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EESS scores their only touchdown in junior football title loss yesterday.

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THURSDAY, Nov. 16/17





-Bayham 7 pm, Malahide 7:30 pm Councils

-EESS hosts Jr Football Final v Parkside, 11:30 am

Thu-Sat -Ten Thousand Villages Sale (see ad)

-EESS Home to Home Canned Food Drive


-Fri -Schools PA Day

-Fri -Aylmer Library: PA Day Crafts; all day

-Fri-Sat -Ayl-Mal. Museum Tour of Homes (see ad)

-Fri-Sun -Aylmer hosts Silver Stick Hockey (see Tue report)

-Sat -Aylmer Library: Gadgets, Robots etc.: 2 pm; Ages: five plus

-Sat-Sun -Periscope Theatre Presents: Roy LeBlanc (see ad)


-Mon -Aylmer Council, 7 pm





AYLMER – Parkside defeated East Elgin 25-6 in today’s junior football championship here. EESS, which finished first in league play and defeated PCI 20-15 in their only meeting, was behind 23-0 before they garnered their only touchdown with six minutes to play in the game. Evan Wall scored the Eagles’ touchdown. EESS last won the junior title in 2012.





Co. Pete Barbour who introduced a motion to locate library expansion on John St. – “I believe that the majority of the people want their library enhancements in the downtown core adjacent to the present library. What happened to the concept of parking, shopping and going to the library from a single parking space? In my opinion there will be little movement by Council to pursue a solution to the long standing need for more space of the Aylmer Library‎ and that is truly frustrating. The supporters of John Street and the supporters of Myrtle Street are to date firm in their preference and neither side has a majority. There is still sufficient time within this term of this Council to get a spade in the ground and show leadership in making that happen but it takes Council members willing to listen to what has been said and make informed decisions.”


Mayor Greg Currie, who voted for the Myrtle St. location –

1 -Why did you vote for a Myrtle St. location? “I voted for Myrtle St. because it satisfied me that it would have been a significant increase to the footprint of our Library as well as being in the downtown area and it would be the most cost effective way.

2 -Why did you vote for Myrtle St. in view of a clear public interest ie, council public meeting, online survey, ALES petition, Express public meeting, BIA letters etc. in a John St. addition – I do not consider all of the examples you have stated as a clear indication of the town taxpayers wishes. I find the examples not creditable from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective.

3 – What do you see as the next step in the library expansion discussion? The next step is to leave the issue as it is alone for a while as we investigate what went on for the results to have gone the way they did.”





-Crawford, Marjorie Adele (Babcock) passed away at Terrace Lodge Aylmer on Tuesday in her 98th year. Wife of the late Ernest Gordon Crawford (2017).  She was born in Mount Salem and graduated from Nursing in 1958. The funeral service will be held at the Aylmer Missionary Church today at 11 am; arrangements with the HA Kebbel Funeral Home.





(Now that Aylmer’s Club 7 has suspended recycled newspaper pickups, The Aylmer Express has taken on a similar project. Information from Brett Hueston at the Express) – “Since Club 7 folded in town, we have established a newsprint collection at the Aylmer Express. There is a large yellow bin (south part of parking lot) accepting all newspapers and flyers. No need to bundle. Anyone needing a hand unloading their papers can ask inside at the Express office. We sell it to our regular paper recycling supplier and put the money aside to pay for swimming lessons at Aylmer Pool for anyone who would find it a financial burden. This past summer the program funded 10 people.”





Aylmer Police inform that the winter overnight parking ban on all town streets and municipal parking lots started November 15 and continues until April 15. The ban takes effect between 3 am and 6 am in order to facilitate snow removal.






(The Aylmer-Malahide Museum’s 15th Annual Christmas Tour of Homes will be held on Friday, November 17 from 7-10 pm and Saturday, November 18 from 1-9 pm. The Museum Supper is on Friday at 6 pm at the Aylmer Baptist Church.)-  (Contributed) – “This house described as being a Georgian neoclassic style constructed in brick with a hip roof, was built in 1864 by Samuel York, a local tanner. Mr. York’s tanning business was set up at the rear of the property as he used Catfish Creek as a power source. Dr. Coll Sinclair purchased the property in 1875. He, followed by his son Charles and grandson Duncan, practised medicine out of this house until 1990 when the practice was moved to the clinic on Talbot St. W. In 2016, this home was purchased from the Sinclair family by Norm Muir and David Hamilton. The new owners have made some changes. The area that served as the patients’ waiting room and consulting rooms are now a handsome bedroom and ensuite. The kitchen has been revamped into a bright modern work space. There are many charming aspects to this heritage home from the three-bay front entrance to the elegant staircase. The three bay front is centered with a side-lighted door and a stained glass elliptical transom. The number 59 is featured in the transom denoting the original address of the house.”




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TUESDAY, Nov. 14/17





-MP Karen Vecchio hosts Passport Clinic; EEC Complex; 4-7 pm


-Thu -Bayham 7 pm, Malahide 7:30 pm Councils

-Thu -EESS hosts Jr Football Final v Parkside, 11:30 am

-Thu-Sat -Ten Thousand Villages Sale (see ad)

-Fri -Schools PA Day

-Fri -Aylmer Library: PA Day Crafts; all day

-Fri-Sat -Ayl-Mal. Museum Tour of Homes (see ad)

-Fri-Sun -Aylmer hosts Silver Stick Hockey (see Tue report)

-Sat -Aylmer Library: Gadgets, Robots etc.: 2 pm; Ages: five plus

-Sat-Sun -Periscope Theatre Presents: Roy LeBlanc (see ad)





In yet another unpredictable twist to Aylmer’s library expansion issue, Aylmer Council at its regular meeting last night voted against both its proposed options. Even though a vote on location was not on the agenda, a vote on both options was allowed to proceed. The first motion by Co. Pete Barbour was to support an addition to the present building – Barbour, Dep Mayor Mary French and Co Sherri Andrews voted in favour, the four votes against were by Mayor Greg Currie, Co Ted Macdonald, Co Barbara Ann Laur and Co Arthur Oslach. Then Co. Ted McDonald proposed building a new library on Myrtle St.. In favour were Macdonald, Laur and Currie.  The four votes against were Barbour, French, Andrews and Oslach. Co Oslach voted against both options.


The only items listed on the Action agenda last night were several letters about the library and the results of the town’s online survey regarding library location. That survey indicated that seventy eight percent preferred the library to expand at its present location – the total being 181-39 in favour of the John St. addition over a Myrtle St. stand alone building. Co. Barbour gave a preamble to his motion stating that while the Myrtle St. location is town owned and has enhanced parking, it has accessibility issues and would require some cost to clean up the site. He added that Myrtle St. however does not meet “the spirit of the business community” and “to do nothing is just not right”. Co. Oslach then asked Co. Barbour if he could make an amendment to his motion supporting the John St. addition by outlining its specifics, noting it would be a 5000 sq ft addition with an atrium connecting it to the present building and Co. Barbour agreed. Co. Macdonald was the only other councillor to speak in these brief discussions, saying, in supporting Myrtle St., that he felt parking was an issue uptown especially since the town rented 14 spaces to the Trillium building. The whole process was done in fifteen minutes.





(Information from Chief Randy White)

-Nov 9, station 1 Port Burwell, medical assist on Tunnel Line

-Nov 9, station 2 Straffordville, smoke alarm on Green Line, false alarm.

-Nov 10, station 2 Straffordville, medical assist on Heritage Line

-Nov 12, both stations, on Bayham Dr., small garbage pile lit, out before arrived.





(Information from Mike Holmes of Aylmer Minor Hockey) – “This is the first time Aylmer has hosted a Silver Stick tourney. The tournament takes place from Thursday to Sunday with the opening ceremonies on Thursday at 7:15 pm with a ceremonial puck drop. Both mayors, the Silver Stick commissioner and OMHA rep Linda Ralf will be in attendance. The tournament features 32 teams from Atom to Midget. All Aylmer local league teams are competing. We have teams from as far away as Innisfil, Lefroy and Thornton attending. We are expecting approximately 500 players and over 1000 visitors to town.


This is a Regional tournament. Silverstick tournaments are unique in that if you are a Champion of the Division that you have competed in, this entitles you the right to participate in an International Finals tournament competing against other teams which had been successful in winning their Regional Qualifying tournament. This International Final is in Pelham in the new year. We landed the tournament by submitting a proposal in February and presenting to the Silver Stick sanction committee in June. We are excited to bring the prestige and excitement of playing in a Silver Stick tournament community to our region. We have basically secured the right to host this annually.”





– November 6, 2017, Station #4 assisted by Station #3, Avon Drive, MVC

– November 7, 2017, Station #2, Talbot Line, Medical Assist

– November 8, 2017, Station #2, Glencolin Line, Medical Assist

– November 10, 2017, Station #1, Vienna Line, Medical Assist

– November 11, 2017, Station #3, Century Line, Medical Assist

– November 13, 2017, Station #2, Talbot Line, Medical Assist

– November 13, 2017, Station #3 ,Stations #2 and #3, MVC




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MONDAY, Nov. 13/17







-Aylmer Council, 7 pm

-Otter Valley Naturalists, 7 pm (see Tue report)


-Fri -Schools PA Day

-Thu -Bayham 7 pm, Malahide 7:30 pm Councils

-Thu -EESS hosts Jr Football Final v Parkside, 11:30 am

-Thu-Sat -Ten Thousand Villages Sale (see ad)

-Fri -Aylmer Library: PA Day Crafts; all day

-Fri-Sat -Ayl-Mal. Museum Tour of Homes (see ad)

-Sat -Aylmer Library: Gadgets, Robots etc.: 2 pm; Ages five plus

-Sat-Sun -Periscope Theatre Presents: Roy LeBlanc (see ad)





Aylmer Council at its regular meeting tonight will receive the results of its recent survey on where to locate an expanded library. Seventy eight percent prefer the library to expand at its present location. The totals were: 181-39 in favour of the John St. addition over a Myrtle St. stand alone building.




Ric Murray, former Aylmer Councillor and Chairman of the Police Services Board and a member of the Building committee for the Police Station built in north Aylmer in the 1990s reports that a Myrtle St. location being proposed for a new library presently was an area dismissed as a police station site due to flooding concerns some 25 years ago. Said Mr. Murray today:  “We wanted to put it on the tennis courts as the current location was problematic because a train could delay response time. There is a Catfish Creek study someplace that affirms a flood threat to the whole area and indeed, the next spring circa. 1990 the courts were covered in water. It’s not only natural floods but if an obstruction were to dam the Catfish (and this is a real threat because of large old trees on the banks) water back up is possible. Ultimately the site was abandoned due to flood concerns.”





-Thu -Jr Boys VBall Playoff – Ingersoll 3 EESS 0

-Fri – Sr Football Playoff- Clarke Road 36 EESS 1





-Thiessen, ‘Billy’ William of Aylmer passed away Friday in his 54th year. Survivors: eight siblings etc.. Billy was very active with Community Living Elgin and worked at Prime Ingredient for many years. He was born in Alberta. The funeral service will be held at the HA Kebbel Funeral Home Monday at 1 pm.


-Kennedy, Helen Inez of Aylmer passed away Saturday in her 82nd year. Survivors: husband Ray Kennedy, two children etc.. Helen worked for many years at Hewbank’s Paint & Wallpaper. Visitation at the HA Kebbel Funeral Home, Aylmer on Tuesday 7-9 pm where the funeral service will be held on Wednesday at 11 am.





(Contributed) – “Periscope Playhouse in Port Burwell is pleased to welcome back the award winning Roy LeBlanc for three amazing shows on Saturday at 2 and 8 pm and Sunday at 2 pm. Roy will be performing the hits of Elvis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and Conway Twitty at the Saturday shows. The Sunday Elvis gospel performance will be followed by a social hour with an opportunity to chat with Roy. Tickets are available at www.periscopeplayhouse.com or by calling 226-271-3815. (The Saturday matinee is sold out).





AYLMER – The Aylmer Spitfires won two of three weekend games in Provincial Junior C hockey. Friday in Lucan they were victorious by a 4-1 margin. Saturday they edged Pt. Stanley at home 4-3. But their brief winning streak came to a halt yesterday in Parkhill when they were nipped 4-3 by North Middlesex. The Spitfires now have 5 wins and 12 losses which puts them in eighth place in the nine team circuit. Friday, Aylmer goals were scored by Channin George, Dallas Loiselle, Dawson Winchester and Ryan VanRoestel. Saturday Aylmer goals came from Winchester, with two, James Collins and Andrew Snowden. Sunday, Aylmer marksmen were Winchester, Collins, and Luke Bettencourt. This week they play in Dorchester Friday and host Thamesford Saturday.



Period 1

Aylmer – Andrew Snowden (Luke Bettencourt, Sebastian Nogueira) 5:30

Aylmer – Dawson Winchester (pp) (Ryan Vandenbroek, Jamie Brzozowski) 15:51

Period 3

Port Stanley – Shane Kocsis-Cochrane (pp) (Tyler Foslett, Ethan Parent) 1:49

Aylmer – Dawson Winchester (Ryan Van Roestel, Channin George) 7:18

Port Stanley – Dawson Cook (unassisted) 10:54

Port Stanley – Kyle Hopper (Dawson Maton, Derek Smith) 14:23

Aylmer – James Collins (Ryan Vandenbroek, Tanner Rickwood) 15:34





(Contributed) – The 16th annual Ten Thousand Villages Festival Sale, sponsored by Mennonite Community Services in Aylmer, will be held this week – Thursday to Saturday – at the Old Town Hall theatre (see ad). Products being sold are made in various third world countries where all workers receive a fair market price by Ten Thousand Villages – this is reflected in the retail price because fair prices vary in different countries. Among items to be sold are: coffee, sugar, pasta, and chocolate plus a mix of Christmas decorations, home décor, jewelry, toys, musical instruments, baskets and planters etc.. Phone 765-3026 for information.




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THURSDAY, Nov. 9/17







FRIDAY – Fifty years ago tomorrow, November 11, 1967, EESS won their first junior football championship. They played in the old Tri County league which had six teams including Glendale and Annandale of Tillsonburg. East Elgin had won Senior titles in 1958 and 1959 but they had only fielded a junior team for ten years. The Purple Flashes were unbeaten in league play 6-0 and allowed only three touchdowns in those games. In the championship in Woodstock they defeated Huron Park 13-7. The coach was Ross McBride. East Elgin wouldn’t win another football crown until the seniors won in 1982 and not another junior crown for 18 years until 1985.





-Aylmer Library: Valentines For Vets; Create a Valentine; All Day

-Blood Donor Clinic; EEC Complex; 2:30-7 pm

-EESS Jr Football SemiFinal v London South at Citifield; 11 am

-EESS Sr Girls BBall v PCI at Huron Park; Finals; 4:30 pm

-EESS Jr Boys VBall SemiFinal v Ingersoll at Parkside; 9 am


-Sat -Remembrance Day Services, Springfield 9:15 am, Aylmer 10:30 am

-Sat -Belmont Remembrance Day Service, 10:30 am


-Mon – Aylmer Council, 7 pm

-Mon – Otter Valley Naturalists, 7 pm (see Tue. report)





(Information from the respective school Principals)

IMMANUEL CHRISTIAN – We are recommending families attend the town service, (as it is on Saturday) we will not be walking to the cenotaph as we usually do.

STRAFFORDVILLE PUBLIC – The Straffordville School Community will hold a Remembrance Day Assembly Friday at 1:50 with representatives from the Port Burwell Legion in attendance.

MCGREGOR PUBLIC – We will have a week long interactive display to help students reflect on Why We Remember, set up outside our library and visited by classes at their convenience. We will meet for a Remembrance Day assembly on Friday at 11:30,  led by our Gr. 3/4 class with participation of other classes.

DAVENPORT PUBLIC – Davenport will be having a Remembrance Day assembly beginning at 10:30 with a performance by our school choir, the public is welcome.

ASSUMPTION – Remembrance Day Liturgy in the gym at 10:30 for all students, staff, and parents who wish to attend.

PORT BURWELL – We will be having an assembly at 9:30 Friday with members of the Legion and the RCMP attending. Each class will be presenting their appreciation to our soldiers and presenting a wreath

SUMMERS CORNERS – We are holding our Remembrance Day assembly at 9:10 on Friday. Our choir and band will be performing pieces. Student representatives from each class will be laying a poppy at the base of a cross.






-Secord, Howard Stanley of Aylmer passed away Wednesday in his 80th year. Survivors: wife Rita (Riffel) Secord; four children including Steve Secord(Beth) and Tom Secord both of Aylmer etc.. He owned and operated Secord Home Building Centre in Aylmer for many years. Howard coached baseball in Aylmer and was a great supporter of youth sports. Visitation at the HA Kebbel Funeral Home, Aylmer on Thursday 2-4 and 7-9 pm. where the funeral service will be held on Friday at 11 am.


-Goodhue, Charles A.  of RR7 Aylmer passed away Friday in his 94th year. Husband of the late Jean (Cooke) Goodhue (2015). Survivors: one son etc.. Charles was a retired farmer. The funeral was held Wednesday; arrangements with the Sifton Funeral Home, St. Thomas.





(Information from Chief Brent Smith)

– October 2 – Station #2, #1, #3 and #4 – around 9 pm – Transport trailer on fire in field at John Wise Line near intersection of Springfield Road. Consumed entire 48ft trailer and equipment stored in it. Cause of fire was an unattended burn barrel close to trailer. Sparks from burn barrel caused vegetation to catch fire and led to trailer. Damage estimated at $10,000.


– October 17 – Station #4, #1, #2 and #3 – Barn Fire at Mapleton Line near Imperial Road, around 10 am; fire cause was electrical. A very aggressive size up and interior fire suppression attack resulted in saving this barn, limiting the damage to around $15,000.





Zach Annen, grandson of Case and Jane Annen of Aylmer, was named an OUA football first team all star at offensive centre yesterday. Zach played his fifth season with Carleton Ravens this fall. He was drafted by Montreal Alouettes in the spring and plans to attend their training camp next year.





(Information from James McCallum “We Will Remember Them Vol. 3” (on East Elgin in World War I)


Believed to be a casualty in World War I, William Henry McLain’s funeral was held in August, 1918 – a few months before he returned home, alive. McLain was working as a farmer in Port Bruce when he enlisted in June 1916 – he was just 15 years old but gave his age as 18. He didn’t see action until May 1918 and in August was seriously wounded. Unfortunately his name was included with a list of men who had died of wounds and so the Aylmer Express in late August noted his death, reporting that his mother at Port Bruce had received an official wire from authorities in Ottawa. The family held a funeral for him. But, eventually he returned home from overseas after the war and lived at Port Bruce until dying officially in 1969, aged 69.



George Harvey also lied about his age but he was caught and sent home – before his funeral. George was born in Aylmer and was employed as a shoemaker when he enlisted in April 1916. He was born in 1901 and thus was just 15. He was wounded in the foot in 1917 and apparently then his age was discovered and he was returned home.




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TUESDAY, Nov. 7/17





-A&W Job Fair, 3pm-6pm, Aylmer Community Services, 25 Centre St.

-EESS Girls BBall: Jr and Sr at Wood. Coll. Ave; semifinals


-Thu -Aylmer Library: Valentines For Vets; Create a Valentine; All Day

-Thu -Blood Donor Clinic; EEC Complex; 2:30-7 pm

-Thu -EESS Jr Football SemiFinal v London South at Citifield

-Sat -Remembrance Day Services, Springfield 9:15 am, Aylmer 10:30 am





-9:15 am –Springfield – Service

-10:30 am – Aylmer – Parade from Legion to Aylmer Cenotaph (In the parade will be Ontario Police College students, Legion members, Air Cadets, Veterans etc.); 10:45 am – Service

-10:30 am – Belmont – Organizer Betty Simpson said the service will take place in the Belmont Community Park. The event will include a piper, a short parade and the laying of a few wreaths. The service takes place in front of the huge metal poppy in the park.





– September 26, 2017, Station #3,  Station #2, Talbot Line, Mutual Aid Barn Fire

– September 30, 2017, Station #3, assisted by Station #2, Imperial Road, MVC

– October 1, 2017, Station #4, Avon Drive, MVC

– October 2, 2017, Station #1 assisted by Station #2, Sparta Line, MVC

– October 2, 2017, Station #2 , Stations #1, #3 and #4, John Wise Line, Fire

– October 11, 2017, Station #1, Springwater Road, Power Lines Down

– October 17, 2017, Station #4, Stations #1, #2 and #3, Mapleton Line, Barn Fire

– October 18, 2017, Station #1, Calton Line, Fire

– October 21, 2017, Station #1 assisted by Station #2, Imperial Road, MVC





The Otter Valley Naturalists will hold their monthly meeting on Monday at 8 pm at the Vienna Community Centre. Speaker will be Jay Cossey who will be sharing stories of butterflies, moths and many other insects with remarks about his recent book, Southern Ontario Butterflies and their Natural History.





(Contributed) Jedidiah, 10, son of Darrell and Helen Klassen of Aylmer also recently wrote his first book, called ‘The First Christmas’ which is a retelling of the bible account found in the book of Matthew. The story is 6 written pages with 6 coordinating illustrations and includes family pictures. It was printed at Bethel Baptist Church in Lambeth and sells for $5. It will be available next Thursday evening with a book launch at the family home at 49278 Conservation Line. Contact Helen Klassen  at 765 3472 for more information. It will also be available at Campbells uptown.





At the August meeting of the EEC Complex Interim Board the resignation of James Allen as EECC General Manager was accepted. Mr. Allen had held the position since December, 2015. The Board then decided the process to fill this vacancy would be delayed until the Market and Organizational Review Study for Aylmer is completed. Aylmer CEO Jenny Reynaert was appointed to be the day by day operations manager in the interim. Said the CEO: “The Review was approved in February at a cost of nearly $30,000. We are anticipating the report will be finalized by the end of December or early January. Typically it is recommended that a market review be completed every 5 years. The previous market review was done in 2005. An organizational review is undertaken only when needed.”

Added Malahide Mayor Dave Mennill – “The organizational review will be presented to the EECC board at the January 31st meeting.  The complex is functioning well; Jenny Reynaert and the staff are filling in for the General Manager at the present time.  Of course this cannot be a permanent arrangement and we are hoping to replace the position in the spring.”



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MONDAY, Nov. 6/17





-Aylmer Council, 7pm


-Tue -A&W Job Fair, 3pm-6pm, Aylmer Community Services, 25 Centre St.

-Tue -EESS Girls BBall: Jr and Sr at Wood. Coll. Ave; semifinals

-Thu -Aylmer Library: Valentines For Vets; Create a Valentine; All Day

-Thu -Blood Donor Clinic; EEC Complex; 2:30-7 pm

-Sat -Remembrance Day Services, Springfield 9:15 am, Aylmer 10:30 am





-Rempel, Jacob Berg of Vienna passed away Friday in his 89th year. Survivors: wife Margaretha(Banman) Rempel; eight children, 49 grandchildren and 61 great grandchildren etc.. He was born in Mexico. Visitation at the HA Kebbel Funeral Home Aylmer on Monday 2-4 and 7-9 pm. The funeral service will be held at the Old Colony Mennonite Church on Tuesday at 2 pm.





(The Aylmer-Malahide Museum’s 15th Annual Christmas Tour of Homes will be held on Friday, November 17 from 7-10 pm and Saturday, November 18 from 1-9 pm. The Museum Supper is on Friday at 6 pm at the Aylmer Baptist Church.)-  “A third home on the Tour is this house at 207 John St. south owned by Steve and Sherry Gray. This 2 storey brick home is thought to have been a farmhouse constructed c. 1880. The Grays purchased it in 1983. You will notice original hardwood floors. The highlight of the home is the unique kitchen renovation completed in 2000 where original brick was revealed.”






AYLMER – The Aylmer Spitfires lost 5-1 to first place Lambeth in Provincial Junior C hockey Saturday here. The Spits now have 3 wins and 11 losses in the nine team league. Aylmer outshot Lambeth 41-28 – James Brzozowski garnered Aylmer’s only tally. The Spits have three contests this week – Friday in Lucan, Saturday at home to Pt. Stanley and Sunday at North Middlesex.


Period 2

Lambeth – Chase St Aubin (power play) (Carson Esipu, Keith Arnold) 0:26

Lambeth – Donny Manzara (power play) (Ray Robbins, Evan Hogg) 7:10

Aylmer – Jamie Brzozowski (power play) (James Collins) 9:53

Lambeth – Deon Truong (Evan Hogg) 17:35

Period 3

Lambeth – Tyler Woods (Mitchell Jenner, Donny Manzara) 9:07

Lambeth – Deon Truong (Chase St Aubin, Keith Arnold) 12:56





(Contributed) (Information from Marvin Joseph Eastlink Marketing Manager:) “We officially launched our Gigabit Internet service on September 12 increasing our top Internet speed from 300 Mbps previously to 1 Gigabit, our fastest speed ever. Our launch of Eastlink Security and Automation was on October 17. In the last year alone, broadband Internet usage jumped 40%. Access to high speed Internet, particularly in smaller communities, is more important and expected than ever. People in Aylmer now have access to the most advanced Internet available in today’s market.” (Added Regional Manager Ron Mervis:) “Winston Security and Automation allows customers to monitor and control their home using a smartphone or tablet. We also have TV Channel Exchange, which personalizes the customer’s channel lineup and Eastlink Stream, the only app of its kind in Canada…We’re really proud of our track record in building world class fibre optic networks and advanced technologies into these communities, which enables us to deliver the kind of innovative services usually found only in larger urban centres.”





Top ten placings by EESS athletes at the recent WOSSAA Cross Country meet – 3rd – Hallee Knelsen, Midget Girls





Louisa Neudorf, 13, daughter of Terry and Kim Neudorf of Aylmer, has self published a book recently. Louisa has mostly been busy in her spare time with acting, doing a commercial for McCain’s cakes and at the Stratford Festival. She is currently doing an intense musical theatre program in Toronto called One Song Glory in the next three weeks. Said Louisa of her book: ” I have printed 20 copies, but I can print more from Amazon. You can buy some off Amazon, they cost $7. I wrote this book because I fell in love with fantasy and fairy tales and couldn’t get enough of it, so I wrote my own fairy tale. An overview – Three Children (Ernest, Ella, and Carl) find themselves in a magical world called Salay, where animals talk and dwarfs are real, the country finds itself under attack from a neighboring country, Ernway. The children are appointed leaders to help fight against Ernway and with the help of the enemy’s prince, a star from the sky named Fennala, and their new magical friends, they fight set out to fight and save the country that they have grown to love.”




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THURSDAY, Nov. 2/17



OBITUARY – Duncan, Marilyn Faye (Rickard) of RR6, Aylmer passed away Wednesday in her 71st year. Survivors: husband Robert Duncan; one daughter etc.. She worked for many years at Amtelecom and as a secretary at East Elgin Secondary School. The funeral service will be held at the HA Kebbel Funeral Home on Monday at 1 pm with visitation Sunday from 1-4 pm.




*THEAYLMERNEWS publishes Mon, Tue, and Thursday




*OCT 23-NOV 17 Aylmer Fall Leaf Collection

-Bayham 7 pm, Malahide 7:30 pm Councils


-Sat -Aylmer Spitfires host: Lambeth, 7:15 pm

-Sat -SOLD OUT/APAC Presents: Myles Goodwin; OTH Theatre; 7:30 pm



-Mon -Aylmer Council, 7 pm






-GIRLS BBALL -SR – Parkside 38 EESS 31; JR – EESS 30 PCI 25






-Friesen, Susana of Aylmer passed away Wednesday in her 80th year. Survivors: husband Wilhelm Friesen, six children etc.. She was born in Mexico. Visitation at the HA Kebbel Funeral Home on Thursday 2-4 pm and 7-9 pm; the funeral service will be held at the Bradley Street Church of God Friday at 11 am.





BELMONT – (From Elgin OPP) – Early yesterday around 4 am Elgin OPP responded to a report of dangerous driving on Belmont Road near Seventh Avenue just north of here. Police learned that a black Ford F-250 had made intentional contact with a vehicle and then left the scene southbound on Belmont Road. The incident started when the Ford F-250 pulled out of the Husky Gas Station near the 401. There was some damage to the struck vehicle and it is thought that the black Ford F-250 would have some damage to the front passenger side bumper.





(Re-Library Meeting Monday) – “Let me suggest to Council that “nearly” 75 showing up to this meeting indicates that the majority of taxpayers in this town have no interest in either moving or building a library. The proposal to not spend ratepayers tax dollars on either of these “options” was the reason most of this council got elected in the last local election. What happened to all those people that signed the petition that is quoted so famously. No shows. Why? Mostly because the signatures were not all Aylmer taxpayers.” (Gary Rabbets)





Police Chief Andre Reymer reported no incidents, “a quiet night” in town on Hallowe’en.





(The Aylmer-Malahide Museum’s 15th Annual Christmas Tour of Homes will be held on Friday, November 17 from 7-10 pm and Saturday, November 18 from 1-9 pm. The Museum Supper is on Friday at 6 pm at the Aylmer Baptist Church.)-  “A second home on the Tour is this ranch style house at 28 Charles Court owned by Dave and Julie Roszell. The house was built in 1990 and purchased by the Roszells in 2000. Dave and Julie have recently renovated their home in the popular modern farmhouse style of designers Chip and Joanna Gaines.”





A Remembrance Day service will be held Sunday at 11 am in Vienna. In attendance will be Pt Burwell Legion Branch 524’s Colour Guard. Later in Pt Burwell, a parade will be leaving the Legion at 1:30 pm and march to the cenotaph for a service there.




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TUESDAY, Oct. 31/17





*OCT 23-NOV 17 Aylmer Fall Leaf Collection

-EESS hosts: Girls Bball v Parkside


-Wed -EEC Complex Board; 7 pm

-Thu -Bayham 7 pm, Malahide 7:30 pm Councils

-Sat -Aylmer Spitfires host: Lambeth, 7:15 pm

-Sat -APAC Presents: Myles Goodwin; OTH Theatre; 7:30 pm






About 75 persons attended Aylmer Council’s Library Location session last night at the EEC Complex. Council wanted public input on the two choices they have proposed for library expansion – an addition south of the present library or building a stand alone structure on Myrtle St. A clear majority of the fifteen speakers preferred the addition. Only two spoke favourably for a Myrtle St. building. (Council is also conducting an online survey with the same choices – the deadline is tomorrow.)

Some comments:

Roberta Wilson – “That Bailey bridge to Myrtle St. limits traffic flow, I am also concerned about what they might find in the soil, They demolished that house on John St. to expand the library so let’s use the space, Will you listen?”

Grace Miedema – “Myrtle St. offers a quiet park setting, children can get there easily, parking is quite accessible, the walking trail makes it accessible”

Michelle Toth – “I work with special needs children at EESS, the Myrtle St. bridge is not easily accessible for children with special needs, it would especially not be accessible in the winter months. I have been to the Pt. Stanley library and they use the facility as well for a spin off for the theatre, as a meet and greet place – that could be done here uptown”

Bill Murch – “Our group’s petition said people wanted 10,000 square feet in the downtown core; it needs to have a full raised basement and one level above ground and that will give you the 10,000 square feet it needs, the present building has architectural value but it has had alterations over the years – Ontario Heritage will work cooperatively with us on this, other towns have done it”

Penni Hilliker – “I speak on behalf of the McGregor school staff, We would have to get busing to go to a Myrtle St. location and that is too expensive, it is too far to walk. We love where it is”

Jamie Chapman – “These are your two choices? Why not spend 2.3 million for a stand alone in Bear Park (uptown). What is going to be the cost of cleaning up that site on Myrtle St.? That Bailey bridge in the middle of winter will be too dangerous”

Larry Jeffery – “A few of us surveyed people going in and out of the library recently and we found that of 55 surveyed, 46 wanted to keep the addition right there, 4 wanted Myrtle Street and 5 were undecided”

Brett Hueston – “We should defer the decision until after the next election, I have no confidence in your process or in your vote, we can’t trust council”

Ian Johnson – “A library has many possibilities, it is a gateway to helping people, it is a place where everyone can go, a place of refuge, this kind of library should not be in an out of the way place but in a place already available”

Tom Charlton – “We need to keep it downtown for downtown businesses, there is lots of green space there already with Palmer Park and Balmoral Park. A stand alone uptown should have been one of the choices”

Norman Jones – “You have an ideal location now, accessible to the schools. Build next to your ideal location”

Aylmer Library Expansion Supporters – “Keep it downtown where it is visible and accessible, not down a side street where it’s not. A library is the best use of our key tourist attraction, the old town hall; there is lots of green space left with an addition uptown, But council’s plan is not big enough, we need 10,000 square feet – it’s what’s suggested by experts, it’s what other towns have, it’s affordable and Aylmer deserves it.”





-Principal Kim Simpson at Davenport – “We are celebrating Hallowe’en with a black and orange day and a pumpkin decorating contest. We also have a canned food drive, “Scare Away Hunger”.

-Principal Charlotte Wall at McGregor – “We are having a black and orange day with an assembly at 11:30″

-Principal Patricia Tomico at Summers Corners – “On Friday we had 3 separate Halloween dances. One for the primaries, one for the juniors and one for the intermediates. On Tuesday we will be celebrating by having a black and orange day.”

-Principal Lisa Trewin at Straffordville -“We are having a black and orange day. As well each division has a block of the day to enjoy dance and physical activity in the gym. We are collecting canned food for admission.”





(Information from teacher Nancy Robinson at Immanuel Christian school) “We are looking forward to an exciting Book Week at Immanuel Christian School this week. In addition to a number of in-class and in-library activities, we will be holding Book Fairs with books from Living Books (Christian books, CDs, etc) and Scholastic (fiction and nonfiction books for children and teens). This is open to the public on Thursday from 5:30-7 pm. On Wednesday, we are pleased to have presentations by Kari-Lynn Winters. She is a St. Thomas native who has authored more than 20 books. She is currently Assistant Professor in the Department of Teacher Education at Brock University in St. Catharines. One of her latest books, French Toast, is nominated for the Forest of Reading program sponsored by the Ontario Library Association.”




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MONDAY, Oct. 30/17





*OCT 23-NOV 17 Aylmer Fall Leaf Collection

-Aylmer Council Public Library Meeting; EECC (Imperial); 7 pm


-Tue -EESS hosts: Girls Bball v Parkside

-Wed -EEC Complex Board; 7 pm

-Thu -Bayham 7 pm, Malahide 7:30 pm Councils

Sat -Aylmer Spitfires host: Lambeth, 7:15 pm





(Information from Chief Sam Taylor) – “On Tuesday at 5:30 pm 17 firefighters responded to 5 Walnut St. for a reported structure fire. Fire crews encountered heavy smoke conditions. The majority of the fire damage was to Unit 2 with water and smoke damage to Unit 1 and smoke damage to the remainder of the building. No damage estimate at this time. The possible cause of the fire is electrical. The work being done on the building roof was not a factor in the cause of the fire. There were working smoke alarms present. The two displaced occupants found lodging with family members.”





-GIRLS BBALL – SR – CECI 39 EESS (5-2) 31; JR – EESS (7-3) 36 CECI 16

-BOYS VBALL – SR – PCI 3 EESS (4-4) 1; JR – PCI 3 EESS (1-7) 0





(Information from Chief Randy White)

-Oct 26, station 2 Straffordville, medical assist on James Line

-Oct 26, station 1 Port Burwell, medical assist on Centre Ct. Vienna

-Oct 27, station 2 Straffordville, CO alarm sounding on Plank Rd

-Oct 27, station 1 Port Burwell, medical assist on Victoria St.





AYLMER – The Aylmer Spitfires were on the losing end of a pair of 2-1 scores in Provincial Junior C hockey this weekend. Friday they were edged 2-1 in Exeter and Saturday here they fell 2-1 to Dorchester. Friday, Exeter outshot Aylmer in every period in the win – James Collins was the lone Spits’ marksman. Saturday, Dorchester broke a 1-1 tie with a goal in the last five minutes of play – Dallas Loiselle had the only Aylmer marker. The Spitfires now have three wins and ten losses in the nine team league. Next game is Saturday hosting Lambeth.





(Contributed) – “Elgin St. Thomas Public Health has noted a rise in the number of pertussis (whooping cough) cases over the past week. The Health Unit would like you to make sure you are up-to-date with all your shots (vaccines) and to speak with your doctor right away if you have an unexplained cough that has lasted a long time. See your doctor if you have had a cough that lasts more than two weeks. Whooping cough may end with vomiting and/or a “whooping” sound. In many people, the symptoms get worse and last for weeks and even months. Whooping cough is very serious for babies and pregnant women in their last 3 months of pregnancy.





-White, Elva Mae of Springwater passed away Sunday in her 100th year. Wife of the late Charles White. Survivors: daughter in law Pat White, grandchildren Bryan and Jason(Brandy) White etc… Elva was a resident of Springwater since 1941. Visitation at the HA Kebbel Funeral Home on Wednesday 2-4 and 7-9 pm. where the funeral service will be held on Thursday at 11 am.




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