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THURSDAY, Sept. 3/15



*THEAYLMERNEWS will not publish again until Sept. 22




-Malahide Council, 7pm


-Sat -GoFundMe Concert for Dave Guenther; Folk Harpists (see Aug 28 story)


-Tue -Aylmer Council, 6:30 pm

-Sep. 10 – Malahide Community Forum, 7pm, Malahide Place

-Sep. 12 – APAC presents: Emile Claire Barlow, 7:30 pm

-Sep 16 -Mayor’s SemiAnnual Breakfast





(Information from Jessi (Beer) Parry) – Jessi and Rob Parry of the Aylmer area are also involved with GoFundMe as their year old son Blake was diagnosed in mid August with mitochondrial myopathy, which means Blake’s muscles don’t produce the energy protein that would allow him to lift his head, grow and eat on his own. They discovered that extensive testing is available in the U.S. so that is their goal. There is a fundraising concert scheduled in October with the Connor Wilson Band. Said Jessi: “The funding oh wow. Words can’t describe how thankful and blessed we are to have so many loving, caring and helpful people out there.”





-McClintock, George Merton of Springford passed away Tuesday aged 91. Mert was well known in Aylmer as the operator of a stage coach during special celebrations. Visitation at Ostranders Funeral Home Tillsonburg on Thursday from 2-4 and 7-9 pm where the Funeral Service will be held Friday at 2 pm.





The newest governing body of the EEC Complex – identified as an Interim board based on a direction from a Consultant hired for such a study this summer – met for the first time last night. It actually consists of all 14 members of both Malahide and Aylmer councils. They adopted several new “terms of reference” including a plan to dissolve and evolve into a permanent governing body with public and council reps hopefully at some point in the next year. (A public board was also the overseer of the EECC prior to a reorganizational move last year that gave governance to just the Mayors of both councils for a short period.)

In adopting the “terms of reference” the councils agreed that votes will be conducted by each member and not by each council. And after debate last night, they also decided that a proposal will be defeated if there is a tie vote – similar to what occurs at regular council.

The Interim Board then heard from Tanya Tilton-Reid, Ice Convener of Aylmer Minor Hockey, who was asked to comment on concerns they had with the operations of the EECC. She felt that the AMHA was being assessed too many fees – they had to pay for a room to hold monthly meetings, they had to pay for a room to run their hockey tourneys, they had to pay for registration tables, they had to pay for organizational tables at their tourneys etc. – and they didn’t want to be assessed for ice time in March, when ice use is unpredictable, when they paid their bill in August. (They also noted that their bill last year for use of the EECC was $188,000.)

As well, the Interim Board, after lengthy discussions, agreed to lease proposed ground support solar panels behind the EECC to Aylmer’s KBRE and supported making an application for this purpose to the Ontario Hydro Regulatory Board this fall.





-Wed. -Aylmer FC 2 Railway City 2 (Aylmer wins two game, total goals semifinals, 4-2)





(Information from McGregor Principal Charlotte Wall)

1-Staff changes – New: Mrs. Derouche, Mrs. Makos, Mrs. Bergman, and Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Secord is back from her mat leave.

2-Building changes – Our swings are back in use, we have new lines painted on the tarmac and a renovated office space.

3-New programs – We are pleased to have a new Resource Room available as an extra work space for students when they need it.




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TUESDAY, September 1/15





-Wed – Southwest Soccer Semifinals – Aylmer v Railway City, in St.Thomas

-Wed -Aylmer/Malahide Joint Council on EEC Complex; 7 pm

-Thu -Malahide Council, 7pm





(Information from Principal Richard Auckland)

1-Staff changes – New French teacher – Gina Basilone

2-Building changes over summer – Installed new fountain; gymnasium painted in school colours of red/black & white

3-New programs this year – Revised Health curriculum, continued implementation of new French curriculum

4-Major September events/anticipated enrolment – Anticipated enrolment of 400





-Mon – Aylmer 2 Railway City 0 (first of two games, total goals semifinals)





(Information from Gary Scrivens of Pt. Bruce) – “Our plan is to purchase three mobility mats to allow the disabled access to the beach here. Two will be placed perpendicular to the road/beach close to the centre of the beach and one would be placed at the end of those mats parallel with the water forming a large ‘T’. My wife Barb and I got involved when we heard that the province was finally going to clean up the beach. The Parks said if the community raised funds for the mats, they would match it and the municipality said the same thing.


So we had a garage sale, put out a donation box, and started planning a concert to see if we could raise enough in 2015 so that the mats could be there for 2016. The concert this past Saturday was very well liked but not so well attended due to the weather scare. Following the event three gentlemen offered to help with our cost and donated $400 each – Yarmouth Crane, Dowler-Karn Fuels and Waite Electical. Total cost is $15,000 with our share being one-third.”





(Information from ICS Secretary Tracey Morren)

1-New Staff – We are excited to welcome Miss Loewen teaching gr. 2/3 and Mrs. Cameron teaching rotary music for gr. 5/8

4-Events/Enrolment – Our enrolment is now at 121 students and 53 families with ten new families added this year. OnTuesday September 1 we will be  having a Meet the Teacher morning for new students. Our back to school bbq is Friday Sept 11.





(Capstone which owns Erie Shores Wind Farm, 66 turbines in south Bayham/Malahide, this summer held several public meetings and asked for (and received) Malahide and Bayham Councils’ support for expansion plans that will add another 30 turbines and the building of a transmission line to Aylmer. They will now apply this fall to Ontario’s regulatory body for approval with hopes for completion by 2019. The following are three related reports:)


A – (Information from Aaron Boles, Capstone Senior Vice President)

1-Why were two more public meetings held a month after the first two?  “Capstone expanded its area of investigation for new turbines, along with the connection point/connection line options it is considering for its proposal to the IESO.”

2-A half hour away, West Elgin council is non supportive of turbine expansion. Your feelings? “The existing Erie Shores facility has a strong operational track record and a history of positive community relations – we believe this has contributed to public acceptance of wind farm expansion project.”

3-Why is expansion in Malahide/Bayham occurring at this time? “It is a response to IESO LRP I Procurement (300 MW of wind now up for grabs); opportunity to expand a successful project with strong community support.”

4-How much room is needed for the hydro corridor to Aylmer?  “Still to be decided; the proposed line would be similar to the ES1 project, but we are proposing this connection line in the municipal road allowance (as opposed to an abandoned rail road).”


B – (West Elgin Council recently rejected support for wind turbines. Information is from Bernie Wiehle, Mayor of West Elgin)

“There are a wide range of reasons that the municipality voted to be a “Non-Willing” host to wind turbines. We held several public meetings on the issue and the vast majority of the people that responded were very much against them. The reasons range from health concerns to potential negative impacts on property values. The main issue though from the public is the negative visual impact, large numbers of turbines are a real eyesore. Another is that people see the wind turbines as a reason for their sky high electricity rates. The potential negative effect on development is also a real concern. We have a proposed tourist/residential development with assessments up to $40 million. The developer is very concerned that it will negatively affect it. Also we feel that we will not receive adequate tax revenue from the turbines.”


C-(At a recent Malahide Council meeting, Ed Engel of Niagara (his home in West Lincoln is surrounded by 5 IWTS) was asked by Malahide resident Hank Worteboer to speak on the hazards and follies of Industrial Wind Turbines (IWT). Some of his comments:)

“We can only outline and point out to you some of the hazards involved with the IWT industry. Technical information has been verified in the USA, Australia, Europe and Ontario by professional researchers. IWT’s are not Green. They require standby backup power fueled by carbon emitters, affect human and animal life and have toxic blades that are not recyclable. It is widely known today the IWT, in the long run, are not a source of Green energy but a source of grief and financial costs. Municipalities across Ontario have been offered money as a Vibrancy fund in return for council’s cooperation. Some were accepted and other councils rejected it.  For example, in the long term, 10-15 years, the 50m, 20 tonne toxic blades will have to be disposed of locally. Tax revenue for IWT assessment is limited to $40,000 by the GEA on a $2,000,000 or more installation. There are a number of alarming life-disruption studies on the effects of IWT on health. It is known that 1 person in 7 near an IWT will be affected by the infrasound generated by the blades. Infrasound is a low frequency (< 20 Hz ) pressure wave that our ear hears but the brain does not process. As a result some people will suffer sleep deprivation and its side effects, vertigo, tinnitus, etc.”




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MONDAY, Aug. 31/15





-Mon/Wed – Southwest Soccer Semifinals – Aylmer v Railway City, in St.Thomas


-Wed -Aylmer/Malahide Joint Council on EEC Complex; 7 pm

-Thu -Malahide Council, 7pm

-Sat -GoFundMe Concert for Dave Guenther; Folk Harpists (see Aug 28 story)





(Contributed) – The Elgin St. Thomas Public Health has received notification that a horse in East Elgin has tested positive for West Nile Virus. This is the second reported equine positive West Nile Virus incident to occur in Ontario in 2015 and Elgin County’s first since 2004. Elgin St. Thomas Public Health will continue to monitor for the presence of West Nile virus in the mosquito population through its mosquito trapping program. To date, no mosquito traps have tested positive for West Nile Virus in Elgin County for the 2015 season





– August 21, 2015, Station #2, #3, Springfield Road, MVC (*At Summers Corners, vehicle took out garden and sign, one transported to hospital)


– August 25, 2015, Station #1, #2, John Wise Line, MVC (*Vehicle rollover, power lines involved, one patient transported to hospital)





-Schafer, Anna Marie (Emerson) of Straffordville passed away on Friday aged 70 years. Survivors: husband Matt; children Kathy Vansevenant (Jeff) of Aylmer; Chrissy Barnard (Derek) of Straffordville etc. Anna was an elementary school teacher and a past District Commissioner for the Girl Guides in the Tillsonburg area and was the organist for St. Luke’s Anglican Church, Vienna. Visitation at Ostrander’s Funeral Home, Tillsonburg on Tuesday from 2-4 & 7-9 pm. The Funeral Service will be held there Wednesday at 1 pm.





-Aug 28, Station 2 Straffordville was called out to a burn complaint.

-Aug 28, Station 1 Port Burwell was called to a medical on Bridge St.

-Aug 15, Both stations were dispatched to a water rescue on the lake. A witness noted someone out in the water on a small raft and thought they were in trouble. The rescue boat was launched and investigated. Turned out to be a controlled situation.

-Aug 10, Station 2 Straffordville responded to a medical call (farm accident) on Springer Hill Rd.

-Aug 9, Station 2 Straffordville was called out for a lawn tractor on fire on Plank Rd.

-Aug 9, Station 1 Port Burwell responded to a medical call on Fulton St.





Based on a request by Councillor Mark Wales, Malahide Council recently directed staff to contact the OPP and ask that signs be posted along Catfish Creek in Port Bruce to notify boaters of the maximum speed limit. Said Co. Wales: “With higher lake levels and therefore higher creek levels some concern had been expressed (by area residents) that any excessive wake from boats going too fast would cause more shoreline damage. There have been no speed signs along the bank since 2009 when the council of the day decided to remove them because they were all different speeds and the requirement was for all boaters getting a license to go slowly. With the many day boaters coming to Port Bruce it is the opportunity to remind everyone about not travelling too fast.”




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FRIDAY, Aug. 28/15





-Sat -Straffordville Watermelon Fest

-Sat -Peters Pizza 50th Anniversary Events





-Graham, Karen Ann of Yellowknife, NT, passed away on July 14 aged 65 years. Survivors: four brothers including Brad (Deb) of Aylmer etc.. Memorial Services will be held at later dates in Yellowknife and Simcoe, Ont.


-Vaughan, Wilma of Glen Meyer passed away Saturday in her 58th year. Survivors: husband Raymond; two sons including Murray (Tammy) Hainer of Aylmer etc.. Visitation at Ostrander’s Funeral Home Tillsonburg on Friday from 2-4 and 7-9 pm with the funeral service held there Saturday at 2 pm.





-Tue – Aylmer FC 4 Talbotville 0 (game one of two game total goals quarter finals)

-Thu – Aylmer FC 3 Talbotville 2





(Information from Rose Gardner) The annual Straffordville Watermelon Fest will be held Saturday. Key events include: Fireman’s breakfast at the Straffordville firehall beginning at 7 am, a car show, a parade at 10 am, a seed spitting contest, karaoke at noon, a children’s bike decoration contest at 11 am, a petting zoo, a reptile show, pony rides, Martial Arts Demonstration at noon, a watermelon eating contest and a family movie at dusk.





– August 17, 2015, Station #2, Springwater Road, Medical Assist

– August 17, 2015, Station #2  #1, #3 #4, 8448 Springfield Road – Brush Fire

– August 19, 2015, Station #2,  Talbot Line, Medical Assist

– August 21, 2015, Station #2  #3, 9036 Springfield Road, MVC

– August 22, 2015, Station #2, Rogers Road, Medical Assist

– August 22, 2015, Station #3,  Ron McNeil Line, Medical Assist

– August 22, 2015, Station #4 #3, Mutual Aid, 203306 Keswick Road, Bar Fire

– August 24, 2015, Station #2,  Glencolin Line, Medical Assist

– August 24, 2015, Station #1,  Calton Line, Medical Assist

– August 24, 2015, Station #2, Rogers Road, Medical Assist

– August 25, 2015, Station #1 assisted by Station #2, John Wise Line, MVC.





(From Elgin St.Thomas Health Unit) – The water at the following beaches in East Elgin is tested weekly by Elgin St. Thomas Public Health for the presence of high levels of bacterial contamination: Springwater Conservation Area, Port Bruce, Port Burwell Main Beach and Port Burwell Provincial Park. As of August 28, no beach is posted as Unsuitable for Swimming.





(Information from Karen Guenther) – On Saturday Sept 5 at 7pm at the EEC Complex, Paraguayan Folk Harpist and Keyboardist Eduard & Christine Klassen will be performing a concert at the EEC Complex as a fundraiser for Dave Guenther. Dave (wife Karen) of Eden has a spinal condition (see gofundme/dave guenther) and requires surgery in November in Mexico. Dave could not get the surgery performed in Canada.




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TUESDAY, Aug. 25/15



*THEAYLMERNEWS will not publish Wednesday/Thursday 




-Erie Shores Wind Public Meetings, 6-7:30 pm at both the EEC Complex and Vienna Community Centre


-Thu -Southwest Soccer Playoffs; Aylmer FC hosts Talbotville, 6:30 pm, Steen Park

-Sat – Straffordville Watermelon Fest





(Information from Malahide Fire Chief Brent Smith) – “On Wednesday August 12, around 11 pm, a fire occurred at a residence on Hacienda Road between Talbot Line and Dingle St.; the cause was accidental with the strong possibility of careless discard of smoking materials; estimated $75,000 in damages; on scene until 1 am. The family woke to smoke alarms going off. The fire was between bedrooms and an exit; if it were not for working smoke alarms this would have had a completely different outcome.”





 OASA "A" Champions - Weekend Aug 15th/16th- Ponsonby, ON   Saturday - 1st Game- vs. West Carleton Win 15 to 0 2nd Game- vs. Napanee Loss 8-4   Sunday Quarter Finals- vs. Curve Lake Win 12 to 5 Semi Finals- vs. Durham Win 4 to 1 Finals- Extra Innings vs. Napanee 6 to 5   Gold Medal Winners   Qualified for A division earlier in July    Also ORSA Champions and Gold Medal Winners in Stratford Tournament   The team would really like to thank their sponsors Cervus Equipment Peterbilt and Zap's Tree Service.   Team Members- Front Row- Branden Ostrander, Ryan Smith, Tyler DeSerranno, Seth VanBommel Middle Row- Zachary Winkworth, Fisher Ward, Dustin Farrow, Austin Cook, Gregory Killough, Holden Gibbons, Logan Cummings Back Row- Coaching Staff- Mark Steele, Thom Kennedy, Greg Ward, Doug Gibbons Absent- Tristan Healy, Myles Pratt, Coach Mark McCallum

The Springfield Atoms are OASA “A” Champions after winning a tourney on August 15th/16th in Ponsonby, Ontario. Springfield defeated Curve Lake 12 to 5 in the quarter finals, Durham 4-1 in the semifinals and Napnee 6-5 in extra innings in the finals for the title.They were also ORSA champions. Team Members are:Front Row- Branden Ostrander, Ryan Smith, Tyler DeSerranno, Seth VanBommel; Middle Row- Zachary Winkworth, Fisher Ward, Dustin Farrow, Austin Cook, Gregory Killough, Holden Gibbons, Logan Cummings
Back Row- Coaches- Mark Steele, Thom Kennedy, Greg Ward,Doug Gibbons. Absent- Tristan Healy, Myles Pratt, Coach Mark McCallum (contributed)





Theresa Klachan, General Manager of the EEC Complex since 2004, resigned recently. Said Aylmer Administrator Jenny Reynaert on plans for her replacement: “Regarding future plans, there is a joint council meeting and EECC interim board meeting scheduled on September 2.  I expect there to be discussions/direction regarding the vacancy at this meeting.”





Aylmer FC finished in second place in the seven team Southwest Soccer league, despite forfeiting two of their final five games. Aylmer lost by forfeit to Railway City and Southwold and was also beaten 2-0 by Glencoe before winning 3-1 over Mt. Brydges and 5-0 over Talbotville in the final weeks. Their record was 10 wins, 5 loses and 3 ties. They now play a two game, total goals quarter finals playoff series with Talbotville with the opening match there tonight and the second contest on Thursday in Aylmer.





(Contributed) AYLMER – U-Haul Company (Canada) Ltd. recently announced that King Storage on John St. north has signed on as a U-Haul neighborhood dealer. They will offer U-Haul trucks, trailers, towing equipment, support rental items and in-store pick-up for boxes. Hours of operation for U-Haul rentals are 9 am.-4:30 pm. Monday-Friday and 8 am.-noon Saturday.





(Contributed) –  The County of Elgin and the Elgin Business Resource Centre (EBRC) announce the launch of the Enterprise Elgin business plan competition. The competition is designed to foster business development in Elgin through new business initiatives as well as business expansions. Contestants may submit business ideas in any field, including services, manufacturing, distribution, health care, internet, consumer products, retail, technology, and other fields of commercial endeavor. Five finalists will be asked to present their business plan before a panel of judges on October 22. The judges will select one winner who will receive a prize package worth over $10,000. The package includes over $3000 in cash, graphic design and website services, free commercial banking, one-year of rent-free office space and memberships in local business organizations. The Competition is directed at for-profit businesses including start-ups as well as expansions of existing companies. To be eligible for the prize package, contestants of the business plan competition must agree to locate the company’s principal place of business in Elgin County (outside St. Thomas city limits) at the time of the award. The submissions will close on September 30. Applications are be available at Elgin Business Resource Centre locations in Aylmer (516 John St. N, Aylmer.




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MONDAY, Aug. 24/15








-McKnight, Gwendolyn Grace of Aylmer passed away on Thursday in her 98th year. She was born in Malahide and lived most of her life at Dunboyne. The funeral service was held at the Kebbel Funeral Home, Monday.


-Driedger, Katharina of Tillsonburg and Aylmer passed away August 12 in her 67th year. Arrangements with the Kebbel Funeral Home. The funeral service was held August 24.


-Reymer, Annie Johanna (Hebing) of Woodham passed away on Thursday, aged 73. Survivors: husband Gerry Reymer; three children including Andre (Christine) of Aylmer etc.. The funeral service will be held at the Haskett Funeral Home, Exeter Tuesday at 1:30 pm.


-Burgess, John “Russell” Burgess of Tillsonburg and formerly of Springfield and Brownsville passed away Thursday at the age of 92 years. Survivors: wife Edith (Leach) Burgess; five children including Margaret Ann Babcock (George) of Aylmer and Nancy Pitter of Vienna etc.., The funeral service was held today; arrangements with Ostrander’s Funeral Home, Tillsonburg.





– August 10, 2015, Station #3,  College Line, Medical Assist

– August 10, 2015, Station #1,  Calton Line, Medical Assist

– August 11, 2015, Station #2, Glencolin Line, Medical Assist

– August 12, 2015, Station #2,  Talbot Line, Medical Assist

– August 12, 2015, Station #2 #1, #3 and #4, 9275 Hacienda Road, Fire

– August 15, 2015, Station #2, Talbot Line, Burn Complaint

– August 16, 2015, Station #3,  Imperial Road, Medical Assist

– August 16, 2015, Station #2,  Hacienda Road, Burn Complaint





COPENHAGEN – (From Elgin OPP) –  Elgin OPP are currently investigating several break and enters to residences on Rush Creek Line just west of Imperial Rd in Malahide. The first break and enter occurred sometime overnight between 12:30 am and 5:30 am on August 16th while the homeowners were asleep in their bedroom. The suspect(s) entered the residence via an unlocked door inside the attached garage and stole a black HP laptop computer, a pair of Nike Shock shoes, and a multitude of other items. A shed on the property was also entered and camouflage hunting jackets, a competition crossbow and aluminum case for the bow were taken.


The second break and enter occurred around 3 am on August 16th and police believe it to be linked to the other break and enter. Again the suspect(s) entered the residence via an unlocked door while the homeowner was asleep and took: a cell phone, a visa card and a debit card. Several unlocked vehicles were also entered in the area that same evening. Police believe these entries to be linked to the break and enters.





The Elgin Health Unit issued the second 2015 HEAT ALERT for East Elgin for the weekend of August 14 as Environment Canada was forecasting that temperatures were expected to climb into the low thirties resulting in humidex readings reaching close to 40 for both Sunday and Monday.




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THURSDAY, Aug. 13/15







– Tricounty Fastball: Straffordville hosts Pt. Burwell, 8pm (end)


-Fri -Eastlink Free Swimming, 1:30-4pm

-Fri-Sun -Fred Eaglesmith at Springwater

-Sat- Aylmer Cornfest





(Contributed) – The Malahide Firefighter’s Association will be hosting their first Annual Car, Truck & Bike Show on Saturday, August 22 at the Saxonia Hall. The show will be from 9am to 3pm, with exhibitor entry by donation and free public viewing. It is a fundraising event for equipment purchases. Said Ryan DeSutter of the MFS: “Our event is open to a wide variety of vehicles, basically any automobile that is interesting or has a special meaning to the person who wants to show it off.”





-Morse, Winnifred Ruth “Winnie” of Valleyview Home, St. Thomas and formerly of Richmond passed away Monday in her 91st year. Wife of the late “Pete” Glen Morse. Survivors: five children including Tom Morse (Tracey) and David Morse, both of Richmond etc.. Visitation on Thursday 7-9 pm and Friday 10-10:45 am at the Kebbel Funeral Home with the funeral service there Friday at 11 am.


-Klassen, Isaak of Langton passed away Saturday in his 48th year. Survivors: wife Agatha (Loeppky) Klassen; ten children etc.. He was born in Mexico. The visitation was at the H. A. Kebbel Funeral Home yesterday. The funeral will be held at the Reinland Mennonite Church, Aylmer on Thursday at 2 pm.


-Baker, Joyce (Forberg) of Terrace Lodge, Aylmer and formerly of St. Thomas passed away Wednesday aged 88. Beloved wife of the late Ronald Arthur Baker (1997). A service will be held at the Williams Funeral Home in St.Thomas on Saturday at 11 am with visitation one hour before.





(Contributed) – The annual Aylmer Cornfest will be held downtown on Saturday. There will be childrens’ activities in Balmoral Park (new this year is a Mickey Learning Park ) from 10 am-2 pm, wagon rides uptown, a corn bbq over the lunch hour (to support BAD girls hockey) and the Derrick Drover Band will perform from 11 am-1 pm. As well, there will also be sidewalk sales from participating merchants.





(Jean Matheson of Aylmer passed away Monday. TANews asked readers to share experiences they had with her, especially in the JOY class she founded at St.Paul’s United Church:)

-Chris Dancey – I’m happy to see the photo of her wearing a hat. She was always stylish and smiling.

-Melissa McDowell-Buro – She taught me what JOY stands for and so many lessons, many of which I have only started to realize. I will always treasure our times together whether it was squished in her car with probably 10 or more girls, in her beautiful home singing while she played the piano or while on a bus on one of our trips. You have touched so many lives.

-Trillian Golginfrachans -She really was an angel on earth. We could count how many silly pop cans wrapped in foil with a flower and card we delivered, perhaps we could estimate how many veterans heard us sing or visited with us, or count the number of families that received her care packages, tally up the number of seniors and “shut ins” we took out for dinner and a drive, but what we can’t count is the ripple effect… She inspired us to do good things, to be more kind, more patient.

-Laura Dohnt -Mrs. M. as she was known to us was the most remarkable lady in Aylmer. She never stopped – always thinking of others and her church. I would visit weekly to listen to stories. She would play the piano & sing. Her smile will never be forgotten.

-Pam Nesbitt -I too am one of the privileged girls who was a JOY girl and will cherish the memories. She has affected so many with her dedication to her faith, the giving of herself to her girls, her family and her community and lived up to her “JOY” class message and put Jesus first, Others next, and herself (Yourself) last.

Marianne Kirby -Yes! I too remember being a Joy girl! We car pooled to the hospital with our jars with fresh flowers she had donated from funerals, churches etc!

-Char Ierullo -I was a JOY girl too! Loved going to the ice cream store after we finished delivering the flowers at the hospital. Mrs M would always make sure all of us girls had money to buy a cone.

-Bernice Shebeck -I was a Joy girl in the early 90s. She embodied the word joy as she stood at the counter with her coffee at her side and the card box in front of her.

-MJ Huller Mackenzie -Such a beautiful soul. Every JOY girl has the fondest memories of our time with her .

-Kathy Devine-Ketchabaw -I was a member of the JOY class in the 60s. Went to St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital every week and several times to Westminster Hospital with her and the other girls. The patients were always so happy to receive their bouquet… Jean Matheson was a wonderful lady.





Malahide and Bayham councils recently signed agreements with Capstone (Erie Shores Wind Farm) to allow for the development of more wind turbines including a transmission corridor to Aylmer. Capstone plans to apply to the Ontario regulatory board this fall for approval. Capstone held public meetings in Aylmer and Eden earlier in the summer to provide information on their plans.

(Information from Malahide clerk’s office) – At the Malahide Council meeting on August 6 council first heard from resident Hank Wortelboer regarding concerns about the project in Malahide. They then directed Mayor Dave Mennill to sign a Municipal Council Support Resolution and a Municipal Agreement for the proposed construction of the Erie Shores Wind Farm 2 project. Bayham Council did the same on August 6.

According to the Capstone website, the present Erie Shores Wind Farm is a 99 MW development constructed in 2006 in the two townships and Houghton in Norfolk between Copenhagen and Clear Creek. Over 5,260 hectares of farmland was used to erect 66 GE wind turbines. The power is transmitted via a 30 kilometre 115 kV transmission line  to Tillsonburg to feed into the Ontario electricity market. It  generates approximately 278,000 megawatt-hours of renewable energy per year. It is described as one of the largest wind power facilities in Ontario.

Capstone is now proposing to develop a Erie Shores Wind Farm 2  to generate up to 70 MW of additional electricity. The Project will also include construction of ancillary infrastructure, including access roads, an electrical collector system, a transformer substation etc.. The two corridor routes: Sawmill Road/Walker Road north from the Turbine Site Study Area to headwest on Glencolin Line, then south on Imperial Road to north of Aylmer and Carter Road north from the Turbine Site Study Area to head west on GlencolinLine, then south on Imperial Road to north of Aylmer.



1- Explain the agreement – The agreement states that the township will have the final say over where the transmission line goes on the road allowance.  They  are compensating the township $25,000.00 per year for administrative time spent on the wind farm.

2-How many turbines are to be built in Malahide; how many are there presently? – Because nothing has been finalized, it is difficult to say, but the proposal is for 70 megawatts with each new tower producing 2.5 megawatts. There will be approximately 20 windmills in Malahide and 10 in Bayham.  Currently, we have 12 windmills in Malahide.

3-Your feelings on this project? – I support the project.  Malahide will receive $2.8 million over the 20 year period.

4-Have there been concerns expressed? – I have not received one complaint regarding turbines in Malahide.  On the contrary, at the open house held by Capstone, the vast majority were there to investigate the possibility of having a windmill on their property.




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John Neusteter submitted this video of the Pro Modified Demo Derby event at the Aylmer Fair Saturday.

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TUESDAY, Aug. 11/15







-Southwest Soccer; Aylmer FC hosts Glencoe; 7 pm; Steen Park


-Wed -Tricounty Fastball: Pt Burwell hosts Woodstock, 8:30 pm

-Thu- Tricounty Fastball: Straffordville hosts Pt. Burwell, 8pm (end)

-Fri -Eastlink Free Swimming, 1:30-4pm

-Fri-Sun -Fred Eaglesmith at Springwater

-Sat- Aylmer Cornfest





-Straffordville (2-17) this week plays Hickson, Pt. Burwell and Woodstock (end of schedule)

-Pt. Burwell (4-15) lost to Innerkip 16-2 Friday; this week plays Woodstock, Burgessville and Straffordville (end)





Jean Matheson who resided at the Mary Bucke Nursing Home in St.Thomas and was formerly of Aylmer passed away Monday, aged 97. She was born in Malahide, the daughter of Ernest and Elizabeth Dell and lived most of her life in her family’s heritage home at the corner of Pine and King St..  She was a 30-year member of the Aylmer Heritage Committee. Her home, which her parents purchased from a well known Aylmer merchant family the Binghams in 1935, (and until its recent sale had seen only two owners) was the first residence historically designated in town in 1983. She was a legal secretary for Doyle and Prendergast for 42 years until her retirement – in the past decade!


In 1960 ‘Mrs. M.’ founded the JOY (Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last) Class for teenage girls at St Pauls United Church. Jean and her successive classes of girls drove to St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital weekly taking bouquets of flowers and cards to the many patients. They also often visited the war veterans in London at  Westminster Veterans Hospital and then Parkwood Hospital and they frequently took seniors out on bus trips. The JOY Class terminated in 2000 when Jean turned 82. She also was known to many uptown as the well dressed lady “with the fancy hats.” (See yesterday’s report for funeral details.)





(Information from Chief Andre Reymer) – A 48 year old Aylmer woman was charged with failing to stop after her car, travelling east on South St., failed to stop and struck a van at the Caverly Road intersection, on July 28 at 3:30 pm; both vehicles had to be towed.





The Caverly Road construction project to replace a sewer line began yesterday – expected completion is the end of October. Once done the roadway will also include the painting of sharrows and signage to indicate shared lanes on both sides for bicycle traffic.





Anthony Petersen, Malahide Drainage Supervisor, reports that the sidewalk  in Lyons has now been finished; it is on the west side south of the corner.




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MONDAY, Aug. 10/15





-Tue -Southwest Soccer; Aylmer FC hosts Glencoe; 7 pm; Steen Park





(McTaggart, Armstrong Dewar and Owen Insurance on Talbot St west received approval from Aylmer Council Tuesday for a Community Improvement Plan grant of $2500 to restore the Aylmer History mural on their west exterior wall. The mural was completed in Millennium year (2000) by artist Rick Johnson when the building was owned by Hewbank Paints. The mural required repairs a few years ago when it was vandalized. Cathy Fallowfield of MADO Insurance provides more information:)

-What are problems with the mural currently? – Large sections of the paint are peeling off. Cement needs to be repaired.

-Who will do the work and when? – Daniel Tamborro has begun the process of removing the sections that have started to peel away from the cement. The damaged cement has been repaired. When all has been done there will be a permanent protective coating put on to preserve this mural for years to come.

-Why apply for a grant for this project? – The mural is a “pistoric”  record of Aylmer’s history. McTaggart Armstrong employees take pride in the community in which they live and the people they serve every day… and want to preserve this mural. We trust the town of Aylmer appreciates this mural and takes pride in the history written on our walls and so to help with the cost we submitted an application for funding.”





-August 9 – Vehicle fire on Plank Rd for Station 2

-August 9 – Medical call on Fulton St in Port Burwell for Station 1





-Matheson, Jean of St.Thomas and formerly of Aylmer passed away today. Visitation at Kebbels Funeral Home on Friday 2-4 and 7-9 pm with the service there on Saturday at 11 am.





– August 5, 2015, Station #1,  Dexter Line, Medical Assist

– August 5, 2015, Station #1, Colen Street, Medical Assist

– August 7, 2015, Station #4,  Imperial Road, Medical Assist

– August 8, 2015, Station #4, Belmont Road, MVC

 (*10 pm, close to Lyons Line, one vehicle accident, female extricated from vehicle in ditch and transported to hospital)





(Information from Aylmer Fair Board secretary Elaine Earhart) – “The fair attendance surpassed the past  5 years, it was great! The Senior Ambassador is Erin Unger, our Junior Ambassador is Kelsey Antonissen. Everything went very well and now the volunteers need a few days of rest to get back to normal.”





-Last week: Railway City 3 Aylmer FC (8-2-3, third) 0





(Court documents provided by Paul Shipway, CAO of Bayham) – In a recent decision, Justice Kelly Gorman of the Ontario Superior court ruled against Will Arlow, a Bayham resident, who challenged the legality of last fall’s municipal vote in Bayham. Arlow contended that there was too great a vote disparity between the total number of votes cast and those totals for each candidate. In court, Bayham responded that the discrepancy in vote totals was due to fact that voters may not vote for all the candidates. Justice Gorman agreed and dismissed Arlow’s challenge and in a July decision ordered Arlow to pay costs to Bayham of $2000.




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