom would be killed in action.




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WEDNESDAY, June 22/16





–EESS Exams begin


-Fri -Public Swimming at Aylmer Pool;  7-8:30 pm (Also, Sat and Sun aft.)

-Sat –EEC Complex: Ontario Adult Youth Horseshoes Tourney, 10 am

-Sat -91st Battalion Anniversary Parade, 11 am; St. Thomas

-Sun – TriCounty Fastball – Pt Burwell hosts Innerkip 8 pm





-Pokorny Richard of Burlington passed away Thursday. Survivors: brother Martin (Kathie) of Straffordville etc. A gathering will be held at Saxonia Hall Aylmer on Saturday from 1-4 pm


-Underhill, Evelyn (nee Thompson) passed away Friday. Wife of the late Ron Underhill (2005). Survivors: three children etc.. A gathering will be held on Saturday from 1:30-3:30 p.m. at the Luton Community Centre. Arrangements with Wareing Cremation Services.





(Information from EECC General Manager James Allan)


1.New sign at the Complex? – “The road side sign at the EECC is starting to peel, fade and generally look tired. It will be renewed and refreshed with a new front, utilizing the same plastic to eliminate waste and minimize cost.


2.Next year’s ice rental rates? – The ice rental rates for this season have been kept the same as last year’s rates. We have a surplus of inventory and by not increasing prices, we will be in a position to sell more of our ice.


3.Last week’s pickleball open house? – Pickleball attendance was over 60 people for the open house dates and now we have scheduled it for Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9-11 and Tuesday evenings from 6-8 pm for those who can’t make it during the day until August 3.


4.Last year’s artificial turf experiment? –  The cost of renting the turf is too high to facilitate any profit. We are currently holding Pickleball and special events on the floor as well as our summer day camp and we have ice in the other rink year round.”





At its regular meeting Monday, Aylmer Council passed the following motion re-Canada 150 celebrations next year:


“Council authorizes the amount of $5,000 for the purpose of covering expenditures in 2016 for Canada 150 Celebrations; it being noted that the 2016 budget did not anticipate said expenditures, and further that any expenditures associated with the East Elgin Community Complex for this purpose are to be forwarded to the East Elgin Community Complex Interim Board for approval”





-Mon – Pt Burwell (3-5) 4 Norwich 3




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TUESDAY, June 21/16





-St.Thomas Mens Soccer: Aylmer hosts RailCity; 7 pm; Athletic Field


-Wed –EESS Exams begin

-Sat –EEC Complex: Ontario Adult Youth Horseshoes Tourney, 10 am





(Information from Nancy Campbell of the YWCA) – Aylmer Pool has announced this year’s summer staff: Sr. Head Guard is Sydney Watson; Jr. Head Guards are Cordell Hall, Stephanie Nesbitt and Nick Omerod. Head Swim Team Coach is Erica Zimmer. There are 8 Instructor/Lifeguards and 8 Assistant Instructors.


Full public swimming starts Thursday June 30 with lessons beginning July 4.  There will also be public swimming this Friday night at 7 pm, on Saturday and Sunday and next Tuesday at 7 pm.





(Information from Anna Unger of the MCS Auction committee) –The 16th Annual Mennonite Community Services’ Aylmer Charity Auction will be held this Saturday beginning at 9 am at the Aylmer Curling Club. Breakfast will be served from 7 am. The MCS Auction raises around $30,000 every year and 75% stays here for local programming. The committee is still accepting donations of items and is also looking for volunteers to help out at the event. The Best Pie in Aylmer Contest is back for a second year – this time Rhubarb. Submit your application form by noon Friday and bring your pie between 8 and 9 am Saturday to the Curling Club. For more information, go to www.mcson.org or call Anna Unger at 519-639-7848






The EEC Complex announces a new initiative in conjunction with the Brampton Powerade Centre. Artificial turf has been installed this week on the Kinsmen Arena (east side) and is available for indoor lacrosse, soccer, company socials, family gatherings, church groups, birthday parties etc. from this Saturday to July 31 for $31.63 per hour. Cost to the EECC is $1,500 per week with expenses to be offset by potential sponsors/funding. (Both ice pads are closed in June and July this year as an expected cost saving measure by Aylmer and Malahide councils.)





(Information on Saturday’s first Kinsmen Walk at EESS is from Kinsman Organizer Andy Beck) – “It was a very successful event. There were 13 teams as 4 of these teams signed up the day of the event. We had 60 participants registered although there may have been about 200 hundred people stroll through, walk the track and support us. We walked 1000 km and had it done by 10 pm. We are at $15,000 in donations and still counting. There are still donations coming in and we are still accepting donations.”





(Information is from EESS Senior football coach Steve Voros) – “We had two players get scholarships. Deven Catt has a full scholarship to the University of Guelph and also Greg Brand has a partial one to the University  of Waterloo. We had Jason Schuler get a full scholarship to Western previously. Deven is an excellent student athlete – dedicated, reliable, intelligent, intense, hard working and most important, an excellent person. He is also the top rated lineman in TVDSB and will have a great shot at cracking the starting lineup before he graduates.”




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MONDAY, June 20/16





-Aylmer Council 7pm

-TriCounty Fastball – Norwich at Pt Burwell, 8 pm


-Tue – St.Thomas Mens Soccer: Aylmer hosts RailCity; 7 pm; Athletic Field

-Wed – EESS Exams begin

-Sat –EEC Complex: Ontario Adult Youth Horseshoes Tourney, 10 am





EESS held its first spring Commencement at the EEC Complex Thursday night. Valedictorian was Jensen Newell.


Award winners included: Robert Ball Agriculture Scholarships –Deven Catt, Evan Jenkins; Steelway Building Award – Benjamin Wiebe; Elgin Conservation and Hunting Award – Pacey Kicksee; Norman Brooks Bursary – Paige Mackay; Dr D W Sinclair and Order of Good Cheer Award – Allie Decoutere; Lena and Watkin Livingston Scholarships – Heidi Friesen, Ethan Wiebe; Richmond Beck Awards – Delanie Ashford, Deanna Fisher, Erin McGuire, Jensen Newell; Natural Resource Gas Scholarship – Stephanie Zwicker; Optimist Club Awards – Dalton Cain, Stephanie Zwicker; Nellie Farthing Scholsarships –Kayla Shelley, Kevin Wall.





(Information from Chief Andre Reymer:)

-On June 8, a 75 year old Aylmer woman was defrauded of almost $1000. She received a call from a man claiming to be her son and needing money after a crash in Ottawa. She bought an electronic payment card and gave the caller the relevant numbers to cash it. The man claimed he would return the money through Western Union. Another popular recent scam involves calls from the Canada Revenue Agency. Chief Reymer notes – ” Canada Revenue will not call, they will send letters. Hang up on the callers.”


-A 19 year old Malahide man was charged with careless driving on June 7 around 5 pm after his van struck the back of a car which had stopped for traffic while both were traveling south on John St north at Forest street; the struck vehicle had to be towed.





-TriCounty Fastball – Sun -Oxford 4 Straffordville (0-10) 3

-St.Thomas Mens Soccer – Thu – Aylmer (4-2) 3 Talbotville 0





– June 14, 2016, Station #4, Mapleton Line, Medical Assist

– June 14, 2016, Station #2, Catherine Street, Medical Assist

– June 16, 2016, Station #1, Nova Scotia Line, Medical Assist

– June 17, 2016, Station #1, Levi Street, Medical Assist

– June 18, 2016, Station #1, Lindley Street, Medical Assist

– June 18, 2016, Station #2, VanPatter Line, Medical Assist

– June 19, 2016, Station #4, Crossley-Hunter Line, Medical Assist

– June 19, 2016, Station #2, Hacienda Road, Medical Assist




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THURSDAY, June 16/16





-EESS Commencement, 7 pm


-Fri. -Pickleball Open House; EEC Complex; 9am-Noon; (see Mon. report)

-Fri -Ayl-Mal. Museum Spring Luncheon; 11:30 am-1; Anglican Church

-Fri-Sat -Bandshell Concert for Cor Cupboard; 4 pm-9:30 (Sat -11:30 am-8)

-Sat -Aylmer Kinsmen Walk; at EESS; 6 pm (see May 12 report)

-Sun -Fort Mac Concert; EEC Complex; 5 pm; (see Monday report)

-Sun – TriCounty Fastball: Straffordville hosts Oxford, 8 pm


-Mon -Aylmer Council, 7 pm





Top five placings by athletes from East Elgin schools at last week’s TVDSB elementary schools track meet are:


GIRLS – BANTAM – 80m – 5- Taryn Sullivan, Springfield; INT. – Triple Jump – 4 – Julie Naglehout, Summers Corners and  5 – Salecia Wall, Summers Corners; Softball – 1st – Mackenzie Brackenbury, Straffordville; SENIOR – 800m – 5 – Hailee Knelsen, Summers Corners; 1500m – 5 -Knelsen; OPEN – Triple Jump – 1st – Abby King, Summers Corners; Softball – 3 – Andie Wittland, Davenport


BOYS – BANTAM – 800m – 3 – Kaden DeBoer, South Dorchester; JUNIOR – Softball – 4 – Dustin Farrow; South Dorchester; 400m – 3 -Fisher Ward, Davenport; INT. 100 m – 5 – Ashton Ivanyshyn; Springfield; SENIOR – 800 m – 4 – Josh McCandless, Summers Corners; 1500 m – 5 – McCandless; OPEN – Long Jump – 2 – Tyson Fehr, Summers Corners and 5 – Nathan Baughman, Davenport; Triple Jump – 4 – Adam DeKraker, Davenport; Softball -3 – Colby Underhill, Summers Corners; 800m – 3 – Baughman.






Only a handful of citizens attended last night’s Aylmer-Malahide Councils Joint Session on the EEC Complex issues. Among resolutions approved were: an application to the provincial government for approval to install solar panels on either/or both the EECC roof or the flats to the north to be owned or leased by the municipalities; a deferral of a decision on reducing the EECC office hours from 5 pm to 4:30 pm; a decision to keep the EECC halls open for rental for a ‘rolling’ six month basis until a permanent tenant can be found and to keep all programs running; and a decision to apply to the Ministry of Tourism to obtain permission for an anchor tenant.





-Pt Burwell (2-5) 10 Straffordville (0-9) 3





-Hepburn, Michael John of St. Thomas passed away on Tuesday in his 58th year. Survivors: wife Wanda (Sadler) Hepburn; two children; sister Linda Mossey (Bill) of Aylmer etc.. Visitation at the Kebbel Funeral Home on Thursday 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. where the funeral service will be held on Friday at 11 am.





Among decisions made last Monday at the regular meeting of Aylmer Council:


-Council reaffirmed that a Committee be established to support Canada 150 activities (2017) and appointed Councillors Laur and Oslach as Council representatives and the CAO advised to appoint the Manager of Parks and Property (Thom Polland) as another member.

-Council also supported an application submitted under the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program – Intake Two for the Aylmer Park’s East Trail Expansion Project as proposed by Director of Operations Rod Tapp with the total project cost estimated to be $650,000, the maximum grant funding permitted being 50%. A revised submission would also include a new additional section of trail as a cycle route connecting Queen Street North to the existing trail in Steen Park. The East Trail Expansion Project includes extending the trail on the north side of Catfish Creek from Steen (North) Park easterly out to Dingle Street.




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WEDNESDAY, June 15/16





-TriCounty Fastball: Straffordville at Pt Burwell, 8 pm

-Wed/Fri. -Pickleball Open House; EEC Complex; 9am-Noon; (see Mon. report)


-Thu -EESS Commencement, 7 pm

-Fri -Ayl-Mal. Museum Spring Luncheon; 11:30 am-1; Anglican Church

-Fri-Sat -Bandshell Concert for Corner Cupboard, 4 pm-9:30 (Sat -11:30 am-8)

-Sat -Aylmer Kinsmen Walk; at EESS; 6 pm (see May 12 report)

-Sun -Fort Mac Concert; EEC Complex; 5 pm; (see Monday report)





Springfield Public School won the Ontario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge it was announced at a school assembly yesterday afternoon. Sponsor of the contest Raw Materials Company of Port Colborne presented the school with a trophy and a cheque for $6,446. Springfield was best over 125 other elementary and secondary schools in the province in the contest which ran from mid October to mid April. It was the second year of the event – Springfield competed last year as well. Said school secretary Sheri Webb: “I would say the biggest difference this year is the student buy in. We had a battery club that really rallied for the school.” Other strategies included putting posters up around school and uptown and having a ‘Basement Boss Wall of Fame.” The school plans to use the money to increase their green space and build a pergola over their eco classroom.





The boil water advisory issued by the Elgin St.Thomas Health Unit as a result of the water main break Monday in south Central Elgin has been rescinded as of noon today. The Medical Officer of Health has received results of water testing from the Port Burwell Area Secondary Water Supply System showing that the water in the affected area is free of bacteria and the water is now safe for drinking. The break occurred Monday afternoon when a contractor working on Dexter Line in Port Bruce damaged the main line. The boil water advisory was then issued. The line was repaired that evening and the water system was re-pressurized. An all clear was awaiting a 48 observation period during which the line was thoroughly flushed and sampled.





-St.Thomas Mens Soccer- Thu – MIB 3 Aylmer (3-2) 0

-TriCounty Fastball – Thu. -Innerkip 4 Straffordville (0-8) 0





The Moore Ave Underground band from Aylmer is hosting their fourth annual music fundraiser to benefit the Aylmer Corner Cupboard at Palmer Park this Friday and Saturday. It will run from 4 pm-9:30 Friday and 11:30 am to 8 on Saturday. Several local bands will also be featured including: Friday – Jordan Fehr, The Attic Cats, From Waves to Shore, Far Frum Normal and The Black Fame Spectacle and Saturday: Derek Rhodes, Zach McCabe, Lydia Deelstra, Jeremy Roule, Grace Wall, Jon Wall, The Neukamm Sisters, Jordan Fehr, Scott Brunelle, Peter Stratil and the Moore Ave Underground.





-Carroll, John Henry “Jack” of Chartwell Aylmer and a former resident of Port Burwell passed away Monday in his 92nd year. Predeceased by his wife Velma (Nesbitt) Carroll and good friend Vickie Tribe. Survivors: four children including Patricia Wilson( late Mike) of Aylmer and Betty Hermsen(Rob) of Springfield, etc. He was born in South Dorchester and served in the Royal Canadian Air Force in WWII. He was a farmer and worked for Top Notch Feeds for 23 years. Visitation at the Kebbel Funeral Home on Wednesday 2-4 and 7-9 pm where the funeral service will be held Thursday at 1:30 pm.




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TUESDAY, June 14/16





-Wed -TriCounty Fastball: Straffordville at Pt Burwell, 8 pm

-Wed/Fri. -Pickleball Open House; EEC Complex; 9am-Noon; (see Mon. report)

-Thu -EESS Commencement, 7 pm

-Fri -Ayl-Mal. Museum Spring Luncheon; 11:30 am-1; Anglican Church

-Sat -Aylmer Kinsmen Walk; at EESS; 6 pm (see May 12 report)

-Sun -Fort Mac Concert; EEC Complex; 5 pm; (see Monday report)





Springfield school won the Ontario Schools Battery Recycling Challenge competition it was announced this afternoon. More details tomorrow.





(Contributed) – Rob Johnson, Director of Physical Services for Malahide, reports that yesterday afternoon’s water pipeline breach has now been repaired and the water system was re-pressurized as of 8 o’clock last night. A boil water advisory issued yesterday by the St.Thomas Elgin Health Unit however remains in effect. The line was put out of commission when a contractor working on Dexter Line in Port Bruce damaged the main line. Customers affected were in south Malahide and Bayham including Pt Bruce, Copenhagen, Pt Burwell and Vienna as well as in southern Central Elgin west of Pt Bruce. About 1350 customers were affected.


The water main was thoroughly flushed and sampled during the re-pressurization. The Ontario Clean Water Agency, who are the contracted operating authority, is still in the process of further sampling and testing the water system. The testing takes time to complete and the results of the tests will not be known for approximately 48 hours. Malahide hopes that full service will be restored prior to the weekend.





-Lang Pearl passed away on Sunday. Predeceased by husband Ewart Lang (1987). Predeceased by all of her thirteen siblings. Survivors: three daughters etc.. She worked at the Imperial Tobacco Co. and Aylmer Canners etc.. Visitation at the Kebbel Funeral Home on Tuesday 7-9 and Wednesday 2-4 pm and 7-9 pm where the funeral service will he held on Thursday at 11 am.





– June 6, 2016, Station #1, Vienna Line, Medical Assist

– June 6, 2016, Station #2, Glencolin Line, Medical Assist

– June 6, 2016, Station 2, Talbot Line, Medical Assist

– June 6, 2016, Station #2 ,Stations #1, #3 and #4, Talbot Line, Fire

– June 8, 2016, Station #1, Imperial Road, Medical Assist

– June 8, 2016, Station #1 , Station #3, Beach Drive, Water Rescue

(*From Elgin OPP – Around 7:30pm, a person’s boat stopped working and another boater towed him in without incident in Port Bruce)

– June 9, 2016, Station #1, John Wise Line, Medical Assist

– June 9, 2016, Station #1, Calton Line, Automobile Fire

– June 10, 2016, Station #2, Springfield Road, Medical Assist

– June 10, 2016, Station#3, Stations #2 and #4, Carter Road, Bale Fire

– June 10, 2016, Station #3, Ron McNeil Line, Burn Complaint

– June 12, 2016, Station #2, Springwater Road, Medical Assist





At the annual EESS Athletic Banquet Thursday the following Athletes of the Year winners were announced: Junior Boys – Leo Centeno; Junior Girls – Alyssa Voros; Senior Boys – Devin Catt and Senior Girls – Kendra Horlick and Brianna Brix.





(From Elgin OPP – PT. BURWELL) – Yesterday around 11:30 am Elgin County OPP responded to a call of a stolen vehicle from Norfolk County OPP. Elgin OPP located the vehicle on Lakeshore Line east of here. The officers performed a “rolling block” with one police cruiser in front of the suspect vehicle and one police cruiser behind the suspect vehicle. The suspect vehicle made minor contact with the lead police vehicle on the rear. Once all the vehicles came to a stop the male suspect fled on foot towards a wooded area. Officers briefly followed on foot but then lost him. The canine unit was called and officers soon located the male suspect and continued a brief foot pursuit before capturing him. A 28 year old Norfolk male was charged with several offences including dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, driving while disqualified, flight while being pursued, driving while one’s ability is impaired by drug, theft of a vehicle etc..




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MONDAY, June 13/16





-Aylmer Council, 7 pm

-Otter Valley Naturalists; Vienna Comm. Centre, 7 pm (see Thu. report)


-Wed -TriCounty Fastball: Straffordville at Pt Burwell, 8 pm

-Wed/Fri. -Pickleball Open House; EEC Complex; 9am-Noon; (see Mon. report)

-Thu -EESS Commencement, 7 pm

-Fri -Ayl-Mal. Museum Spring Luncheon; 11:30 am-1; Anglican Church

-Sat -Aylmer Kinsmen Walk; at EESS; 6 pm (see May 12 report)

-Sun -Fort Mac Concert; EEC Complex; 5 pm; (see Monday report)





(Contributed – 2:15  pm) – The trunk water line which services water to the southern parts of Malahide, Bayham and Central Elgin has experienced a break. A crew is on site but the repair may take several hours. Affected communities include Pt Bruce, Copenhagen, Pt Burwell, Vienna and Dexter Line east of Quaker Road.


(Contributed – 5 pm) – The Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Joyce Lock, is advising consumers of the Port Burwell Area Secondary Water Supply System following a water main break in Central Elgin, that once the water supply has been restored users should bring water to a rolling boil for at least one minute prior to using it for domestic purposes e.g. drinking, making infant formula and juice, brushing teeth, washing raw foods and making ice. The boil water advisory is recommended as a precaution in case the loss of pressure possibly led to contamination





(Information from EEC Complex Manager James Allen) – “The East Elgin Community Complex has now introduced Online Facility Booking. Simply go to www.eecc.ca and click on Facility Booking. That will take you to a registration page and ice availability calendar. Click on the ice you want, pay for it and you are booked. This has been introduced as part of the mandate to ‘Simplify Service’ for users of the complex.


Pickleball, North America’s fastest growing sport, is coming to the Complex. A hybrid of Tennis, Badminton and Table Tennis, it is an enjoyable activity for all ages. We are offering a ‘come and try’ event on June 15 and 17 from 9 am-Noon. We will have equipment and instruction for newcomers to the sport or for the seasoned veterans. Come and try it or just come and see what all the buzz is about.”





-Learn, Gerald Herbert “Jerry” of St. Thomas passed away Saturday at the age of 80. Husband of the late Janice Ann (McMahon) Learn(1994). Survivors: three children including Penni Lenane-Van Beers (Steve) of RR2, Aylmer etc.. He was born in Malahide and worked with his father at Jack Learn and Son Trucking, then at Imperial Tobacco and he also operated Learn-a-Lane Trailer Park at Port Bruce. Visitation at the Kebbel Funeral Home on Thursday 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. A graveside service will be held at the Aylmer Cemetery on Friday at 11:30 am.





-June 6 -Mutual aid to supply a tanker for the fire in Malahide (49946 Talbot Line)

-June 10th- Both stations responded to a brush fire on Carson Line.





(Information from Rob Johnson, Director of Physical Services for Malahide) – “We have seen a significant number of road signs stolen or vandalized. Of particular concern are the stop signs. Removal of these types of signs puts the public at considerable risk. We do report this type of theft to the police and in the past we have seen persons charged. The link to the Crime Stoppers notice is on our website and Facebook page. The vandalism or theft is not particular to any specific region of the Municipality. The cost to the Township to repair and replace the damaged and missing signs is considerable. Often the theft occurs on the weekend and requires the Township to respond immediately.”





(From Elgin OPP) – A bright green ATV, a 2008 Arctic Cat 500 CC 4X4, was stolen in Port Burwell Sunday around 11:30 am out of the back of a pickup truck which was parked at the lower end of Pitt St. near the HMCS Ojibwa. Anyone with information can call the Elgin OPP at 1-888-310-1122.




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THURSDAY, June 9/16



*THEAYLMERNEWS will not publish Friday




-Thu-Sat  -Periscope Playhouse Theatre: “37 Postcards”; Pt. Burwell; 8 pm

-St.Thomas Mens Soccer: Aylmer hosts MIB, 7 pm; at Talbotville


-Fri -Schools PD Day (EEC Complex Public Skate; 10 am-Noon)

-Sat -Bayham Beachfest Dance; Ger-Can. Club; 8 pm (see ad)

-Sun -TriCounty Fastball – Straffordville hosts Glanworth, 8 pm






Aylmer Council referred the EECC budget proposal back to the East Elgin Community Complex Ad Hoc Committee including the Draft 2015 EECC Operations Budget, the Capital Budget, and the Capital Reserve Budget and requested the Ad Hoc Committee realize additional savings of between $40,000 to $50,000 and further suggested that there be no cancellation of any programs. Commented Deputy Mayor Mary French on why she supported the motion: “The EECC budget is a very contentious issue with the taxpayers of Aylmer and Malahide and they expect to see positive changes made. Although there have been some savings identified in this budget, I believe that more savings can be attained. I did not request a specific amount but have asked that the entire budget be closely scrutinized. As well, the facility needs to be utilized in other ways to increase the revenue.”





(Contributed) – “The monthly meeting of the Otter Valley Naturalists will take place Monday at 7 pm at the Vienna Community Centre. The speaker is Bruce Bolin on: The North Shore showing images of a portion of the north shore of Lake Erie. The emphasis will be on species at risk that have been observed on the property, but will include surprise sightings and a few of the more typical visual pleasures of a portion of this unique environment.”





“As you all have noticed, the donation bin at the west end of town has turned into the local dump over the last few weeks. I’d like to start by saying how ashamed I am to call this my hometown. Aylmer is a busy and beautiful tourist spot and it’s disappointing that this is the first site visitors see when entering our town. Second I’d like to remind residents that these bins are for USEABLE donations only. This EXCLUDES leaky appliances, broken furniture, and mouldy mattresses. It is truly disappointing that this has been going on for so long without any effort to get it cleaned up. Let me also remind you that it is NOT the responsibility of the bin owners to clean up this hideous site and dispose of your trash. This is what we have “junk week” twice a year for. I do hope that we as a town can have this issue taken care of and prevent this from happening in the future.”  (Taylor Brooks) (EDITOR – The site was apparently cleaned up by some citizens this morning. Also the bins are situated in Malahide township.)





At their regular meeting last Thursday, Malahide Council discussed a letter from Mark and Angela Nemchuck of Catt Line west of Aylmer who expressed concerns about the high speed traffic on their road. Some of their comments: “vehicles travel at a high rate of speed at all hours and are even sliding back and forth on the gravel for amusement…on three occiasions vehicles have slid into our fence…it is unsafe to walk with pets and children along the road…we have lived there for two years and due to safety and health concerns we are thinking of relocating.” They asked for a speed limit reduction, speed bumps and tar and chipping of the road. Council referred the matter to staff for review.





(Information from Chief Andre Reymer) – A 20 year old Aylmer man was charged with following too closely after his vehicle rear ended another vehicle while travelling south on John St. north close to Beech Street on Saturday at 11 am.





-Underhill, Margaret of Port Burwell passed away at Terrace Lodge Aylmer on Wednesday in her 86th year. Predeceased by her husband Marvin Underhill(2014). Survivors: five children including Teri Widner (Mark) of the Aylmer area etc.. She was born in Bayham. Visitation at the Kebbel Funeral Home on Friday 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. where the funeral service will be held on Saturday at 11 am.





Colleen (Pressey) Walters, 65,  of the Aylmer area, who grew up east of Aylmer and attended EESS, underwent radical surgery this week in Germany for a cancer condition with her controversial story documented Tuesday on Global television. Her son Bryan Hewitt said today her doctor was pleased with the procedure and feels that “everything went according to plan so now it is just a waiting period to be sure that the surgery has the full effect that it is supposed to and this  takes about three months.” Her situation was the subject of a news story as OHIP had denied financing her surgery and she elected to have it done in Germany. According to Global news, she received a diagnosis of inoperable pancreatic cancer in January and her family found an innovative treatment – nanoknife surgery – being done in Germany in which tumour cells are destroyed using an electric current. Walters asked if OHIP would pay for the $32,000 surgery but the application was recently denied. The denial letter said that the treatment requested was considered experimental and provincial health insurance doesn’t cover experimental treatments. However the Walters found that the surgery has been performed in the U.S. for five years and in Germany for 18 months. Walters’ family has used GoFundMe to raise about half the cost of the surgery and are sill figuring out how to pay for the rest.




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